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Scenic Sunday - Nova Scotia, Hall's Harbour

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 23 January 2010

I am having internet trouble. The server I have been using has gone under and we are in a bad area to get any internet. Right now I am using one we are trying out but it is as slow as dial up and they want high speed payments. It may be awhile before I am up and running again!

I love the oceans and don't get to spend enough time by them. For Scenic Sunday I am going into the archives and showing a little bit of Canada's east coast in Nova Scotia. This is a beautiful province with so much to see. If you haven't been there it is well worth the trip!

This is a little place called Hall's Harbour. A small fishing village. It was a cold May day and it had been raining all day. It stopped just as I got the ocean.

When I arrived in this tiny town, the first thing that caught my eye was the colour on this cold May day.The boat was so bright and cheery on an otherwise drab day. I liked the water flowing into this little inlet form the stream beyond. Even the bright red of the hydro box door added to the vibrant colour. Low tide for this fishing vessel. As this was later in the afternoon, it will not be going out again until the next day. 

It was a very cloudy day so this came out rather dark, but I still liked the feeling that it gave of desertion. There was not a soul to be seen.  Everyone gone for the day. Home in their warm houses until the morrow, out of the biting wind and rain.

One of the catches by the fishermen is lobster. I had the best lobster dinner I have ever had here. There is a small restaurant and a gift shop. In the shop is the lobster pound where you can pick your lobster and souvenirs and when your lobster is cooked they serve it to you in the restaurant.

There is much more to see at Scenic Sunday. Go on over and Take a look!

Scenic Sunday


  1. Loved these! The first picture of the sunbeams pointing straight down into the ocean is wonderful, but I like them ALL!

  2. Tammy Says:
  3. These pictures are gorgeous!

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  6. eileeninmd Says:
  7. Great shots of Nova Scotia and the harbour. It is one place that is on my list of places to see.

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. Carole Anne Carr said...
    Sorry to hear about your computer troubles, Lorac,how frustrating. Hope you are up and running again soon.
    The photographs of your part of the world are as lovely as ever, very envious, wish I could be there.....hugs
    (why doesn't blogger have an edit button! grrr).

    January 23, 2010 12:10 PM

  10. ~Cheryl Says:
  11. You managed a perfect shot of the cloud and sunbeams! The other photos and your narration made me feel as though I were actually there. Thanks for taking me on this trip!

  12. bonifer Says:
  13. Great pics Lorac, we are planning a trip out East this summer, we haven't been so are really looking forward to it...have no idea where to start to plan my 'where to go'..this will be a good start, thanks !!

  14. Interesting photos - I liekt he boats, especially the little blue one with the balloons.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. Thank you for all you lovely comments. I will see you all soon!

  17. nice A Says:
  18. Gorgeous photos especially the second with the boat. So serene and scenic!

  19. So sorry about your Internet problems! What a pain!

    You took lovely photos of the East Coast. I would love to travel down east this summer! Your photos make me want to go all the more.

  20. Tammie Lee Says:
  21. thank you for a wonderful glimpse into your world!

  22. Sunbeams through the clouds are lovely ....

    Those darn 'puter peeps - hope you find a speedy solution soon

  23. Helena Says:
  24. These are great shots! I haven't been to Nova Scotia in years. Might be time for another vacation. :)

  25. Susan Ellis Says:
  26. Time to get back to the east coast for some fresh lobster! Nice photos, especially like your first one with the high colour contrasts.

  27. happyone Says:
  28. Love your photos.
    Hope your internet connection sorted out soon.

  29. Judy Says:
  30. Wonderful photos! I am glad you told the story of your day, makes it much more real!

  31. TOMO Says:
  32. Very beautiful oceans' photo.
    I also love to go to the oceans.
    I feel serene hush from this photo.

  33. Pete Says:
  34. mmmm, lobster is nice. Love the peaceful scenery

  35. Nice picture....waw

  36. Lindy Says:
  37. What a great tour - hope you have more for us! There is so much I would love to see in Canada.

    Hope you get your internet woes solved soon!

  38. Lori Skoog Says:
  39. The shots of this Harbour are terrific! Very quaint.

  40. Delwyn Says:
  41. Hi Lorac

    this little town has heaps of character and charm...and lobster...
    This is an unusual looking template. I hope your server issues are improved.

    Happy days

  42. Grace Says:
  43. That's not too far from where I grew up! Lovely pictures.

  44. Anonymous Says:
  45. beautiful photos, especially the 1st shot! love it!

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