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Credit River in Belfountain

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 27 February 2010

Last Sunday we had a release from winters grip for the day. It was sunny and mild (+5 C). A perfect opportunity to get out for a walk in the sun. I and my son's family went to a park in a well known area for locals and tourists alike, called Belfountain Park.  Although we have returned to winter with a snowstorm that has taken us from Wednesday last and is still going today, this day, was perfect

Clear, brilliantly blue skies were with us as we took to the trails around the Credit River.

The total length of the Credit River and its tributary streams is over 1,500 km and it flows from headwaters above the Niagara Escarpment  to empty into Lake Ontario. The river was named Rivière Au Crédit by French fur traders, because trading goods were supplied to the native Mississaugas in advance (on credit) against furs which would be provided the following spring. A trading post was set up at the mouth of the river, in Port Credit, in the early 18th century.

It doesn't take much mild weather for the lakes, rivers and creeks to start to melt the ice that has encapsulated  them for the winter.

This is so deceiving as the ice is hanging over the water for a fair distance there being only air underneath.

 I got some plenty of photos during this hike and will show more in the next few days. I went out a few minutes ago and took the photo below. Over a foot of new snow. Pretty typical for February. Look at the sky though! It is still snowing and  it looks like a lot more to come!
(yes that is my snow shovel covered in snow.)

Grey skies, frowning at me, nothing but grey skies, do I see...

At my other blog, a post on the hype over the Canadian Women's Team Celebration - Champagne and Cigars!


  1. ~Cheryl Says:
  2. All of your photos are beautiful -- even the snow shovel taking a much deserved rest! The ice and water photos are gorgeous, and I love the first photo with the moon! Thank you for stopping by again, but I hope I don't have any ice to practice "macro-ing" on -- I'll find some spring blooms! :)

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. Cheryl, can't say I blame you! Blooms are much nicer!

  5. O I really like the one of what looks like a mini-iceberg.

  6. Unknown Says:
  7. These photographs would make a superb record of your area in book form. Record of the year. Or maybe you have done this already. Hugs...

  8. Lorac Says:
  9. Gerald, thank you! it does look like a mini iceberg~

    Carole Anne I am afraid I have files all over my computer and not well sorted. I am in the process of trying to do just that. I never thought of putting them in a book. Sounds like a good idea!

  10. Robin Says:
  11. What a beautiful blue sky, a real treat in the dead of a northern winter. The river shots are beautiful too.

  12. happyone Says:
  13. Wow, you got some really fantastic shots. The snow makes everything beautiful.

  14. KaHolly Says:
  15. I enjoyed the 'walk' with you on such a gorgeous day. Thanks for taking us along. ~karen

  16. Lori Skoog Says:
  17. What great photos! A perfect day indeed...

  18. Pearl Maple Says:
  19. Ahhhh that is a lovely post, really enjoyed that walk through the snow, thanks for sharing and got to say Go Team Canada! I'll be in a sports bar at 6 am on Monday morning in this time zone to cheer them on.

  20. I love the shots of the open water and snow on the river banks and the ice chunks...I take a lot of those on my blog, too.....beautiful!

  21. Kcalpesh Says:
  22. Wonder how hard would be the slab of ice with only air underneath? Nice photos!

    Pixellicious Photos

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