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Fire and Ice

Posted by Lorac Monday, 24 January 2011

Bitter cold morning yesterday at minus 26 Celsius, but a gorgeous sunrise to go with it. On  my way to work, this field was fire and ice!
We are in a deep freeze and today it is just grey skies with lots of snow and cold. 
I have always loved the way the blackbirds flock together in fall and winter. They seem to do everything in unison. When they fly there are as if one and land on the hydro lines all in a row. I had to stop and get a pic.

Here's hoping it is warmer where you are! Have a great day.


  1. SoulDragon Says:
  2. Hello!

    What stunning photos! The contrasts in the first photo - quite aptly titled are visually stunning! And all those birds on the wires...quite amazing!

    Yes, it is warmer here in Australia, and in my town it actually does get to snow here sometimes in the winter. However I confess to being not particularly "Australian", as I prefer the cold - 25 degrees is too hot for me! Sad really, but there you go - one can't force onesefl to be a sun worshipper like most of the rest of the country!

    I invite you to my humble ramblings - and I get really excited, as do you, with followers and commuent makers..

  3. VioletSky Says:
  4. I almost missed that glorious sunrise this morning. But it was far too cold to go back outside to take photos anyways.
    Love the birds - I don't think I've ever seen so many birds on one wire.

  5. Arti Says:
  6. Awesome pics... And yes its definitely warmer here, its 20 degree celcius... Its winter here in mumbai too!!

  7. Karen Says:
  8. A beautiful sunrise! The birds have me singing, "like a bird on a wire". That's a great shot. It's warmed up a bit here tonight. minus 13.

  9. You are getting some fantastic sunrise photos. The joys of going to work I guess. I find that when I go out to walk the dog, feed the donkey, goats and kittens that my hands get too cold to take more than one or two photos. I think it is supposed to be a bit warmer for the rest of this week at least.

  10. Janie Says:
  11. Fire and ice is a great description of that first photo. Beautiful!

  12. At that temperature those must be bird-cicles. - Margy

  13. Martha Z Says:
  14. "Fire and Ice" a good title for this shot. I shiver to think how cold it must have been when you took this.

  15. Barb Says:
  16. The birds obviously lined up to watch that glorious sunrise!

  17. Judy Says:
  18. This is my favourite of your sunrise photos! Gorgeous!! And we are not that far north of you (Ottawa), but all the blackbirds have left us for the winter! No wonder you have so many!

  19. Unknown Says:
  20. Your photos are stunning! Thanks for the visit.


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