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Labour Day and Summer ? Where have you gone?

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 10 September 2009

I have managed to have a "summer" holiday, have a great amount of fun for 5 days and then come home, finish my application for funding  for college and have my final meeting with the counselor who assists you to get the funding request in. It is finally done!!!! I am pretty sure I will get the funding but the course doesn't start for 6 months. So I will still be around ladies and gents!

We were lucky enough to receive beautiful summer weather for the Labour Day long weekend here. It was hot and mostly sunny. No rain! My family and some friends went to the cottage on Kawagama Lake in Dorset. It was the typical weekend full of swimming in the lake, BBQ's and hot dogs and marshmallows cooked on  evening bonfires! It is also a bit of a sad weekend as it signifies the unofficial end of summer. Even though we still have a few weeks left of summer, the kids go back to school right after this long weekend and families get back into the normal groove of work/school weekday life. It was especially nice to have great weather for the kids to enjoy this last blowout!

Mark (older sons lifelong friend, my "other son")  and his girlfriend went up earlier in the day and had the cottage open and a fire ready to great us. We all love the bonfires! It had been raining earlier but stopped by the time we got there so were able to enjoy some time outside and around the fire.

The weekend started off lazy with a big breakfast for all and some quiet time for the girls. My oldest granddaughter had a friend up and along with little sis, they decided to do their nail polish and "just hang out".

My sons Jason and Mark are contemplating the ongoing stone work. We had said there was to be no real work this weekend and within a couple of hours of getting up the boys were at it! I tried scolding them, told them to just have fun! Their answer was that they were having fun. These two love to work together and feel great accomplishment when they have worked around the cottage. I will say, you can really see the difference once these two get going! All the girls(excluding me) had gone into town to do a little shopping for necessities. So I ended up being gofer for the boys. Go fer this , go fer that! I love working with them though. We have a good time.

The sun was wonderfully warm all weekend and the girls were able to go swimming and floating around in the lake.

If you look closely, you will see the leaves on the deciduous trees starting to change colour. Pretty early this year. Makes me think the fall will come early too!

As the sun set for the day it looked like rain might move in but the skies cleared and we enjoyed a lovely night around the fire pit. The stars were bright and there was a full harvest moon.

Family enjoying the evenings relaxing around the fire. We enjoyed spider dogs and marshmallows and the occasional beverage. Tunes play in the background and the crackling of the fire fits right in.
As the evening wore on,we all become quieter and it became apparent , as I looked over the edge of my drinking glass, that I was bushed! 
(really tired) Time for bed!
The morning of the last day is very calm and bright. Warm breezes have not started yet. It makes the lake like a mirror. I was the only one up and sat on the dock enjoying some quiet time and a nice strong coffee to kick start my day!
We spend the day slowly cleaning and packing up. Still relaxing and taking time to have that last swim of the season. We like to leave later so we still enjoy our day there and tend to leave after dinner time. All too soon though the day is done and we are ready to go. The lawn area looks forlorn with out the lounge chairs and the kids toys strewn about.
Next time up will be much cooler. The tree leaves will slowly turn to beautiful fall colours and nights will get crispy. All too soon it will be Thanksgiving and time to take the boats out of the lake for storage and close up the cottage until the lake is frozen. There is no road access to where we are so in the winter the only access is over the frozen lake.

Summer? Where have you gone?


  1. Jenn Jilks Says:
  2. We are so desperate for rain, too. This is what causes the leaves to turn. I fear that our Cranberry Festival will not have a good show of leaves!

  3. darsden Says:
  4. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. Beautiful pictures, and I am sure that lake was pretty cold to swim in :-)

  5. Lori ann Says:
  6. Yes, all too soon every year... but the fall must be spectacular where you live, I am so impressed with the beauty that surrounds you.

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Jenn - First we had nothing but rain and now not enough. I heard there is rain in the forecast though!

    Darsden - Thank you. You know, surprisingly the lake was not too cold. A little cool to get in, then it was wonderful!

    Loriann - Thanks so much. We don't really appreciate all we have until someone else does and then it really makes us take a look! Fall can be really gorgeous here and at the cottage. As Jenn says, is all depends on the weather we have before hand. I will definitely post pictures when the time comes.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your family.
    That is great news about you application for funding too.

  10. Susan Ellis Says:
  11. We love bonfires here too, and as we live at our cottage year round get to have them in winter as well...but it sure gets quiet after Labour Day when our "summer friends" head back to their city homes!

  12. Lorac Says:
  13. Liss - Thanks so much! It was beastly applying but fingers are crossed for the spring. The worst is they don't let you know until 1 week before school starts!

    Susan - How wonderful to live there year round. The cottage is well insulated so the boys go up in the winter and snowmobile. I haven't been up in winter in a while but am contemplating it this year.

  14. Lorac Says:
  15. Liss - Thanks so much! It was beastly applying but fingers are crossed for the spring. The worst is they don't let you know until 1 week before school starts!

    Susan - How wonderful to live there year round. The cottage is well insulated so the boys go up in the winter and snowmobile. I haven't been up in winter in a while but am contemplating it this year.


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