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Scenic Sunday, Straight out of the Camera

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 7 March 2010

 Old Rustic Barn in the Woods

Found on a walk through the woods, the red roof catching my eye. The years have blended the barn into the landscape by weathering the barn boards and making the once shiny steel roof a rusty red.
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  1. I liked this shot. I love old barns and all of the character of the old wood. We tore down an old barn and now have the wood as the walls in our basement, which we turned into a "cabin room". We really like it.

  2. Anonymous Says:
  3. Very nice shot. You seem to live in a very scenic area.

  4. Jan Says:
  5. I love old barns, and this is a fabulous shot. Thanks for contributing, today.

  6. It sure tickles the old memories. ~bangchik

  7. Maia Says:
  8. I like old bars too, what a lovely shot.

  9. Helena Says:
  10. What a gorgeous shot! I just love old barns!

  11. Linnea Says:
  12. Oh that is lovely! I wonder if it's still in use...enjoy the day!

  13. msdewberry Says:
  14. Great shot. I love the red roof of the barn against the blue of the sky. It is striking.
    There aren't enough barns around here to photograph.

  15. great place. Makes me always wonder who used it.

  16. Jo Says:
  17. That would make a lovely watercolor painting. I love old barns like that. We have some here too, in the Fraser Valley.

  18. Unknown Says:
  19. I immediately thought of space when I saw this pic. Aah, to be out in the country, wondering around under the big blue sky... thanks for sharing yr fabulous photo.

  20. Lynn Says:
  21. I love old barns as well as remains of old housing structures.

  22. fredamans Says:
  23. This picture is postcard perfect!

  24. George Says:
  25. What a great shot! I really like the way the barn blends into the landscape. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  26. Jonah Says:
  27. That's a beautiful big barn.

  28. aw! I really love barns, especially the old weathered ones. Nice photo!

  29. BDP Says:
  30. I find it interesting to be in this kind of place. Love it!

  31. Old and rusty and yet still standing.

  32. Lindz Says:
  33. yeah I see a lot of them in the countryside of new south wales too here in oz

  34. sunnymama Says:
  35. A beautiful scene and the colours in this shot are gorgeous. :)

  36. I jusy LOVE old barns with rusty roofs! What a pleasant find on your walk!

  37. klahanie Says:
  38. I can relate to one of your previous comments on here. I have seen similar scenes when I used to live in the Fraser Valley.
    A bleak yet hauntingly beautiful photograph. Thanks for posting it up.
    With respect, Gary


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