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Scenic Sunday, Weekend Reflections

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 15 May 2010

A stormy day on Old Woman's Bay, Lake Superior. I love the colour contrast and the wildness of the waters!

From the archives, doppelganger geese!

Gorgeous scenes can be found at Scenic Sunday and Weekend Reflections! Go take a look!


  1. Gattina Says:
  2. Beautiful sea scenery and the doppelgänger reflection is great too !

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. Thanks Gattina!

  5. What great pictures. I love the doppelganger geese. Lovely.

  6. Jientje Says:
  7. That first picture is my absolute favorite, I love that stormy sky and the waves crashing the shore!

  8. Very beautiful!

    «Louis» thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo!

  9. Lorac Says:
  10. Riet, thank you.I love them too!

    Jientje,I love storms and rough weather. The lakes get so dark and brooding!
    Louis, you are welcome. You have a lovely blog!

  11. Dimple Says:
  12. Storm clouds and rough water are, well, stormy and rough! Great shot! And such a contrast with the peaceful reflection!

    Thanks for the visit!

  13. Reader Wil Says:
  14. I like your photos! especially the first one! I am fond of the sea.

  15. fredamans Says:
  16. I agree, that first photo is amazing!

  17. Hey-a twofer! Great to get two for one as a weekend special. Our local band of Canada Geese have recently set up housekeeping and can be seen floating about with their broods on any local ponds.

    That beach in the first photo looks like a great place to go for long walks. Great action in the sky and the waves.

  18. cat Says:
  19. Wow the photo of the lake and the cloudy sky is fantastic!

  20. Lorac Says:
  21. Thanks for noticing Dimple!

    Reader Wil, it is definitely one of my favorites but believe it or not, it is a lake. Sure looks like the sea!

    fredamans, thank you!

    louciao, that i s a beach on the infamous lake Superior, know for it's many shipwrecks one of which is the SS Edmund Fitzgerald. On November 10, 1975, in one of Lake Superiors well known horrendous gales, she split in two and sank!

    cat, thanks, it is a cool sky!

  22. Thanks for the visit, there are several of my blogs to visit one being
    hope you enjoy my blogs about Egypt I certainly enjoyed yours,
    one on the geese looks similar to my old farmhouse back in Wales,

  23. klahanie Says:
  24. Greetings Lorac,
    That photograph of Lake Superior brings back memories of my drive across Canada in 1980. I remember standing on a beach at Lake Superior and suddenly realising that I had stood on an ant hill. Not pleasant what happened next...ants in pants..I'll leave it at that:-)
    Lovely photographs. Thanks for posting them.
    With respect, Gary

  25. Tania Says:
  26. Ah..Wonderful dreambeach! And your new photo in the header is so nice..great color and a little bit romantic:-)
    Wish you a great weekend!

  27. KaHolly Says:
  28. Love your header!!!!! You are so right about the contrasting colors in picture #1, wow! I have some fabric that looks just like that! ~karen

  29. Lovely geese and reflection in the second photo. Are you anywhere near Windsor? I was a student in 1975-77. It was really an eye opener for someone from tropical Borneo. My room mate's dad took me to see the geese at Kingsville one Christmas.

  30. Lorac Says:
  31. Tony I did enjoy your blog and will be back and will also go see your others too!

    klahanie, that must have been extraordinarily unpleasant!

    Spiderdama thank you so much! It was indeed a gorgeous beach.

    KAHolly That must be cool fabric!

    Ann I am about 4 1/2 hours away from Windsor. Not very far by Canadian standards!

  32. Unknown Says:
  33. So beautiful. I do hope you are making progress.. Hugs..

  34. We love living close to the big Lake Superior has a million moods, doesn't it?????? Great photos!

  35. Lorac Says:
  36. Carole Anne,I have finished my application for the business training and now I wait to see if am accepted! I will know in the middle of June. In the meantime I am getting other things together to start on my should this other fail.

    Retired one,it is a gorgeous lake full of moods and glory!

  37. Tammie Lee Says:
  38. your seascape is quite wonderful!

  39. Melli Says:
  40. Well, I'm here for WR - and I must say it's a good one -- but I LOOOOVE your SS!!! That sky with those waves is SUPERB!!! Looks like there might be a FIGHT!

  41. Tom Says:
  42. Beautiful pictures and views....
    I called by to say thank you for visiting my 'Fledgling' picture and taking the time to leave me a comment.


  43. Lorac Says:
  44. Thanks Tammie Lee,I appreciate that!

    Melli, so glad you came by and like the SSE too!

    Tom, you are welcome.You have a great blog there!

  45. Arti Says:
  46. The first pic is absolutely fantastic..such great shot as always...
    have a nice day!

  47. Matty Says:
  48. I've never been to the great lakes. It looks so powerful and majestic. And I just love the country setting of the reflections shot.

  49. Rinkly Rimes Says:
  50. I love the touches of mauve and turquoise in your blustery shot.

  51. Lorac Says:
  52. Arti, thank you.Have a great day as well!

    Matty you will have to add that to your list of places to see!

    Rinkly Rimes, that is what I like too. The colours in that shot!

  53. Unknown Says:
  54. Lovely contrast in the first photo.

  55. Rob Siemann Says:
  56. Very nice! Old Woman's Bay??? Wonder what's the story behind this one!

  57. Regina Says:
  58. Wonderful scenes and reflections!

  59. Clytie Says:
  60. Lovely pictures. The geese in the second photo are beautiful on land, and in reflection.

  61. Panoramic view! Lovely photos.

  62. eileeninmd Says:
  63. Beautiful scenery! Love the Lake Superior shot and the geese reflection.

  64. Great contrasts! To paddle, or not to paddle, that is the question!

  65. Lake Superior is such a gorgeous Lake. Those waves must be crashing hard onto the shore.

  66. These are lovely. The lake is so beautiful!

  67. Great shots :) I love the name "Old Woman's Bay"!

  68. Judy Says:
  69. I love the water in that photo! Days when I really wish I lived within driving distance of a body of water big enouhg to have waves!!


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