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Nostalgia - A Return Home

Posted by Lorac Friday, 26 February 2010

I had to go about 45 minutes south of Georgetown to my home town, Oakville, on Tuesday. It was a fair bit warmer and sunnier when I got to Oakville and I decided, after my appointment, I would go for a walk down by the lake. I spent many spring and summer days there in the Lakeside Park when growing up. Even as  I approached the park, familiarity overwhelmed. I remember that tree, the gazebo, the lighthouse down at the lake, all so familiar and long due a visit. I have always loved lakes and seas, rivers and creeks. Any body of water. As a youth this was the spot I would often come to when happy or sad, just to be at peace. I am always calmed by the water. It was a warmer than usual day (+5 Celsius) and the sun was bright and for the first time this season felt warm on my face! (all pictures look better when enlarged, there was just to many)

 I could sit for hours and stare out upon the water....

 The Harbour has changed greatly since I was young. Tall apartments and condos were new additions to the view. If you look to the right , that is the original wooden lighthouse. It was moved and restored.

 This view looks the same. Many times I have walked down to the lighthouse, often alone in my thoughts, as I am on this day. I remember hanging out with a group of friends diving and swimming off the end of the pier. Strolling along it's length on hot summer evenings trying to catch that elusive breeze for a bit of respite from the heat. As I think about it, I was more often alone though, than with friends. This was a healing place for me and as always, it felt good to be there.

So deceiving! It looks warm enough to swim in.

Waterfowl are every where. Some in flight,

and some just lazing around. I think these are Bufflehead Ducks, or possibly Old Squaw or a mixture of the two! If any one knows what they are for sure, let me know.

 Looking back into the Lakeside Park along the pier, I sat down to soak up the wondrous sunshine and watched as a fisherman on the opposite shore cast a line into the water.

 Just a thin layer of ice between the gulls and the water on the inlet side. I saw the reflections of the sea gulls and had to have a pic. Do go see all theWeekend Reflections!

If you enlarge the picture below you will see it was shot towards the Toronto side of the Golden Horseshoe, a large horseshoe shaped portion of the lake. The Toronto skyline is visible in the distance.

A lone goose shows the typical Canadian Goose markings.A lot of people think they are a nuisance but I think they are beautiful with their very distinct markings. It is the humans who have made the mistake of feeding the geese that has changed their migration patterns.

 A couple preen side by side. Both male and female look alike.

Wide expanse and many different types of water fowl adrift on this day.

 Many happy times were spent as a youth hanging around the gazebo! There were bands playing in the summer in the evenings. The park is so close to town. When I was growing up there weren't any malls or places for the youth to hang out. A park was ideal!

Beautiful historical homes surround the park. An ancient tree sets a frame for St Knox Church.

A ship builder, David Pattersons home, in 1835. A plaque on the building by the Oakville Historical Society.

I couldn't leave the town with out looking at my old schools. Unfortunately, the high school is being torn down. My old public school is still running though. It was originally a one room school house and was added onto later.When I went there it accommodated a few hundred children form Kindergarten to grade 8. My 8th grade year was in the old school house room of the school and I loved it. Couldn't stand my teacher, but the room was great!

The old bell tower is still on the roof and the original entrance in the front and still painted green! I remember gleaming hard wood floors and a library under the upper senior classroom. The biggest downfall was the Principals office was right beside the classroom!


  1. Unknown Says:
  2. A wonderful sharing, Lorac. I felt as though I was with you on your memory journey. You are so blessed to have that beautiful 'home' place. Wondered if you had a longing to return.
    Hugs.. Carole.

  3. Smalltown RN Says:
  4. What wonderful photos and such a pictoral story of you day and visit....very nice. Thank you for sharing

  5. clairz Says:
  6. Great memories, lovely photos. I grew up near the beach in San Francisco, and this makes we wonder what it would feel like to go back and walk around.

    By the way, as a retired school librarian, I have to voice the opinion that I think all 8th graders dislike their teachers...

    Those ducks look a lot like buffleheads, but the markings seem to be a little different. We got very excited the other day while on a bike ride by the Rio Grande, to see what looked like a single bufflehead (we weren't sure of the identity, either) among the mallards.

    Thank you for sharing. As you can tell, I'm ready to sit right down with you and have a whole conversation, thanks to this post!

  7. There are so many mixed feelings when revisiting your hometown, I think. I have so many memories and I don't want the present time to tinker with them. On the other hand, I AM curious to know what the old place looks like now.

    I enjoyed this post!

  8. Joe Todd Says:
  9. Great post. I'm living in my Hometown. After school I moved away then moved back about 14 years ago.. My have times changed

  10. Maia Says:
  11. What a lovely post and beautiful blog.
    I think many of us couldn't stand some of our teachers and still school years are among the most beautiful memories.

  12. Judy Says:
  13. What a lot of history you have shared with us - mostly yours, rather than the city's, but that is what makes people interesting - what do they remember, think...

  14. Diane AZ Says:
  15. Gorgeous pictures! Since I live in a warm climate, I have never seen gulls standing on ice before. I love all of the waterbirds and the buildings too!

  16. Lorac Says:
  17. Carole Anne - I am glad you liked it!

    Small Town RN - Thank you for visiting!

    Clairz - Some day you should go back and find out in person. I think you are right about the 8th graders! I am still not sure about the ducks either . Can't find them in any books.

  18. Lorac Says:
  19. Stine - Thanks! Did you live very far away?

    Joe - One of my sons has stayed on, the other has flown the coop per say! Says a lot if you choose your home town to come back to live!

    Maria - Thanks so much!

  20. Lorac Says:
  21. Judy - It was a remarkable feeling as I haven't been there in a good while.

    Diane - Well I am glad to give you your first glimpse of the "gulls on ice". Sounds like a fancy drink!

  22. DeniseinVA Says:
  23. A very enjoyable post with lots of lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing them and thanks for visiting my blog.

  24. Regina Says:
  25. How wonderful to be home.
    Love the lighthouse and the lovely critters.
    Great place Lorac.I enjoy all the photos.
    Thank you for sharing.

  26. Lorac Says:
  27. Denise - Thank you and you are also welcome.

    Regina - Glad you enjoyed it!

  28. What a lovely set of photos of a truly peaceful place. I might need to visit! And so many birds.

  29. Ebie Says:
  30. This is a great series of shots. I love the shimmering glow of the sun's light on the water.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  31. Carletta Says:
  32. Loved taking this walk back in time with you.
    Lovely photos!

  33. RuneE Says:
  34. What an area to return to - a heaven for a photo-interested person.

  35. Tania Says:
  36. What a beautiful place and wonderful photos:-) Just lovely!
    Have a nice day!

  37. Hilda Says:
  38. I love the silvery reflections on the water. It looks like a lovely town!

    Happy weekend!

  39. Anonymous Says:
  40. I love any reflection with water. These are just magnificent. Have a great Saturday :)

  41. Icy BC Says:
  42. Beautiful photos, and wonderful share of your memories! I think you had a good day there, and just for a moment thinking back..

  43. Wonderful photos...especially the waterfowl and the lighthouse!

  44. JoLynne Lyon Says:
  45. I love the geese, and the colors in the water. Thanks for sharing.


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