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An Unpleasant Surprise but a Wish for a Happy New Year!!

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I found out, on the day before Christmas, that Second Career funding I had applied for and had been waiting to hear if I was approved for, had changed the guidelines and that I would no longer qualify. These guidelines are effective as of November 20, 2009 but I only received the letter telling me that on the 24th. As far as I can see by reading the criteria it is because I already have a college education. The letter stated that they wanted to concentrate on people who only had a a high school education or less. I think that if you were laid off in the last year and due to circumstances the prospects are bleak for getting hired, that the assistance should be considered equally amongst the applications.
I was shocked! I was upset as I had been told I was a very good candidate. I was angry that I had finished my application in August and only find this out now. All the work I put into this has been a total waste of my time. This was not just filling out an application. This was a very complicated procedure and it took me a few weeks to gather all the information required. This government has never ceased to amaze me! Second Career was put into place to help individuals who were laid off due to the poor economy and had little prospect of work in their past careers. Also, you cannot reapply for this. Once they have said no, that's it. So I am alternately pissed at the government and pissed at myself for ever thinking that any thing they would come up with could or would, actually be of help to me!

On a brighter note I want to wish everyone,
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  1. Martha Z Says:
  2. My wish for you is a new year filled with new opportunity.
    Hubby and I are well beyond the economic crisis of the '70s that put our world into a tailspin and eventually tossed us into an unexpected direction. I still remember the pain and frustration we felt until we were back on track.

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. Thanks Martha! I appreciate the thought. I also wish the best for you and your family in the new year.

  5. VioletSky Says:
  6. Damn.
    They should change the name, as Second Career sounds too promising when what they seem to be offering is a Second Chance To Get Yourself Sorted Since You Didn't Bother Finishing What You Started Way Back In The Folly Of Your Youth.

    And that is not you.

    Best Wishes for a turn around year in 2010, Lorac!

  7. Surely if you had applied before the date they made the change in procedure, you would still qualify. Just sounds wrong to me.

    In the meantime, onwards and upwards and I wish you a truly wonderful, fulfilling and employed 2010!

    Take care. Ann

  8. Lorac Says:
  9. Violet Sky I had to laugh when I read your comment as that was exactly what I was thinking. Upon speaking to a few of my friends that was their sentiment too! Have a wonderful New Year and thank you for the wishes!

  10. Lorac Says:
  11. Frostbite and Sunburn I would have thought the same too but they explain this by saying they have a huge backlog and haven't processed many of the applications yet. Those they haven't processed fall under the new criteria. Now tell me, whose fault is it that they hadn't processed the application yet since it has been in since Sept? Alas, our governing forces leave much to be desired!
    Have a great New Year and thank you for the best wishes too!

  12. Sandra Says:
  13. It's a mixed up, messed up world. I watched something this morning that bothered me all day. College students in VERY long lines for food from a food bank in Michigan. I don't know how it works in Canada, but in the US these kids will come out of school with a degree and a very large debt. And they need help to feed themselves from food shelves. Makes you wonder why bother. Which is to say, I think you are wondering the same thing. You bothered and look what it got you.

    I hope this new decade will be better for you and all of us.

  14. Lorac Says:
  15. Sandra, it is the same here for the students. I am now looking at a student loan myself but somewhat hesitant. We will see in the new year. I wish you and your family all the best in this new year and lets hope we see some of the madness disappear!

  16. Lindy Says:
  17. Very sorry to hear that this door has closed for you. I hope there is a better opportunity lying ahead and that this was only a temporary roadblock in your way.

    Wishing you many blessings this new year!

  18. Unknown Says:
  19. I was disappointed for you when I read the news of your application and I know in time you will recover from the awful way you have been treated and move on. In the meantime I wish you every success in finding another career path, and one that will bring you great satisfaction. You have so many gifts and I'm sure, after taking stock, you'll find a new rewarding direction. Hugs...

  20. Lorac Says:
  21. Lindy, I am now looking for government school loans and grants. I am determined to find a way.

  22. Lorac Says:
  23. Carole Anne thank you for the encouraging words! I took it hard to begin with but am moving forward already!


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