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Weekend Reflections/Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Friday, 12 March 2010

Our ice and snow is starting to melt quite a bit now. The temperatures have been staying above freezing for a few days. This mini-iceberg and the trees on the opposite bank show their  reflection in the still icy cold water of this little stream.

Melting during the day but a quick freeze at night produces these crystals in the puddle.

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  1. klahanie Says:
  2. Hi Lorac,
    A very cool photograph. The promise of Spring is not long now.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  3. lazyclick Says:
  4. Very cool reflection.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I love the mini iceberg! Great picture.

  7. Carletta Says:
  8. This is beautiful!
    Such clear water. A mini iceberg is the perfect description!

    Mine’s here: Round The Bend.

  9. Matty Says:
  10. This is just a pretty picture.

  11. Lindz Says:
  12. that's a great shot, spring is all around now is it?

  13. eileeninmd Says:
  14. Great shot and a pretty reflection.

  15. Shannara Says:
  16. Lovely shots, I like the second one a lot. It's kind of magic in some way.

    Thank's for signing in to my new meme too! =)

  17. Thanks for sharing. Those crystals were pretty amazing.

  18. cat Says:
  19. I really like photos of reflections in water and yours is very pretty:) The snow has started to melt where I live too.

  20. Fascinating nature them!

  21. I love the shapes in the crystals of ice. More artistic than a human could create. - Margy

  22. Ladyinblue Says:
  23. Cool pictures. But now we want; Spring and Summer..:)

  24. Michael Says:
  25. Nice mix of reflections and light.

  26. Loved the crystals! I like this time of year when things melt and freeze and give us such neat icicles and ice formations on the lake!

  27. Tania Says:
  28. I really like reflection in water and the first one is so wonderful and cool! Great:-)

  29. Eden Says:
  30. beautiful reflection shot. Love both images.

    thanks for the visit.

  31. nice A Says:
  32. Very lovely shot of snow forming like crystals. Good to hear that the snow there starts to melt. You may want to see early summer scenes.

  33. Nefertiti Says:
  34. j adore la deuxieme photo,elle est superbe ;O)

  35. robkistner Says:
  36. Oooh, cold, but I enjoyed this considerably – thank you for sharing…
    Image & Verse

  37. Anonymous Says:
  38. Those are gorgeous capture! I love the details in your photos

  39. Unknown Says:
  40. pretty water reflections!!

  41. beautiful...haven't seen like this in my entire life...

  42. Val Says:
  43. i am fascinated by Canada - thank you for this window on yoru world!

  44. Judy Says:
  45. Both are wonderful shots! You can only see the underside of the icebregs this way, and the reflections of the trees are an added bonus! And all the tiny ice crystals! They always fascinate me!!

  46. HI Carol. I love those icy pictures. And I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog -- our computer went down just when I finished posting last Friday and we just got it back. I've been in withdrawal! Thanks for visiting FT-L

  47. neat shots! those reflections and ice crystals are pretty cool! love the textures in the second shot!

  48. Somehow I missed this last post week! Nice photos. And to think you'll have to wait till NEXT winter to get mor like these. LOL


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