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Scenic Sunday, Pond View, Straight out of the Camera

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 21 November 2009

Scenic Sunday
Straight Out of the Camera
We have experienced unusual weather here for November. It has been ranging around 10-16 degrees Celsius for the the last three weeks with very little rain. This time last year there was snow on the ground and it was -6 Celsius. Huge difference. I thought a little walk in the forest to celebrate was in order and I wanted to check out this pond I had found before. There was about 20 Mallard ducks at the pond, I had walked in quietly and being unaware of me, all were being very communicative with each other. A cacophony of quacks and honks!

Go and check out some great pics at Scenic Sunday !
Or Straight Out of the Camera


  1. Jeanne Says:
  2. Gorgeous spot! We had similar weather here and did the same. A nice walk in the woods in late November, who'd believe it!

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. I was camping and the ducks were really noisy early in the morning, so they were no late morning sleep-ins. But they are cute little beings otherwise!

    The blue water is a nice surprise in this photo. Lovely capture :)

  5. Gaelyn Says:
  6. Nice pond. It looks like quite a tall hill behind it, and still a touch of fall color. Delightful capture.

  7. Such blue, blue water. The surrounding area looks so dry, but I guess it's the cold that has made it look so barren. Lovely photo.

  8. Beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing this :)

  9. That is a beautiful picture. That blue is so bright.

  10. eileeninmd Says:
  11. It does look like a beautiful spot, especially to watch the ducks. :)

  12. gengen Says:
  13. It looks pretty shot and the scenic view is perfect. Happy SOOC Sunday.

  14. Yes, I can't believe the weather we have been having, so unlike November, lets hope it lasts another week or two!!


  15. happyone Says:
  16. That scene is absolutely beautiful!!

  17. Just Jules Says:
  18. Is that frost?

  19. This is beautiful.

  20. Lynn Says:
  21. Absolutely lovely.

  22. Lorac Says:
  23. Jules -Nope! It was a balmy 50 F. It is just the fluff from the weeds.

  24. Maria Says:
  25. Wonderful autumn colours in your picture! The blue of the pond is really nice!
    We had rather warm weather in Austria too during the last weeks.

  26. Angel.Pearls Says:
  27. Thanks for sharing this forest walk! Have a great week!//Eva

  28. Commenting for SOOC Sunday! Love the blue of that pond! Excellent shot! :)

  29. ProdigalWife Says:
  30. Looks like a lovely place for a quiet walk--except for the ducks of course! I love the cat in the bag too!

  31. Jan Says:
  32. You had me fooled. I almost thought it was Southern California, we're having a drought, here. Great capture I love the deep blue water.

  33. I love the colors in this image. So delicate in some way.

    We too had some strange weather this fall. First warm and then cold and then lots of rain.

  34. Mona Sweden Says:
  35. I love the colour of the water. Beautiful spot.

  36. It has been beautiful, hasn't it? We deserve it though. :)

  37. Elaine Yim Says:
  38. I think this is a nice place to set up camp. Perhaps with some bonfires at night too.

  39. Lindy Says:
  40. The water is such a gorgeous shade of blue. I love hearing the ducks quacking; it always makes me smile. Glad you were able to enjoy such a beautiful day.

    I have something nice for you at my photoblog,

    Please come visit. :D

  41. Love the bright blue of the pond against the stark browns of the field!

  42. Wow! The vibrant blue stands really out against the neutral landscape here!


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