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Iron Bridge Crossing the Credit River in Georgetown

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 29 October 2009

A few weeks ago I showed pictures of the railway bridge that went over the Credit River where I live in Georgetown. I have always thought it was a grand bridge due to the height and the wonderful valley seen from the train below. The photos I showed were interesting as they seemed to be examining the structure and I thought it was in need of repairs. I became curious as to when this bridge came into existence and what kind of repairs were needed. I was surprised to find out this structure was built in 1904! It is 104 years old!

Westbound supervisor special rolls over the Credit River on this gorgeous Saturday morning. Work has begun to lay the foundation and bridge supports for a second span across the river as part of GO Transit's expansion to provide GO Train service to Kitchener-Waterloo.

Sept 2009
The iron bridge (Grand Trunk Railway bridge) over the River Credit.
(Click on photo to enlarge)

I went searching on the net and came up with two old photos of this marvelous bridge. It amazes me that the stone supports have lasted as they have.


This one was taken in 1905. Look at the train in the distance puffing out smoke.

This is an eastbound photo of the Georgetown Train Station in 1908.

This is a photo of the Georgetown Station up close. The write up said it was a photo of volunteers waiting at the train station. I assume they mean volunteers for World War 1.

The train station still stands and is used to this day.


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I see you are interested in industrial architecture where my interest lies. When I saw Iron Bridge I was amazed, thinking you meant the first iron bridge every built at a place now called Ironbridge and about 25 miles from where we live. Although made from iron, it is jointed as though made from wood.
    Also thought about my time in Africa, when I noticed on Beit Bridge across the Zambezi, I think it was, the mark of the maker said Dorman Long, a huge steel works in the North East of England where I originally came from.
    If you have a moment, type in Blists Hill Victorian Town or have a look at
    My present children's book, which I hope to have out this winter of early spring is set in Blists Hill and is about a young boy, a pit pony driver in the 1780's. Partly because of years taking children to this collection of five open air museums, and because I studied history many years ago....

  3. Reader Wil Says:
  4. What an impressive structure! Thanks for showing all those photos! Thanks for your visit too!

  5. I love trains, track, train bridges, all of it. These are cool shots, and love that you found the old one, too. One even says G.T.R.!! That takes me back!

  6. Bridges offer many stories. I come from a train family. Often times we went for a drive and sat by bridges, awaiting the train.

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Carole Ann - What a beautiful little village and a fascinating history of Ironbridge!Thank you for sending me there. The bridge there is 200+ years as compared to 100+ here but I will justify my excitement but claiming the young age of my country! LOL Thanks once again. I love history from all over.

    Hi Reader WIl! I thought they were pretty cool! Thanks for coming around.

    Deborah -I found a really cool site with pictures from the 1900's of towns and tracks around here.

    Midlife - I find the history fascinating myself!

  9. Sandra Says:
  10. I love the old bridges and actually trust them more then the newer. I live just outside of Minneapolis, where the bridge collapsed. I can't look at bridges the same way. But I can appreciate the architectural beauty.

  11. Lorac Says:
  12. Sandra - We had some incidents close to here in Toronto with bridges falling apart as well. Since then then all the bridges have been inspected.They sure don't build them as they used to.

  13. Martha Z Says:
  14. Great shot of an interesting bridge. Glad that you found the old photos and I hope that the new construction doesn't destroy the character of the old bridge.

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