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Watery Wednesday: Nude in the Pond

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Looks a little chilly to be waiting for a bath but she doesn't seem to mind! Go see other "Watery Wednesday" posts from around the globe!


  1. Guy D Says:
  2. What a gorgeous fountain, excellent photo.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  3. eileeninmd Says:
  4. Lovely fountain and photo!

  5. Lori ann Says:
  6. It almost looks like icicles instead of water drops! The previous photo is so cool too, i really like both Lorac.

  7. ~Cheryl Says:
  8. Very pretty fountain and scenery, but yes..... BRRrrr!

  9. Lorac Says:
  10. Guy -Thanks. It was at an inn I was staying at.

    Eileen- Glad you liked it!

    Lori ann- Great! Funny both were work related. The bottom one I was on the job, the top one was at an inn were I was giving training.

    Cheryl- Better her than me! LOL

  11. Randi Says:
  12. Lovely shot of the fountain and the water drops.

  13. Lorac Says:
  14. Thanks Randi!

  15. Nicole Says:
  16. That's a beautiful fountain! Must be a great place to sit and read a book.

  17. That's quite the fountain. I feel like I'm spying on this bather, though. :)

  18. kat Says:
  19. nice i love the picture. thanks for sharing.

    happy WW.

    mine is up too.

  20. ninja Says:
  21. Maybe she's in one of those clubs where they go swimming in open waters in Winter;)

  22. What an interesting shot. The foundtain looks like it should be in a clipped formal garden, but there it is in autumn "wilds"!!

  23. Jane Says:
  24. Nice fountain, looks like a pretty grey day there too. Thanks for sharing:)

  25. Lorac Says:
  26. Nicole- Definitely a calm place.

    Stine- Lol, does doesn't it!

    Kat-Thansk Kat!

    Koala-Ah, the Polar Bear club! Yes I think so!

    Deborah- It was at an inn up near Aliston.

    Jane- It was a funny day, grey for half and sun for the rest, but it was warm.

  27. Unknown Says:
  28. Speaking of watery, Lorac, flood barriers being put up in my home town of Shrewsbury tonight, the Severn is rising. Still, I'm old enough to remember worse time before the barriers, carpets hanging to dry from third floor windows at the bottom of Wyle Cop every winter and a rowing boat to ferry you over the English Bridge...:-)

  29. Eve Says:
  30. Hehe... what a fun photo - I got a little chilly just looking at her though! :)

  31. Dimple Says:
  32. One of the advantages of being stone or concrete is that the weather is less of a problem! It's a very nice shot, even though it does look cold.

  33. kden Says:
  34. Great composition with a lot of diversity in the shot.


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