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Black Creek

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 18 February 2010

So many people have been lamenting the snowfall this year. They say they are sick of the white stuff and want spring now. I love spring as much as the next person but I do enjoy a good snowfall as well.  It is so beautiful on a winters eve as the snow is falling to have a stroll and listen to the hush of the snow fall. Amazing how the heavy snow dampens all sound! I think of the snow as a blanket on the ground protecting the earth from the biting cold! This morning it was snowing heavily here and I enjoyed a few minutes watching out the window with coffee in hand as the flakes danced across my view and little swirls of snow pirouetted in the yard! The only way I can get through winter is to embrace it's beauty!

The other day I went for a walk on the Bruce Trails in Limehouse and went to the lime kilns. Black Creek runs through this area and very close to the kiln. Here there is a modern wooden pathway to cross and
an old foot bridge out of stone. (Previous post)

 On the other side a lovely little area to sit on a bench and listen to the sounds of the water and the forest.It was very quiet and you could really hear the water falls making music.

This tree caught my eye with it's wrinkly bottom! Made me think of an old elephants leg.

All along the path there are crevasses of limestone. Many animals call these rock crevasses home.

Lift anyone? In one crevasse is an old wreck of  a car. It looks to be early 1900's. A red one is a little further down. Just as old.

The Limestone that makes up the Niagara Escarpment abounds.

Over 800 kilometers of trail are on the 725 kilometer long Niagara Escarpment. The trail runs from Niagara to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula. The trails are well marked and maintained by volunteers.

Still wearing red flowers a stand of sumac lends some colour.

I didn't put a picture of the reason for this walk in the last post, so here he is "Harley". He is wearing his FBI suit and ssshhh.... nobody has told him he is a small dog! This is my sons family dog who visited me for the weekend.

On the way home I saw these black birds washing and drinking from some melted snow puddles. They were very intent on their task as they did not want to leave the road! They were swooping down in great numbers and then back onto the wires or tree.

It was a lovely quiet walk with Harley. I really enjoy winter when I can get out and walk in the woods.


  1. wow,seeing your photos I feel cold. How I wish I could experience that one too...

  2. Sandra Says:
  3. Perhaps I should give the walk a try. Maybe I could enjoy winter more!

  4. Lorac Says:
  5. Bacolod it is definitely cold but as long as you dress for it you stay warm.

    Sandra give it a try. Take your camera and find a nice trail. I love the "me" time in a walk!

  6. sorry I haven't been visiting of late and I clearly missed a lot of great posts. Beautiful photos. I'd love to retire to a place like that.

  7. Lorac Says:
  8. Me too LGS! Thanks for coming by now! I hope your eyes are better!

  9. I'm with you on this, Lorac. I think winter is a beautiful time of year.

  10. Lorac Says:
  11. Glad to see there are others who enjoy it too Stine! I don't when I am caged in. It is so important to get outside and not be house bound.

  12. Well, we don't get anything like the snow conditions you have here, but I agree with you - embrace all the seasons because they each bring something different and beautiful. Besides, your description of the snowfall makes it sound wonderfully inviting. Love the picture of Harley, and his coat with leg 'sleeves'. Good job he's wearing it or you wouldn't be able to find him in the deep snow! Hope you have a good weekend,

  13. We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (way up north, next to Lake Superior, NOT the mitten shaped part of Michigan) and we always get a ton of snow every winter...and it lasts well into April.
    I used to dread winter because it is so long up here, but since getting into photography and really, really taking the time to see its beauty through lenses, I have re-gained a wonderful respect for winter's awesome beauty too.

  14. penny Says:
  15. What a peaceful place to take a trek through the woods. I could hear the stillness of the cold day. Thanks for taking me along on this picturesque photo journey.

  16. Dimple Says:
  17. I enjoyed walking with you, thanks for inviting me! That stone footbridge is amazing!

  18. clairz Says:
  19. This was a lovely walk, and I thank you for taking us along. I love Harley's outfit (you know I am partial to little dog suits). How did dogs survive, running around naked for all those years!

  20. Anonymous Says:
  21. This must be a great place to wonder around. Your photos are just fabulous!

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