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Limehouse, Ontario along the Bruce Trail

Posted by Lorac Monday, 15 February 2010

My son asked me to dog sit this long weekend. Harley is a small dog.  I don't mind sitting him and as I am trying to get out to walk more I thought his company would be nice. On Sunday I decided to go to part of the Bruce Trails up in Limehouse where we could have a nice walk and it was not too much for a little doggy. I haven't been there in years and didn't even remember what it was like but knew the trails are maintained. Limehouse was a going concern in the 1840's and onward until the 1880's due to the limestone in the area that was heated and ground into lime for mortar. Not far into the walk there are old lime kilns that they are in the process of restoring and I wanted to see these as I hadn't in many years. First though, you come across this powder house that has been restored. It is dated 1850.

Above the door is this metal plaque.
 There is a locked metal open mesh door in place.

Continuing on for about 10 minutes is the first kiln. They are restoring this one and it is looking good.

The oven have been restored all ready. I think the new brick work blends in well. It's really great they are restoring them for generations to come and see. While we were walking there were two groups of older teens talking a walk through the forest and commenting on them.

I found the way they had built the kiln very interesting. Look at the varying sizes of the stones.

The re-bricking is been done to match old pictures of the kiln so it will look authentic. Some parts of the kiln was the limestone from the area and some was brick work

I love finding places like this. A great place to walk, and a history lesson as well. What more could you ask for?


  1. KaHolly Says:
  2. What a lovely, refreshing walk today. No picture of Harley, though! I am pleased that they are restoring the kilns. Too many times I find such, left to ruin, forgotten. Always makes me sad. ~karen

  3. happyone Says:
  4. Great place for walking. I love the stone buildings. Thanks for the great photos.

  5. Sandra Says:
  6. I agree that ii's great see the kilns restored. You live in a wonderful part of the world.

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