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Trip to Germany, Scenic Sunday, SOOC

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 3 December 2011

I had the wonderful experience of a trip to Germany and The Netherlands to visit my best friend of 30 years. The last time I was overseas was to visit her 5 years ago in Holland where she lives. This time we decided to go to Germany for a few days and act like tourists.
We went to a rented cottage in the Mosel River area. For four days we visited towns all up and down the Mosel. Everywhere were vineyards on the hills and quaint towns below. This is a castle outside of Cochem.

Christmas is a whole season there. It starts in the middle of November in most places with the Christmas Markets. I really enjoyed the decorations and festivities in the different towns. A little Gluwein in the markets seemed to aid in that enjoyment too! Each town had their own special mugs to celebrate the new Christmas season.

Can you think of a cozier way to enjoy a coffee outside in the chilly air?

The bells on the outside of this tower went off as we were admiring the view. Scared the Dickens out of me!

Up in the vineyard hills we found a cave with a cask in it. Private stash of one of the vineyards I assume.

Found this tucked in a back alley. It was a small cafe and this was the patio. In the summer it would be entirely covered in a grape vine over the customers having their coffee.
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  1. VioletSky Says:
  2. How wonderful that you got to go away and see this.
    I love courtyard cafes and that tree is truly amazing.

  3. Lyn Says:
  4. Your pictures are simply wonderful -- you captured the quaintness of old Germnany. My hubby and I went to Germany 5 years ago and I can't wait to go back. I can sse that you are enjoying exploring the nooks and crannies - the hidden treasures of Germany.

  5. Sherrie Says:
  6. Hi!
    Beautiful shots of your trip! Love those furry chairs. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  7. Al Says:
  8. Wonderful shots. It's been decades since I've been to Germany, but I happen to have posted an old shot from one of those trips just yesterday!

  9. Lesley Says:
  10. It is neat when everywhere the towns get into the spirit of the season.
    We could use some of those skins on our chairs here and mavbe extend the patio season!

  11. that´s Germany alright. Love the last two shots. The tree and the cave. Cool!

  12. What a wonderful place to explore. I'm more than a tad jealous. :)

  13. Eden Says:
  14. Beautiful place. Love those furry chairs.

  15. Joyful Says:
  16. This is lovely.

  17. Katya kate Says:
  18. Beautiful scenes! I so love the castle!

  19. Firas Says:
  20. Great post! Love that night shot of yours. Very beautifully made :)


  21. Tania Says:
  22. That is a impressive castle. Nice post, this is another side of Germany than I have seen before.


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