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Hello! Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 29 October 2011

I have been away. I have been very busy getting my business up and running. Today I can say I am self supporting and doing OK. I have missed blogging and the friends I have made here but needed to give all my attention to work and  had little time for leisure. I am going to come back . Not as often as I was but post when I can. Mostly to visit and say "Hi".

So, Hello to all my blogging friends, so good to see you!

It was a marvelous summer although I didn't get to the cottage as much as I would like to.

It turned into a beautiful fall but all too short as now it is quite frosty and we are getting below freezing temps at night already.

 A little snow yesterday as well. The sun is setting way to early and the days becoming shorter. Soon we will be into Winter's full grasp.

Stay warm everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Unknown Says:
  2. So that's why I haven't seen you. A very big well done! Good to see you and your wonderful photography.

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. Thanks Carole Anne! It is good to be back.

  5. VioletSky Says:
  6. Oh, I am glad! I have been wondering about you, though I figured you were busy with your new money making career change.

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Hi VioletSky! That's exactly what I was doing. Things are much better and the business going fairly well. I have missed this for sure.

  9. Karin M. Says:
  10. Thank you for these fantastic pictures, beautiful autumncolors ... wonderful landscape ..
    LG: Karin

  11. Lorac Says:
  12. Thanks Karin!

  13. KaHolly Says:
  14. So glad to see you back and to learn things are going well. Good luck with you business!

  15. Delwyn Says:
  16. Hi there Lorac...lovely end of autumn shots of yours
    thanks for popping over...

  17. Thanks for visiting our sites and leaving comments despite your limited leisure time, and most especially for sharing us this wonderful gift of a blog featuring your lovely shots of sunsets and autumn sceneries.
    Have a great weekend too!

  18. Martha Z Says:
  19. Beautiful fall shots. I'm so glad that your new venture is off to a good start. Sad that it kept you from your cottage, we did not spend as much time at our cabin as we would have like. Life does get in the way sometimes.

  20. Glad to see you are back and happy with your new business start. It will be good to see you posting again.

  21. eileeninmd Says:
  22. Looks like you came back with some beautiful shots for your post and blog. Congrat on your new business, best of luck to you! Have a great Sunday!

  23. Al Says:
  24. Those are beautiful scenes, very scenic indeed.

  25. Carolyn Says:
  26. Nice to see you back and with such a beautiful collection of fall photos. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your business.

  27. Deb Says:
  28. Wonderful photos.
    Hope all is going well with your business.
    Oh, and Hi to you too!

  29. Judy Says:
  30. Glad you could pop in for a visit! Blogging might be a lot of un, but we still have to put food in the dog dish...
    I love the colours you are getting now!! We have finally had first frost, more than a month late!

  31. Lorac Says:
  32. Thanks to all for the welcome. I will be back again soon!

  33. Anonymous Says:
  34. You have been missed. I am glad that things are going well with you and hope to hear more from you soon. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  35. lovely images of the fall..i especially like the water side pics!!!

  36. Katya kate Says:
  37. perfect scenes! love it! felt like I'm enjoying the cool autumn breezes too!


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