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Thoughts After the Holidays!

Posted by Lorac Monday, 4 January 2010

I am glad it's over. I thought I would have a terrible Christmas holiday but it turned out OK. Regardless, I am still glad it's over. There is too much hype and stress around Christmas that leads up to the day. The day after seems so blah! Not to mention the other 363!
One thing about putting Christmas  behind us is that we are on the road to spring now. The worst months here are January  and February for cold and snow. Once that is over it doesn't take long to get into March and some warmer weather. Something to look forward too. Already you can see the days getting longer!

I used to love the winter when younger. It's not that I hate it now, just don't love it as I did. I still enjoy watching a snow storm from inside and a walk in the snow when it is not too cold. I don't ski anymore or ride the snowmobiles, so it's not as much fun. All the winter sports are rather expensive so all I do is shovel it. I think the below picture is an excellent idea! I may put up a sign on the front yard! Do you think I will get any buyers?

Life Pathway Street Rd!

I need to get serious now looking for an alternative plan for the new year as what I thought was going to be my immediate path in life, turned into the wrong street (or road).
I haven't given up! Not at all. I will just need to find different means to get into college. I am also continuing home study from books and the internet. If I can get into a web design course I will go in knowledgeable! There is an amazing distance education course I have found online. I have found applications for government student loans and grants. We will see about funding. Won't get too excited yet. This is the same government who already messed up my application for Second Career financing.!

 There is something about being sneaky and being police that just seems so wrong. This is exactly what a taxi looks  like in town, but if you look closely you will see it is a police car made to look like a taxi! The top light says "Police" and then gives the number. No other markings. There is the red front lights to turn on when they pull you over for speeding past the taxi cab though!

I wonder if we should make our taxis look like police cars?


  1. Susan Ellis Says:
  2. Hi!
    This is a really interesting post. Winter can be overwhelming..especially when it's cold, day after day after day. Love the Snow For Sale sign, and am deeply disturbed by the police car aka taxi...that's borderline entrapment and I hate that they (the police) would do that.

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. I agree Susan that it is close to entrapment with the police car. It has disturbed me ever since I saw it.

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. Well done you, I knew you'd fight back and find another way ahead!

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Thanks Carole. It always helps to have people backing you!

  9. Judy Says:
  10. I DO love the sign about the unassembled snowmen! I just laughed!! That is enterprise!
    As for Street Road, did you know there is Avenue Road in Toronto? Such odd names!
    I have signed up for a tele-seminar about choices, for noon Thursday, and I am looking forward to that.
    Good luck with the studying!! I know what you are talking about!

  11. happyone Says:
  12. Some of the police cars around here where I live are unmarked black mustangs!!

    You could always just make snow angels in the snow. :-)

  13. Lorac Says:
  14. I have been on Avenue! Funny, I didn't think of that when I posted this. Good luck with your tele-seminar!

  15. Thanks for stopping by this week. We had a very small, relaxed Christmas. Wayne gets a bit freaky this time of year, so that seems to work out best. With only three of us (counting Mom) it doesn't make sense to do too much anyway. We have had a very mild winter so far. I'm waiting for this month through March to bring us some windy storms, but I could live without the wind. It makes getting up and down the lake a bit dangerous. I am sure your education goals will work out with all your enthusiasm. Stick with it. - Margy

  16. You have had your eyes open wide lately and found some interesting sight to take photos of!

    Love the unassembled snowman. Yep, I've got a few in my yard and didn't even know it.

    Street Road? Hmmmm. As for your career path...maybe a new path is ahead, even better than the one you are imagining.

    And finally, a police car that looks like a taxi? Oh oh! I bet he nabs more than a few law breakers.

  17. Lori ann Says:
  18. Interesting photos, you've given me the idea to sell sandcastles at the beach!
    I've always wanted to try snowshoeing, it seems like a good way to spend time outdoors and get some exercise.
    good luck with college!

  19. Sandra Says:
  20. Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. A 17 yrs old cat?? Wow, I hope to spot a picture of your cats on your blogs:))

  21. Rob Siemann Says:
  22. You've got some sneaky cops... Is this legal?
    Love the unassembled snowmen!

  23. chrome3d Says:
  24. I could buy some snowman parts. It´s a natural and egological product for sure!:-)
    Those cops are sure sneaky with their disguised taxi. Shame on them.

  25. LOL. I love the "Un-Assembled Snow Man" picture!

  26. Janie Says:
  27. I love the snowman sign and the Street Rd. I agree, it's awful when policemen are so sneaky.
    Hope you can find some way to finance your education soon.

  28. karen Says:
  29. Sorry to hear about the setback with the second career funding... great pics of the snow sign and the sneaky police car! wishing you lots of luck for your study plans in 2010, and everything else, too :)

  30. Jenn Jilks Says:
  31. I love that secret car!!! In my town they park at the end of the driveway, by the road, during the time when tourists are speeding on home!

    Great shots, all. I don't mind the snow, either!


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