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Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 29 November 2009

Scenic Sunday

I was able to visit the beautiful Waterton Lakes National  Park in Alberta a couple of years back. It is a magnificent park nestled in the mountains. If you can enlarge the pics it will be worth it!
Wikipedia states: Waterton Lakes National  Park is a national park located in the southeast corner of Alberta, Canada. Waterton was Canada's 4th National Park, formed in 1895 and named after Waterton Lake. The park contains 505 squared kilometers (203 square miles) of rugged mountains and wilderness.

As I first drove into the park I found this lazy little river, striking scene with the mountain in the background!

The beauty was stunning as I drove along the road in the park but nothing prepared me for the sight I would see! In 1932, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park was formed on behalf of Rotary International. This park symbolizes the bonds of peace and friendship between the people of the United States and Canada, and a border crossing is open in the park during the summer. Although the park has a lot of diversity for it's size the main highlight is the Waterton Lakes. the deepest in the Canadian Rockies, and Overlooked by the historic Prince of Wales Hotel.

The Prince of Wales Hotel

There were  many deer. This one I caught munching on the garden at a rest stop. He actually came over to look at me! I thought if he had a camera he would be taking my pic!

There are many lakes,each unique and wonderful! With the mountains as a backdrop I couldn't stop taking pictures. I got 200 pics form this park alone. Standing here I felt like I should be hearing the national anthem!

Little stream turns into a small waterfall which empties into a turquoise pool. To get this shot I had to hang over a rock cliff. I remember thinking that if I fell, it would be years until someone found me as this was just a stop I made on the off road to see something else and found this pool.

Still yet another gorgeous little lake called Cameron Lake. There were too many to show in this post. I picked a few that struck me as the epitome of the park. This I took late into the evening . There are a lot of side roads off the main road and I went down a lot of them . I found this beauty at the end of one, but it was getting late by that time. There was a parking lot, but no one was there, the place was deserted. I got out of the car and walked around a bit, basking  in the beauty. Then I saw it! There was a huge sign saying "Beware of the Bears". There a had been an attack on a human there just a few days ago. The hair on the back of my neck started to rise at this! Looking all around I realized how far off the beaten track I was and alone. I went down to the dock took a couple of quick photos and hopped back in the car where I felt a little safer.

It was such a gorgeous park. I would love to get back there one day and explore some more.
1895 (national park)
1979 (biosphere reserve)
1995 (world heritage site)

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  1. Really beautiful pictures. What a wonderful country

  2. Thanks so much for the virtual tour of this BEAUTIFUL area! Makes me want to travel ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  3. happyone Says:
  4. Beautiful photos!
    The Prince of Wales Hotel is fantastic. Wouldn't it be nice be stay there some day!!

  5. Lorac Says:
  6. Riet -As is yours! I was last there three years ago.

    Story Taller- I would go there again for sure. It is beautiful

    Karen - Oh, I wish. I can't imagine the prices! LOL

  7. What a spectacula area this is!

  8. Joe Todd Says:
  9. I've explored the area via the internet and really appreciate your post

  10. eileeninmd Says:
  11. Beautiful photos of the Waterton Lake national park. It is a very scenic place.

  12. oh, that is a beautiful place. Everything that I like in nature :)

  13. ruma Says:
  14. It is by the immensity and solemn scenery very.
    Thank you for showing a beautiful view.

    From the Far East.

  15. That will be a place to relax I guess, I like it. Oh how I wish to visit...

  16. Sandra Says:
  17. Absolutely beautiful. So many places I would love to see. At least through photos like this I can.

  18. Linnea Says:
  19. What a majestic park. I've always wanted to visit that area. Where are the people!? Lucky you. It looks like you had the place to yourself...except for the deer! Love your rainbow post too. Wonderful lighting there!

  20. Whata beautiful rainbow. I like the full arc - it isn't something we see every day.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  21. Scott Law Says:
  22. Those are some beautiful photos. I especially love the one with the sun peaking through on the mountain top in the distance. You are a smart photographer to include the foreground also. Nice work.


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