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All That Goes Bump in the Night!

Posted by Lorac Friday, 30 October 2009


Tomorrow is a day of fun for the children. They get to dress up in fantasy costumes and when it is dark they will walk the streets, going door to door and Trick or Treat for candy!
What most of the children don't realize is that some of the adults have as much fun as they do. My son usually does up a cool Halloween theme and a couple of times I have been there to help "dole out the candy" but what we really do is put on a show for the older kids. We scare them and they love it. Not too much of a scare just enough to get a jump or a squeal out of them. We are very careful to look who is coming up the driveway so as not to scare the little ones with our antics. We have had kids come back just for the scare and didn't even want candy!

Dressed all in black, with my face painted with fluorescent paint, I stay slightly off to the side where it is not well lit and we have placed a fake "dead body". As the kids come up the walkway. I am bent over it, motionless. They think I am a fake person but are not too sure, so, they keep watching me as they come up. I will remain motionless until I see that they have decided that I am fake and then I move, just a little, just enough to catch their attention out of the corner of their eye. In the meantime my son, keeps talking to them, to distract them with the candy bucket. They get their candy, with cries of "Happy Halloween!". As they turn to leave I will start to move in slow motion, picking up the "dead body", moaning and moving it around and then I will freeze again, looking straight at them! The kids squeal and scamper away, laughing with false bravado once they get partway down the walk. We hear them say "I thought it was fake!".Unbeknown to them, the coffin leaning against the tree they passed on the way in contains Dracula, ready to pounce! The door to the coffin creaks open and out comes Dracula, reaching out for the children with long fingernails! With a final squeal, the kids are off again, down the driveway to waiting parents. We hear them comment on the way down,"I wasn't scared!" and then another "Oh, Yeah? Then why did you scream!" and still another "Let's go back! That was so cool! Mom you gotta see this!".So the parents do too!

Ghostly figures and scary things hidden in the shadows!

The graveyard on the way up the walkway.

Our ghostly friends come for a visit. Of course there is spooky music in the background with howls and screams from a CD.

 My sons look a fright!

My older son is quite talented with pumpkin carving!

 Here Lies The "Pillsbury Dough Boy". He will Rise Again!

So have a great Halloween, but beware....

For all that goes bump in the night,


Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


  1. Val Says:
  2. what fun! you guys are so clever - have a magical halloween. I shall look forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Susan Ellis Says:
  4. Happy Hallowe'en! We live out in the country so no trick or treaters..and I miss it. I would totally be the scary dead lady lingering on the porch!
    Have fun!

  5. Lorac Says:
  6. Val- Hard to say has the most fun!

    Susan - I live out in the country as well so also have no trick or treaters. That's why I go to my sons. I would be a very lonely scary dead lady!

  7. Unknown Says:
  8. Thank you so much for the fascinating account of all your amazing ideas, no wonder the parents came back to admire your ingenuity! I enlarged the photographs to get the full effect of those robes and masks. As an ex-teacher I appreciate how much work went into this Halloween theatre. Thanks so much for your atmospheric photographs, the wonderful glowing lanterns, I can really imagine being there and wish that I had been.

  9. Lorac Says:
  10. Carole Ann - Than you! I had you in mind as I wrote it, hoping to show how it is done in Canada and how much we(my family)enjoy it! It is just a fun night for kids of all ages.

  11. Lee Spangler Says:
  12. I am glad you visitedme to remind me how much I enjoyed your post in the past. I looked at your past days and enjoyed the rr bridge and the fountain shot especially. great writing as well.

  13. Lorac Says:
  14. Thanks Lee! I always enjoy your blog as well. Good to hear from you!

  15. Naturegirl Says:
  16. (((((Happy Halloween!))))
    Great Halloween spirit here!

  17. Gattina Says:
  18. Happy Halloween, that sound so nice ! In Belgium Halloween started a little bit from 2000 on, each year a little more. But not a lot of houses are decorated and there is no trick and treat at all.
    This year for the first time in my life I am invited to a Halloween party !
    I posted my costume today on my blog.

  19. Reader Wil Says:
  20. I really enjoyed reading your Halloween post! Very clever of you to play the phantom.I know that halloween was quite unknown here in my country, though I heard this morning that it's becoming more and more popular. Have a great halloween!

  21. I hope the rain stops so the evening fun isn't spoiled!

  22. Lorac Says:
  23. Nature Girl- To you too!

    Gattina - I will come over and look at your costume. Have a great time!

    Reader Will-Thank you! I have noticed that places I did not think had Halloween are celebrating it now. It was surprising!

    EG - Supposedly it will!


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