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SkyWatch Friday - A Touch of Colour

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 18 February 2010

Today is SkyWatch Friday!

The brilliant red of the Sumac against the blue of the icy winter sky adds colour to an otherwise white world.

Beautiful photos of skies form around the world at SkyWatch Friday!


  1. jabblog Says:
  2. This is lovely! I like the contrast between the colours of the tree and the sky - they really complement each other.

  3. Pearl Maple Says:
  4. Great nature study photo, and do like your cattails as well. I remember this time of year home in Canada as the long wait for the arrival of spring and this burst of colour across the white is just lovely.

  5. Its so beautiful!!! thanks !

  6. KaHolly Says:
  7. It's just lovely. So hopeful! ~karen

  8. Photo Cache Says:
  9. Love the spring feel of this image. Well done.

  10. Diane AZ Says:
  11. Gorgeous colors and composition!

  12. Beautiful shot.
    Luiz Ramos

  13. The sumac berries are still very red! They are lovely against the sky. :)

  14. ksdoolittle Says:
  15. Isn't that a pretty picture? A little color to brighten a winter weary day. Love it. ~ks

  16. Regina Says:
  17. It's truly lovely!
    Great scene in winter.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. What a neat shot!

  19. Karine Says:
  20. What a lovely shot! I always love seeing splashes of color in the middle of winter :o)

  21. clairz Says:
  22. Love the angle of the shot. Really nice. Thank you for visiting my blog, too.

  23. Ebie Says:
  24. The red is fuzzy, and I love it! Great patriotic colors too!

  25. Marvelous colors and composition!!!

  26. Red, not much seen on plants when all is white and winter reigns. I thought it was the seed of the castor oil plant, but then I thought it could not be because it does not grow in the cold climate. Sumac is a different matter, do you use the spice. It is called Rhus here but it is prohibited from planting.

  27. wonderful red sumac...actually a warm winter, deep winter red...just beautiful and the shot is absolutely fantastic....background with delicat branches and the blue sky!!!!!!!
    thank you for stepping in my tuscany; I loved it!!!!!!!

    Have a happy weekend!
    See you soon!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  28. Benita Says:
  29. It´s lovely.

  30. Gorgeous, the sumac is stunning against the bare branches and blue of the sky.

  31. eden Says:
  32. Great shot. Love it.
    Have a good weekend!

  33. Tania Says:
  34. Jepp, this is is really lovely!

  35. what a beautiful artistic shot.......


  36. Antonina Says:
  37. Beautiful shot:-)

  38. Jom Manilat Says:
  39. Lovely photo!

  40. LV Says:
  41. You found a very nice sight for us today. It is very pretty with the red Sumac and the blue sky as a background.

  42. Joe Todd Says:
  43. Great photo and much better than poison ivy LOL

  44. Robin Says:
  45. I don't think I've ever seen sumac blossoms (or are they leaves?) before, how lovely.

  46. That is a vivid colour indeed.

  47. Lorac, about Sumac/Rhus; There are many; but I think the only not poisonous one is Rhus aromatica /Fragrant Sumac.
    Rhus glabra/smooth Sumac;
    Rhus lanceolata; prairie flameleaf Sumac;
    Rhus copallina; shining sumac;
    There are many more, check
    Check Google for information on different Rhus/Sumac
    I hope this helps. T.

  48. Japa Says:
  49. Neat shot here. Beautiful.

  50. Lori Skoog Says:
  51. It's official! We all love this photo!

  52. That is a nice spot of colour, but so it the blue sky in the background. Looks like a nice day. - Margy

  53. sure, we can use some colors now. :)

  54. MJ Says:
  55. Hello!

    Thanks for dropping in my blogg and writing a comment, appreciate it very much..hope to see you again.

    you have a lovely blogg with a good photos...thanks for sharing them and happy blogging..

    Greetings from Gothenburg, Sweden


  56. That's a cool shot - what a lovely blast of colour !

  57. Jenn Jilks Says:
  58. Don't you just love these plants! Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !

  59. I don't think I've seen this plant before - it's absolutely amazing with such beautiful colour.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  60. That's a lovely picture. We didn't have much snow at all this winter, but I loved finding red when it was gray and rainy. It really is even more cheerful against the white background that you have.

  61. Kcalpesh Says:
  62. Wow, something really different!

    Cool Shot!

  63. AKO Says:
  64. A really LOVELY touch of colour! I think I must google about what this Sumac is. Have a great week!

  65. Judy Says:
  66. I agree with Titania that I thought it was castor bean seedpods, at first glance. I have grown them as an annual, here in Canada, but they do not survive the cold. I love the texture you have captured!! Btw, did you know that sumac wood has a beautiful golden green colour to it?

  67. Elisabeth Says:
  68. Neat contrast between blooms and sky. Thanks for sharing.

  69. January Asia Says:
  70. I felt touch by this photo and the accompanied words.


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