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The Road to Self Emplyment is a Long and Bumpy Road

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 25 April 2010

 It was through desperation that the thought finally surfaced. I've had enough of the searching, the let downs and the attitude. Apparently you are a second class citizen now if you cannot find work. Of all the thousands of jobs that have opened since the recession, the field I was in was very narrow and there are few companies in the area.
So it is, that I will start a new business of my own. Sounds simple enough. Give myself employment. Well, simple it is not. There is so much to consider. What will be the nature of this business? Should I specialize or go general? What kind of name and logo will stand out in peoples minds? What type of marketing works and how do I get it out there? So, so much.

I had been speaking with a counselor at the local VPI which is a leading Canadian Employment, HR Management and Rehabilitation Firm. I mentioned to the counselor that I thought the best path was to start my own business, become self employed. She informed me of a new government program to assist those that want to start their own self employment or small business. She sent me to "Job Skills" through Employment Ontario to a seminar supplying information to prospects about the Self Employment Benefits Program.

Now my last dealing with the government, it took months to put together all the information they required and then, after 6 months waiting,  I received  a letter stating "they had changed the criteria and I no longer met the requirements of that criteria". I am very leery of any government programs!

This application, which goes through much faster, in just a few weeks, is also through Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The Job Skills counselor meets with the applicant and decides whether the business and the person applying has merit and is eligible. They will than recommend (or not) that person to the MTCU. The applicant has 1 week to fill in a very technical and exact application that is ten pages long. If you are accepted they will assist you to set up the business and get it started. 42 weeks of mentoring and assistance! 

That is where I stand now. This is a brutal application. Not like applying for a job by any means! There is, and rightly so, a wealth of information they require to decide if you are eligible for assistance. There are things in here I never really thought of. So I am researching. Good information for me to know, obviously. They do not want anyone who has already started a business. It is OK if you have picked a name and registered the business but that's all they will allow. I am antsy to get going. The wait will be torture for two reasons. I am not to start the business. I will not find out if I am accepted until mid June. My insurance runs out at the beginning of June! I am really excited and very nervous about the prospect. Wish me luck!

Found this when researching the WWII. Pretty funny!


  1. I shall keep everything crossed for you Lorac - and send you some good vibes.

    Women are teachable? Who ever knew? LOL

  2. Rob Siemann Says:
  3. Best of luck from us as well. Having done the same thing in Israel loooong time ago, I know how hard it is.

  4. Jenn Jilks Says:
  5. GOOD LUCK Absolutely, you take care.
    Remember luck is only preparation meets opportunity. You prepare and the opportunity will come.

  6. KaHolly Says:
  7. Absolutely, the best of luck to you. I know, though, that it won't be luck, but hard work! ~karen

  8. Lorac Says:
  9. Frost Bite, thanks so much! I can use all the good vibes I can get!

    Hi Rob and Mandy! You certainly would understand.Thanks for the luck!

    Jenn, so right you are. I will certainly do my best to prepare!

    KaHolly, Thank you. I will certainly be working hard!

  10. Sounds exciting and scary all at once. I am confident with all your planning and preparing it will come to pass. A friend of mine just started a new business in December. She bought a small cafe business in Powell River and now runs it with her husband, no one else. It is a lot of work but she is doing quite well. You can see more about Margaret at her blog - Margy

  11. Carolyn Says:
  12. The heading and the photo said it all without reading the rest! I have been there and done that and I empathize. If you believe, it will happen and don't let the bas@*#?$ get you down! Much success and smiles

  13. Reader Wil Says:
  14. Really, I do hope you will get a job! My daughter, who is a draughtsman of engines and other technical stuff, couldn't get a job and started her own business, and now she has a lot of work and she can do it all at home on the computer. I wish you good luck, Lorac.
    Thanks for your visit. Your Remembrance Day is at the same time as the British Remembrance Day, I suppose. Ours is on the 4th May, the 5th is our Liberation Day. We should always be aware that war is hell.

  15. Sandra Says:
  16. Good luck to you. My husband lost his job in 2003 and became self employed. It is a lot of work and sometimes scary, but it has worked out. Love the photo.

  17. Lorac Says:
  18. Powell River, it is exactly that exciting and scary! It is nice to see other s that have done well.I will come take a look at Margaret's!

    Carolyn, I am certainly trying to be positive. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Reader Wil, good to hear your daughter made it! We must always remember the horrors of war!

    Sandra, good to hear you have done well with self employment! It really helps to hear others have made it.

  19. VioletSky Says:
  20. And more good luck from this corner!
    You will need a lot of patience - but then you have had a practice run at that already!
    The government offering assistence and mentoring... about bloody time, I say.

  21. Arti Says:
  22. All the best Lorac..It sounds exciting..
    will wait for your next posts to know more about it!!

  23. Susan Ellis Says:
  24. Having been self employed for several years, I can tell you it's fun, it's liberating, and best of all, you can take off what ever day you feel like -because you're the boss of course! Hope it works out for you!

  25. Unknown Says:
  26. Lots and lots of luck! Hugs as well...

  27. Best of luck in this new venture. I wonder why you cannot start beforehand. Hmmmm. I guess they don't want you to make any mistakes you will have to undo.

  28. Anonymous Says:
  29. Holy Smoke, what a process. Are the Benefits worth this process?
    I hope everything works out like you want it to.
    I'm also in the process of setting up my own business with the aim of moving to a small village and keeping bees. Ironically it means I have to stay in Johannesburg for a few more years getting together all the funds. I have a thing about being beholden to banks for start-up funding. They would probably turn me down though as I am the "wrong colour" in SA, so have to do it all on my own anyhow.

    Good luck

  30. Hi Lorac,
    You asked me if I'm having any trouble with Blogger and the answer is YES. I've had various problems, actually. At the moment it won't let me upload photos so I have to upload them to Picassa first, then select it to post on my blog. It has been extremely slow lately too.

  31. Unknown Says:
  32. What a wonderful idea! I started my own busines, but my motivation was that I couldn't stand my boss! I figured that if he could do well in his company, I could do better! ;)

    It is a long process to get started, but worth it! Good luck!

  33. Lori ann Says:
  34. Hi Lorac,
    sounds like you've got a lot going on. Wishing you all the best and good luck too!

  35. Anonymous Says:
  36. Hi Lorac

    Re: government programs... hmmmm... they sound MUCH better than they produce. You're investing a GREAT deal of your time which equates into $ in the long haul...

    What is their success rate? How many of the instructors have ever run a "successful" small business (my big bugaboo)?

    I'm not trying to sound negative but do your homework before you committ.

    Good luck

  37. Merisi Says:
  38. My very best wishes and good luck!


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