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Watery Wednesday: Beaver in the Lock

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Watery Wednesday

I have often gone to Lindsay, Ontario to give training  to the hydro company. Always with a camera in hand, I thought that the way the town" pretties up" the old locks with flower pots was a great idea. They are at the front and at the back of the old lock.

While taking a pic of flower pots I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I moved to the side and looking a little closer I saw a lone beaver. Busy little guy, he was swimming all around and seemed quite happy. If you can enlarge the pics, do so. In the second one you can see the beavers flat tail and webbed feet that help him swim. so well.

He blends right into the water. If it wasn't for the little bit of movement I would have missed him entirely.

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  1. maybe he/she has a dam made somewhere near...

    come by my place if you have the time!
    have a great day!


  2. Jim Says:
  3. This is very interesting to someone who hasn't even seen a beaver.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  4. Marie Says:
  5. Oh yes I can see the little fellow :-) Nice shots.

  6. Nice captures!

  7. eileeninmd Says:
  8. Nice capture and cool photos.

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. I've never seen a beaver but they're one of my favourite animals - so if I'd been there, I'd probably have fallen into the water with excitement! They've actually just been reintroduced into Scotland but haven't established themselves yet; maybe one day though, I'll see one for myself :)

  11. Jossie Says:
  12. Wonderful shots. Exciting. I have never seen a beaver. There are only few places in the Netherlands where they live.

  13. EJ Says:
  14. It is better viewed when enlarge, great shots!

    My Watery Wednesday

  15. Tussy Says:
  16. Cute beaver! nice water way too.

    You Got A Posty
    All Little Things I Like

  17. Joe Todd Says:
  18. You got the beaver I got the lodge

  19. Lorac Says:
  20. Joe- I noticed that! Good for us!

  21. I wonder what he thinks of the lock...kind of a dam, but not really a dam...

  22. happyone Says:
  23. Love the flower pots. What a great idea.
    Nice shots of the beavers. The beavers around here where I live have chopped down a whole bunch of trees along the road near the water. There is now wire around the bottom of the ones that are left.

  24. Lindz Says:
  25. it's a cute little fella..,,

  26. Carolyn Says:
  27. Great photos of both the old locks and your busy little beaver. Have a great week.

  28. Judy Says:
  29. When you said there were the flower pots along the locks, I thought you meant on the sidewalk besdie the locks, not in the water! Imagine my surprise!!


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