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Random Pics of Nature

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Walking Stick
Strange how their natural colouring is camouflaged but I always seem to find them on something white.  This little guy stuck around all day.

 The rivers are really low this summer. Next to no rain is the culprit.


Whilst having a little day trip , just to get away from the house, I saw this wonderful nest!

I stepped out of the car to view and take a picture just as this bird took off and let me know it was very upset with my presence! Pretty sure it is an Osprey. So nice to see. There was a great decline in the Osprey for many years due to pesticide use.

I am enjoying the cooler day today and have a couple of days off. I am going to spend some time on other peoples blogs and catchup! Today post is in Outdoor Wednesday. Go take a look at other outdoor posts. If you like birds go see Wild Bird Wednesday!


  1. Ah yes, that's an osprey nest for sure. They are now making a comeback, which I think is absolutely wonderful!

    Nice to see you blogging, Lorac! I hope to see lots more of you. :))

  2. Lorac Says:
  3. Thank EG. Time has not been on my side this year. I have a few days off so thought I would catch up.

  4. mick Says:
  5. I hope you get some rain soon. Great photo of the nest. Ospreys do build in the strangest places.

  6. Judy Says:
  7. You are right about the low water levels! In some places, there is grass growing where I have only ever seen water!!

  8. eileeninmd Says:
  9. Cool photos of the Osprey and nest. Lovely images. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Sandy Says:
  11. I've been living through rainy season here
    in SoFla and it's hard to imagine all the
    dry around the country... lovely photos.

  12. Lovely images.. Ospreys are always wonderful birds to see.

  13. Unknown Says:
  14. Interesting series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. Great shot of the Osprey and its nest!
    I like the walking stick too. I haven't seen one this year.

  17. Adam Jones Says:
  18. Love the stick insect, but the Osprey steals it for me. Great capture.

  19. love your photos,what a nest!!!!phyllis

  20. Do you know where ospreys go for the winter? I see their nests around here. Great capture of the nest and the osprey.
    Joyce M

  21. Stewart M Says:
  22. Hi there - nice stick insect! I also like the osprey - they are such a world bird - I think most of us live in parts of the world where it can be seen.

    Thanks for linking to WBW - Stewart M - Australia

  23. Neil Says:
  24. Nice photos of the Osprey.

  25. Jenn Jilks Says:
  26. I love these guys. They look so funny!
    Re: Ontario Parks, the staff I've been talking to have been saying big cuts are coming, but they don't know what. I'm Treasurer for our local park, and it just doesn't seem right. There is no info so far. Both federal and provincial parks. Such a shame.

  27. Great capture of the bird! And that's a big stick insect!


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