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Watery Wednesday,Outdoor Wednesday

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Temperature is 36 Celcius and climbing. The humidity is unbearable. I would love to be back where we were on the weekend in Georgian Bay amongst the ancient rocks. The water was actually cold! The swimmer and the rocks reflections caught my eye here. I like the earth tones and just a swath of green in the back ground.

Beat the heat by checking out Watery Wednesday! Outdoor Wednesday has lots of fun photo!


  1. Martha Z Says:
  2. What a beautiful place to spend your Holiday. I enjoyed your whole series of shots of this inviting spot. I had to check what 36C is, HOT!

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. 36 C is hot even for a tropical fish like me. the rock formations are awesome. i browsed through your other photos--this place is amazing!

  5. Tracy F. Says:
  6. Your photography is beautiful!

  7. ☺lani☺ Says:
  8. Wow, awesome! I would love to go there! We're 38C and humid.

  9. We're on the high 90's and its so hot out. I would love to go there too.

    Nostalgic Marveling

  10. Average Girl Says:
  11. Sorry its so hot for you guys back east, BC is just starting to get it now... but i feel for you! Nice photo! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  12. Tania Says:
  13. Lovely rocky beach! Would like to be there for some bouldering:-)
    Have a nice day!

  14. That is almost cave-like in the foreground! A stunning area to enjoy by the sea!

  15. So lovely! What a beautiful photo!


  16. Jo Says:
  17. Lovely...! *sighhhhh.....*

    It's starting to get hot here in Vancouver too -- finally! :-)

  18. Sandra Says:
  19. What I would do to have 30 minutes in that water!

  20. Judy Says:
  21. I agree! The reflections are great, and the whole idea of cold is such a treat! I have not dared to check the weather forecast, so I only know it is unbearable out there!

  22. Looks like a great place to explore. Loved the shot.

  23. msdewberry Says:
  24. Lovely place to go for holidays. I'd love to wander through there!!

  25. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you can, visit the other one:

    Have a nice day!

    Roberto, Brazil

  26. hope your hot weather continues, Poor Queen, I hope she is not feeling too hot.

  27. Did you really invent the Zip? I enjoyed this.

    Who are these two. They should be given OBEs for promoting Canada.

  28. Sahildeki Ev Says:
  29. Just a wonderful moment... Very refreshing just to see the picture

  30. Jocelyn Says:
  31. What a very lovely picture. The water looks so refreshing and cool. Great shot!


  32. Yes the temperature has been dreadful for the past few days but this photo is making me feel a tad cooler. OK, not really, but it makes a good story, eh? Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler!

  33. I spoke with a Canadian now living in New Zealand. She was interested and I sent her the link of the You-tube.

    Have a good weekend, enjoy the warmth.

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  35. Anonymous Says:
  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

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