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Waterfall and Hike!

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I finally got a chance to get up to the cottage again. I have been so busy with all kinds of appointments that I was unable to schedule any time up there. My son and his family went up on Friday night and since it was a long weekend and I could stay until Tuesday, I headed up on Saturday morning. I thought I would take my time and since the roads were congested due to the holiday, I took back roads. On the way I spotted this unique wrought iron fence. I had to back up and take a picture! The pic doesn't do it as much justice. It is really beautiful.

The skys looked rather ominous but surprisingly there was only a sprinkiling of rain.

I had a most relaxing weekend at the Cottage. My son and decided it was to be a "work free" weekend other than the obvious cooking, cleaning up etc. Saturday we lounged, had a bonfire and waited for the fire works at dusk to mark the Civic Holiday. These fireworks are put on by the cottage association and are great fun. You can give donations to help cover the cost at the marina's or boats come around before the start and take them.
The boats come from all over the lake to see the fireworks

Our bay is where the show is. At the tail end of the lake it's usually calm so a good place to anchor your boat and sit back and watch. The fireworks are let off on a large barge out on the lake. We just sit on our dock in lawn chairs , no need to go anywhere!

It is a decent display and you could hear the oohs and ahhs all over the lake!
On Sunday we decided to take the kids on a little hike so we took a car ride to Dwight, about a half hour drive. There is a really nice waterfall there (you all know how I am a sucker for a waterfall) and a good hiking trail. Due to the long weekend, there was more people around than I would have liked but we still had a great time!
This is my oldest granddaughter, checking out the falls.

It was so long and windy I had a hard time getting a pic of it all at once but regardless I like the effect anyway.

Son and daughter in law looking at a rock with some interesting minerals.

Son and youngest grandaughter. Had to go the hard way!

To get them all together to sit still for a minute was a chore. Look at the little one. Laughing as usual!

This neat little fungus is called Indian Pipe.

Big sister always looking out for the little one. Not to mention their little dog too!

We ended this day by going to a little pub, sitting out on the patio enjoying a beer and a wing platter. Oh what a day! I had such a good time. Thanks Kids!


  1. Jenn Jilks Says:
  2. It was a beautiful, if deadly w/e in
    My Muskoka !

  3. Sandra Says:
  4. This looks like an ideal time in a beautiful place.

  5. Lorac Says:
  6. Hi Jen - I have been following the stories. So sad!

    Sandra - I had the best day. Just relaxing with the kids!

  7. Cheryl Cato Says:
  8. Hi Lorac, I enjoyed your trek to the falls. Very peaceful there.
    That gate is amazing. I could really see the detail when I double-clicked on it. The way the light globes are set into the little haystack-looking design is quite lovely as well.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'll be back for a visit. Your photos are great.

  9. Nice post, I love being out doors with my family and exploring it's a lot of fun. A waterfall is a bonus.

    Waterfalls are something we don't have a lot of due to our drought.

  10. Lorac Says:
  11. Lizzy Frizzfrock - I had to have a picture of it. Never seen the like before! Thanks for stopping over!

    Liss- It surely is! I had the best time. I love being out with the grandkids.

  12. Joe Todd Says:
  13. Nice post but I think it is time to get back to the cottage.


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