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SkyWatch Friday!

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 8 October 2009

Skywatch Friday

While driving to Bala last weekend we stopped for breakfast and were rewarded with this view. The sky was grey and clouds gathering, ready for rain showers. The solitary little white lighthouse on the island was the only bit brightness in the landscape. The tall White Pines are majestic in their reach into the sky beside the slate grey of the lake.

The sun came out for a brief appearance and to display the beautiful riot of fall colours around the bay.

Be sure to go to the SkyWatch Friday site for great hosts and many more posts


  1. Jim Says:
  2. great scenery
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  3. Sylvia K Says:
  4. Lovely shots! Love the colored leaves! Definitely looks like Fall!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. Ellie Says:
  6. Love the colors of the fall - they are not here yet in our town!

  7. ~Cheryl Says:
  8. That is an adorable lighthouse! You found some beautiful fall colors, too!

  9. Lorac Says:
  10. J Bar -Thank you!

    Sylvia -You have a great weekend too! Here it is the Thanksgiving weekend,lots of turkey! Thanks for coming by!

    Ellie - Thank you! Up at the cottage they are at he peak of colour.

    Cheryl - I have a thing for lighthouses! Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  11. VioletSky Says:
  12. Thanksgiving is usually a perfect time for fall colours up where your cottage is - enjoy!

    That first shot with the lighthouse looks so inviting - I could sit with several cups of coffee to enjoy that.

  13. Fabulous mix of autumnal colours - we only really get the yellows here - poplars - no maples or anything much more interesting!

  14. Lorac Says:
  15. Violet Sky - Going up tomorrow and looking forward to the bird! Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Lorac Says:
  17. Frostbite and Sunburn - Not as much colour up your way but still so very beautiful there. Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Carletta Says:
  19. Lovely landscape shots of the bay and the fall foliage!
    The little white lighthouse is unexpected. I wonder if it's a working lighthouse.

  20. Delwyn Says:
  21. Hi Lorac

    these are lovely glimpses across the lake and the grey skies don't detract -they enhance the photos, especially the bottom one...I love the first one of the lighthouse...

    Happy days

  22. magiceye Says:
  23. soothing images

  24. Gunilla Says:
  25. Beautiful shots.
    Thanks for sharing

    Thanks for visiting me too

    Have a nice weekend

    Gunilla in Sweden

  26. Anonymous Says:
  27. Greeting from Bulgaria!Very good photos.

  28. Reader Wil Says:
  29. Real autumn photos! Autumn comes hers with a lot of wind, sometimes with rain, but today it's beautiful and the sun shines.
    So you celebrate Thanksgiving too in Canada? I thought it was celebrated in November.

  30. Unknown Says:
  31. what a lovely scenery...beautiful colors.

  32. What a difference the sun makes, eh? The trees look ever so bright when there's a bit of sunlight.

  33. Lorac Says:
  34. Carletta -I will have to go back and find out if it's working. It attracted me right away!

    Delwyn -The dark skies make as a background make the autumn leaves look more intense.

    magiceye -Thank you for visiting!

    Gunilla -Thanks so much!

    Nadine - Hi Bulgaria!Thank you!

    Reader Wil -Yes we have Thanksgiving too but ours is in October. Makes it nice with the colour and usually warmer too!

    luna miranda -Thank you Luna!

    EG- Absolutely gorgeous this year!

  35. Unknown Says:
  36. Had a 'double take' when I read 'Bala last weekend'....we live not too far from Lake Bala which is in mid Wales, but from the photographs realised that it was not the Bala near me...:-)
    We have three more days in the mountains and then to Northumbria on the east coast for book signings, book delivery to Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne Island. Then further south into the Yorkshire Dales for three days before the journey home and more book signings....thank you so much for your kind support, very much appreciated. My husband a little better, although will never be free of pain since his spine opp. now many years ago. However, he is going to accompany me when I have to travel to London, (a city that is a nightmare of crowds and terrible traffic), for a meeting at The Society of Authors which I need to attend. Hugs and love, hope your health is now good...Carole.

  37. darsden Says:
  38. beautiful colors, just beautiful fall colors, we do not get those colors around here.

  39. Bestemor Aud Says:
  40. A real taste of autumn! Very nice captured!

  41. Bestemor Aud Says:
  42. A real taste of autumn! Very nice captured!

  43. Carol Says:
  44. I love the little stark white lighthouse there on that tiny island... very poetic and great shot... the colors look great too... hope you had a great trip. Carol

  45. eileeninmd Says:
  46. Beautiful scenery and sky. I love the little lighthouse. Thanks for sharing your day and your skies.

  47. Linda Says:
  48. So many different moods in these shots. The lighthouse is rather lovely, and does brighten up the grey skies.

  49. Lori ann Says:
  50. Beautiful new look and lovely shots, I enjoyed them very much.

    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  51. Ann Says:
  52. The lighthouse is so charming and the colourful scenery is simply beautiful.

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