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SkyWatch Friday~ Blue Skies

Posted by Lorac Friday, 11 December 2009

SkyWatch Friday
We finally were hammered with winter and the snow hasn't stopped for three days. The high winds and extremely low temperatures (-19C) have made the roads treacherous with white outs and drifting snow. Police have been warning people to stay off the roads and many a hapless driver have found themselves in a road side ditch. In the north it has been declared a snow emergency and up 100cm is expected there.

Through all this, it is still impossible to refute the beauty when a storm pauses for a brief moment. The sky opens to a blue only known against against a a snow ridden landscape. For awhile, I was in the Winter Wonderland.

A sky that has been shy of the sun for days, welcomes the sun this day

Blue sky, hanging above me....nothing but blue sky

There are many more skies at SkyWtch Friday. Go see great hosts and posts!


  1. Joe Todd Says:
  2. Fantastic photos especially the last two. I found an old photo form late 60's I was in the 'bush" Lake Penage Ontario. The temp that evening was minus 34. Wasn't til the next day we got the fuel oil stove installed

  3. Gwendolyn L Says:
  4. At this time of the year in the snowy north - when the sky is beautiful and pretty, and the trees sparkle - it is very cold. I guess we just can't have it both ways. I loved your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Janie Says:
  6. I'm sure you wouldn't want to stay outside for too long with those temperatures, but the frosted landscape and blue skies are indeed beautiful.

  7. Jenn Jilks Says:
  8. We're a bit warmer, but a LOT snowier!!! Snow emergency declared!

  9. Brrrr it is cold outside! Looks like fairyland to me. Great photos!

  10. VioletSky Says:
  11. It looks so crisp and beautiful. All we have is wind and cold and frozen brown puddles.

  12. You are so right - the sky IS more blue against a snowy landscape. I love your photos.

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  13. Lori E Says:
  14. I wonder if you are the person I am looking for. Someone left a message on my Picasa page asking for one of the flags for Ontario. I had no way of contacting you as clicking on your name didn't link to anything.
    If so send me your email address and I will send you the flag. You can find my email on my site by clicking on Email. (obviously)

  15. Dave Says:
  16. Beautiful - nothing like fresh snow and a sunny day! Nicely done!

  17. April Says:
  18. Beautiful frost-covered trees and bright winter skies! Great photos!

  19. Lindy Says:
  20. These are magnificent images; each one a perfect capture!

    Try to stay warm and cozy.

  21. D Says:
  22. Lorac such beauty and calm in your photos.

  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. Thank you for this 'escape' into your wonderful scenery.
    A wonderful weekend for you all.

  25. Karine Says:
  26. Oh, my gosh your photos are lovely! It gives a whole new meaning to 'Winter Wonderland' :o) As for traffic bad in Montreal on Wednesday morning, but by the evening it was much better and yesterday it was fine. They did a great job clearing out the streets and we're way more used to driving in winter conditions here so it worked out :o)

  27. karen Says:
  28. How beautiful! I love the blue skies, and the dazzling snow. That type of cold is almost unimaginable for us over here, especially in the middle of summer!

  29. happyone Says:
  30. Oh there are no words to describe the beauty of the white snow against such a bright blue sky.
    Absolutely gorgeous.

  31. Carol Says:
  32. Hi Lorac, It is so true that the moments after the passing of a storm are so beautiful and you have captured the magic in your stunning photographs. May you have many many more blue skys! Beautiful landscapes. Carol

  33. Gorgeous lorac - the distinction between your blues and silvery whites is wonderful - I feel a theme for my Christmas table coming on!

  34. Terry Says:
  35. Love the beautiful frosty trees, and the quote from a "White Christmas" song. Lovely

  36. The white snow against the blue sky is magical. What a beautiful sight.

  37. The weather this time of year makes the landscape look absolutely magical!

  38. Loved ALL of these photos..especially the one with the open water and white, snow laden trees!
    A winter wonderland like we have here in the U.P. of Michigan!

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