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Watery Wednesday - Pristine

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I love to drive on the back roads and look at the scenery. By myself, just relaxed and put away the worries for another day! When I find a musical little stream like this, I will pause just to listen to the music of nature. The sound of the birds, the water and even the squirrel who chatters above in a tree. When you blend it all together, it becomes a symphony!

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  1. Linnea Says:
  2. I think your photo is the definition of pristine! What a beautiful spot you found...and blue skies too!

  3. Pristine image!

  4. RH Says:
  5. Wonderful!

  6. Carletta Says:
  7. A beautiful symhony!
    What a gorgeous landscape.

    Thanks for your visit. :)

  8. KaHolly Says:
  9. Takes my breath away! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Many of the photo entries I've been accessing have been bringing back warm memories for me, too. I like that!

  10. Tammie Lee Says:
  11. pristine indeed and gorgeous too!

  12. eileeninmd Says:
  13. Beautiful wintry scene. I lvoe the creek and the frosted trees.

  14. Pat Says:
  15. Looks like a postcard! A beautiful winter scene!

  16. Oh how beautiful that is.

    Watery Wednesday

  17. Joe Todd Says:
  18. I guess we were posting similar photos.. Making summer plans to visit "French River" area of Canada this summer.. Have a great week

  19. Susan Ellis Says:
  20. Lovely spot you've found there..driving by myself along country roads, taking it all in, is one of my favourite things to do too..that or walking through the's my version of going to church.

  21. Now that is pretty - so crisp. I could hum along to that music !

  22. Sandra Says:
  23. Such a beautiful scene.

  24. Stunning!
    I love to see bright snow in the sun and then open water in the same shot....loved this one!

  25. Helena Says:
  26. Oh my gosh! That is so beautiful it takes my breath away. Definitely the definition of pristine, as Linnea said. :)

  27. Lindy Says:
  28. This scenery is so amazingly beautiful! Very nice capture!

  29. Elaine Yim Says:
  30. A breathtaking scene.

  31. happyone Says:
  32. Beautiful! I feel like that on my morning walks. It's the reason I prefer walking alone.
    Have a great day!

  33. Esther Garvi Says:
  34. I couldn't see the picture (am blaming the West African Internet connection), but the description made me dream... :-)

    Greetings from Niger!

  35. Judy Says:
  36. Beautiful photo - makes me think that winter might be worth it after all! Today is about freezing, and cloudy, again!

  37. Lori Skoog Says:
  38. Perfect conditions for a great shot....

  39. Beautiful. Just beautiful. Wish I was there!

  40. Lindz Says:
  41. oh I am emagining myself be in that place too listening the sounds of nature, like you said it's a symphony

  42. Anonymous Says:
  43. absolutely breathtaking!

  44. Delwyn Says:
  45. Hi lorac

    that is a special mood you have captured . If not for the blue sky it could be a B&W shot.
    You described the scene so well ...
    Happy days


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