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Formula 1 Race Car Driving !!!!

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 12 September 2009

Last Tuesday I was invited by my son to go race car driving. My first reaction was glee, then fear, then awe and back to glee! His company puts this on as a team and client building event twice a year and they had a couple of spots open.  Hence the invite. He thought I might enjoy it.  So after a lot of questions: 1) How fast do you have to go? 2) Where is it? 3) Do I have to drive fast? 4) Do you think I can do this? I thought it would be pretty cool to give it the old college try!   When you arrive they fit you with a race suit and shoes, little booties shoes. The gentlemen running the races go through a ton of instructions. I was hoping I was retaining it all as I was hearing words like "huge ditches off to the sides", "spinning out", and "an injury in the spring of this year". The gentleman going through the instruction makes it very clear that after a minor accident last spring, it is very important to stay on the track! They go through the different flags they use in course and rules of driving.    

 You are then taken out on the track for a van ride with one of the organizers and an experienced race car driver. They go through the track shape and the markers explaining the meanings. When to brake, shifting down on a curve, and excelleration areas.
Now this was scary! The driver actually goes through the track as if he was in a race car. Speeding up, slamming on the brakes and skidding around corners. It was also a hoot! I loved it but was very glad I buckled up! 
After that you are taken over to a tented area which houses one of the ormula1 cars. Here each is given instruction on getting in and out of the cars, (pretty tight fit), how to use the shifter, clutch and brakes. It is such  a small area for your feet that they tend to hit the wrong peddles rather easily. I was glad I have much smaller feet than the guys there. Some of those guys had size 12's!
There was some concern about the foggy morning  but as we were being given instruction it began clearing so all was well. This is set up in a huge paved area so at least it is nice and flat. The courses have a series of "s" curves and a nice straightaway to pick up some good speed. Every one has a drivers slot for racing so depending on you allocation you either go get a coffee after instruction or get you helmet on and get ready to roll. There are four cars set up and I was listed as #3 driver so I got my helmet on and went to the 3rd car. The assistant helps you into the car and buckles you in quite tightly! They make sure your feet can reach the peddles and that you are OK with shifting. The car is plugged in, the car placed in first gear (no neutral) and the assistant starts the car. Give it some gas, follow your track pylons and away you go..........!
My son loves this! He is at the ready and he really flies when he gets out there. I watched him spin around on the track and he ended up in the top 4 for the "cat and mouse" race at the end.   
The fog has lifted so you can see the whole track now.
 And soon it is a beautiful sunny day! One of the nicer days we have seen in this summer of naught.
The crew are always at the ready to rush out to the field to help if needed and to replace pylons when they are hit by the drivers. Some pylons went flying high! The rear wheels are wider than the rest of the car so if you cut the corners tight, as you need to to get a good time, you can easily hit them. You can see the different flags used to tell tell which laps you are on and when your race is finished of course you get the checkered flag! 
Coming into the finish! 
As the morning went on the races were timed and the drivers were picked for the final race amongst the fastest drivers. I, unfortunately did not make it into that prestigious circle.
The guys really poured on the speed for the final laps!
1st and 2nd place in the winners circle! Way to go guys!
This was a great day. I really had a blast. I was not the fastest driver there but was more than fast enough for my own comfort zone and then some. No I know the way it works and have confidence in the cars I would push it further as I did in my final laps. I would love to go again and I thank my son and my sons company, Digitaledge Print and Promotion for this wonderfully fun day!


  1. Jenn Jilks Says:
  2. What fun! I had a date with a man who took me to the Nascar races somewhere over the border in the US. I forget where, forgettable man, too. He only lasted a couple of months when he lost his (excellent) job!
    Am am happily married and need not go on dates where there is not talking involved or possible!

    Sounds like a fun family time for you!

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. Jenn - Nascar is great too. I have been able to spend tome with my family since I was laid off. Didn't realize how I lived my job. I am glad I am moving on.

  5. OMG! What a blast! I'm not a race car fan, but would love to drive a Formula1...that would so rock! And yes, I'm afraid of speed but somehow, I think I'd get over it...maybe in my dreams but who cares? Great day!

  6. Lorac Says:
  7. Alicia - You would enjoy it. The guys were telling me that there was one girl there last time that drive all her laps about 30 mph and she loved it. You don't have to speed, just enjoy driving if you want!

  8. Nishant Says:
  9. - Nascar is great too. I have been able to spend tome with my family since I was laid off. Didn't realize how I lived my job. I am glad I am moving on. How to make a website

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