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SkyWatch Friday!

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 23 July 2009

I love those evenings when the sky is reflected in the water of Kawagama Lake and everything turns rosy!

It can go from the lake looking like glass to rough and choppy in minutes.

Some summer days the heat of the day is just reflected in the setting sun. 

 Or the sun may be as a star in the early night sky!

Waiting for the storm to hit. Can't you feel the power that lays within?

 Lovely days when going to look out in Dorset is well worth time.

Go check out amazing skies at SkyWatch Friday!


  1. Dot O Says:
  2. These are all beautiful! I love the pinks in that first one and the reflection on the water is just wonderful!

  3. Jim Says:
  4. Such beautiful colours.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. VioletSky Says:
  6. The reflection in the water of the first one is especially gorgeous.

  7. Louise Says:
  8. There is just nothing I love more than being at/on the lake. These photos are just happy and peaceful. I like the evening ones the best, because I think that is my favorite time.

  9. Regina Says:
  10. Simply gorgeous!

  11. Gaelyn Says:
  12. Love those remarkable rosy colors in the sky and Kawagama Lake. That name is wonderful.

  13. Delwyn Says:
  14. Hello Lorac

    Just lovely pink skies. I also love the name of the lake, each time you post about the lake it thrills me...It has a lovely roll to it...

    You have captures some great skies

    Happy days

  15. Val Says:
  16. been loving your posts - that story, the poem, the waterfalls and this one - struggled to leave comments though. love your blog!! thanks so much

  17. A Scattering Says:
  18. Beautiful location and great sky shots. Cheers!

  19. I could watch the sun set over this type of view every night. The pink in the sky is very soft and relaxing.

    Hey you might think I'm a bit daggy but I really liked your Canadian Please post at the bottom of your blog. I thought it was catchy and I'm sold! where do I sign up :)

  20. Jenn Jilks Says:
  21. These are beautiful days, aren't they?!

  22. Mark Kreider Says:
  23. I hope the summer never ends. There are no two skies alike. Great photos.

  24. Lorac Says:
  25. Dot o- Thanks for stopping by! I too love the pinkish cast on the water.

    J Bar - Had a nice visit at your blog too. thanks for coming by.

    VioletSky - Makes one feel all rosy!

    Louise - Thanks for being such a great host!I love the lake and evening gives me some time for quiet reflection and a bit of re-energizing before the grandkids get their second wind!

    Regina - Thanks! It was nice to have you come by!

    Gaelyn - The name is native for "Hollow" or bottomless. It is quite deep.

    Delwyn - It holds a very special place in my heart.

    Val - Love to hear you have been around. Just say hello from Val. I just love to hear you were there!

    a Scattering - Thanks for visiting! We are almost neighbors aren't we? I have actually done a lot of work at Cami and the Federal White and Lefarge plants in your area.

  26. Tammie Lee Says:
  27. Each and every image is lovely~


  28. msdewberry Says:
  29. Beautiful photos, I especially love the stormy skies.

  30. Lori ann Says:
  31. beautiful sky photos all, and i love your story, the inuit legend, that was especially nice.
    thank you ☺

  32. Lorac Says:
  33. Liss - I got a big kick out of that video too. I found it looking for Canada Day content. It was made just south of here on the Grand River,by a couple of unknowns. Hey! We would love to have you.Come on over!(Video at the bottom of my blog)

    Jenn Jilks - Can't beat them. One of the reasons I get up in the morning.

    mkreider - You are so right. I have seen such spectacular pics at Friday SkyWatch!

    Tammie - Thank you so much. Thanks for visiting!

    msdewbery. Oh! Cool name. I loved a lotion with dewberry. Haven't seen it in years though. I think storms make us realize how teeny we are compared to the power they have.

    Lori ann - Thanks so much! I like the native legends too. Nice that you dropped by. Hope all is well.

  34. Alexander Says:
  35. Love these photos. They covers it all. A very lovely sight in the evenings.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Alex's World! -

  36. The reflections in the lake are very lovely. It's such a glorious time of year!

    You asked where Lemonville is. It's a hamlet - part of the town of Whitchurch-Stouffville (south of East Gwillimbury) - on Kennedy Road just south of Bloomington Road.

  37. Lorac Says:
  38. Alexander - Great to see you stop by! I had a tour of your blog. Great pictures!

    EG Tour Guide - Thank! I had never heard of Lemonville but I know just where you mean.


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