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SkyWatch Friday - Lighthouse

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 25 February 2010

Skywatch Friday

 This lighthouse stands at the entrance to the 16 Mile Creek harbour in Oakville, Ontario. In the 1960s an automated lighthouse was placed at the end of the pier, replacing a seventy year old wooden lighthouse which was moved and preserved.

The colour contrast attracted me to this shot.  I saw the sunlight reflected on the red top and against the blue-grey sky it caught my eye. Nice to see it is run on solar power.

The pier on which the lighthouse stands in Lake Ontario. I was a bit shocked to see that there was only one life ring on the whole pier. It was attached to a rope on the post. Heaven forbid anyone fall in other than right at that spot! Much warmer here than in my town which is about 45 minutes north. It felt balmy at +5 degrees Celsius! The sun was warm on the face and the winds were slight. I could almost feel spring in the air!

There are great skies from all over the world at the SkyWatch Friday site. Do go and have a look! Many thanks to:
  Klaus | Sandy | Wren | Fishing Guy|Sylvia


  1. clairz Says:
  2. Love that second shot!

  3. Regina Says:
  4. Beautiful scenes and skies.
    Love the lighthouse.


  5. Barry Says:
  6. We had a number of life preservers put in at strategic locations along Highland Creek. Within a month every last one had been stolen.I wouldn't be surprised to discover the life preserves on the pier suffered the same fate.

    The reckless stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Tania Says:
  8. Thanks for you nice comments.
    I like Lighthouses and is very interesting because it`s have a wild natur around (here in Norway). Your picture is great:-)

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. Great shots. I only managed to get to explore Oakville once while living in Toronto. Neat place.

  11. Lovely pics! And from so close to my hometown (Mississauga) - it's amazing being so far away (Ghana) and seeing the beauty of back home :)

  12. Jane Says:
  13. I love lighthouses, great capture of the beacon. There are quite a majority of Solar powered lighthouses, I think its more cost effective. Thanks for sharing:)

  14. Mark Kreider Says:
  15. I never met a lighthouse that I didn't like. This one doesn't have the grace that many others have, but I still like it!

  16. Unknown Says:
  17. Very nice photos, wonderful composition. Happy Weekend, Ev

  18. Lorac: How I do love lighthouses and you captured this on beautifully.

  19. eden Says:
  20. That is a beautiful lighthouse and my favourite is the second shot.

  21. James Says:
  22. I love lighthouses. This one looks great against the sky.

  23. Carol Says:
  24. Great photos. I also like lighthouses, nice that it is solar powered.

  25. Sylvia K Says:
  26. I love lighthouses, too, and this is a terrific capture! Lovely against the sky! Hope you have a great weekend!


  27. Photo Cache Says:
  28. Lovely pics. Have a great weekend.

  29. Jim Says:
  30. I love shots of lighthouses and this is a beauty.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  31. KaHolly Says:
  32. So bright and cheery, crisp and clear! Great photos. ~KAREN

  33. judi/Gmj Says:
  34. How fun!! tall and cylindrical is one of my favorite shapes. :)

  35. What great shots! Interesting that the lighthouse is solar powered.

  36. Diane AZ Says:
  37. The lighthouse looks beautiful against the sky, also glad to see the solar panel.

  38. louisebah Says:
  39. I love the colours! red and white on blue!

  40. Unknown Says:
  41. Great angle you shot this at against that sky.

  42. Karine Says:
  43. These are great shots, I've always loved lighthouses, although in this case I would love to see the original one too! As for the life ring...yeah. More than one would be a good idea.

  44. VioletSky Says:
  45. You did well. I've always found this to be one of the least attractive lighthouses around.

  46. beautiful photo with that of lighthouses,thanks for visiting my blog...i'd love if you can comeback again...

    happy friday to you...


  47. I love lighthouses - must admit this is the strangest one I've ever seen Very unusual. I like the contrast between it and the lifering pole. Enjoy your weekend.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  48. Carletta Says:
  49. Gorgeous shots!
    I understand the need for something that lasts but I'm sure the old one was more quaint and picturesque. :)

  50. Benita Says:
  51. Great photos!

  52. FO - 2 Says:
  53. Very nice shots! :)
    Number 2 is great!
    A beautiful composition.

    HAPPY FRIDAY!!! :))

  54. overtiredmum Says:
  55. I love lighthouses - that is a particularly pretty one. Like the angle of the first photo. Might feel like spring but still looks very cold xo

  56. The lighthouse picture is very interesting, I noticed the sun on the red. The second really caught my eye. The lake is so beautiful and the whole picture has an atmosphere of quietness. It does not look cold at all.

  57. Lovely photos, the colours are so bold - and it's fascinating to see a lighthouse that is solar powered!

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and Happy Skywatch!

  58. eileeninmd Says:
  59. I love the lighthosue scene, lovely skies! Great shots!

  60. Anonymous Says:
  61. Those are fabulous photos of the sky, Lorac, and the light house is gorgeous..

  62. Kim, USA Says:
  63. It's my dream to capture many lighthouses and this one is just stunning. Thanks for sharing!

    SkyWatchFriday:Beautiful Sunset

  64. Wonderful contrast.

    Nice choice of colours too, for the lighthouse! The red and the white is just so...Canadian! :O Such a striking colour!

  65. I love the red and white lighthouse colours. Wayne is a fan of red and white as well. First he painted his remodeled boat/writer's retreat red and white. Then with the left over red he painted our picnic table on the front porch. It's easy to find our place now for sure. - Margy

  66. SandyCarlson Says:
  67. That's an interesting lighthouse. Thanks for this.

  68. I didn't know this lighthouse exists! I'll have to check it out sometime. :)

  69. happyone Says:
  70. Thanks for all the great pictures and taking us down memory lane with you.
    I like being around water too. It is so calming.

  71. Nice shot! The lighthouse looks only like a tube though....can you walk up inside it?

  72. Helena Says:
  73. Awesome shots! The second one of the lake reminds me why I want to move back closer to the water. :)

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