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CRTC Gouging! Calling all Canadians!

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 22 March 2011

This is where Canadians take a stand against price gouging by big phone and cable companies

Phone and cable companies are about to put a pay meter on your Internet use.
This means we're looking at a future where big telecom companies will charge per byte for Internet use, the way they do with smart phones. If we allow this to happen Canadians will have no choice but to pay MUCH more for less Internet. Big phone and cable are obviously trying to gouge consumers, control the Internet market, and ensure that consumers continue to subscribe to their television services.
These Big Telecom companies are forcing small competing ISPs to adopt the same pricing scheme, so that we have no choice but to pay these punitive fees.
This will crush innovative services, Canada's digital competitiveness, social progress, and your wallet.
We urgently need to send a clear message to decision makers in Ottawa that we refuse to be gouged by big phone and cable companies. Enough is enough.


  1. Rob Siemann Says:
  2. Aaahhh... That's the normal way they do it here, and we can't say anything about it, as 4 or 5 companies have the absolute monopole over internet. You want internet, you pay as you go. Monopole is evil.

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. So right Rob and Mandy! As it is Canada seems to have very expensive expensive internet provision compared to other countries already. This would take it over the top!

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Have a Nice Day :-)

  7. karen Says:
  8. Hi! Sounds typical.. internet is now such an essential service, and the big corporations always seem to just be able to do what they please. Good luck with the petition!

    Been enjoying all your beautiful photos, especially the moon, and the river full of ice and logs! Been away for a while, but great to be back :)


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