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Watery Wednesday

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 28 September 2010 20 comments

Along a country road I saw another unusual old bridge with a wonderful little inviting creek running under it. The water is very clear and not very deep. I could see many little fish swimming around. Often these creeks will have small trout in them. Speckled are the most common and sometimes Brown Trout too. The creek is lined with tall cedars and in the creek at the side there is a little patch of the brown cedar seed husks. We live in an area where there are lots of little creeks, streams and some large rivers too. Travel down almost any country road and you will go over little creeks or rivers. 

This bridge is quite old and in need of repair or soon it will be gone! It is only one lane to cross it but there is little traffic on this road. Only local home owners.

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Silver Creek, Halton Hills

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 26 September 2010 6 comments

 I went out for a drive, crossed this old bridge and I revisited a spot I like to walk. I usually go to Silver Creek in the spring when the water is higher and rushing down the stream. Today it was a slow flow of water, speaking softly to the surrounding woods. I parked and went down the embankment to the one side of the old bridge.

 With this lovely pond on the other side. Lots of little minnows swimming in there.The fall colours really soften the picture.

This tree on the bank of the stream doesn't let anything get in it's way. Look at the bottom right. It is a home dug into the bank for some small animal.

 I am not sure what these fall wildflowers are, but they were everywhere and so pretty!

This little red squirel was chittering away as I walked in his forest. I must admit, I talked back!

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Can you see him? Camera Critters

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 25 September 2010 12 comments

While driving up to my sons, a few klm's north of here, I saw a huge bird on the side of the road eating road kill. As I past I realized it was a Turkey Buzzard. I went back but it flew up into the forest. Can you see him? How many times would one drive by and never see him sitting as he is?

 He has seen me, I don't want to spook him.

Let me bring him a little closer.

Very ugly up close, but beautiful in flight, the Turkey Buzzard (Vulture) is a large bird. It has a wingspan of 170–183 cm (67–72 in), a length of 64–81 cm (25–32 in), and weight of 0.85–2.26 kg (1.9–5 lb). It has dark brown to black plumage; a featherless, purplish-red head and neck; and a short, hooked, ivory-colored beak. Its life expectancy in the wild ranges upward of 16 years, with a captive life span of over 30 years being possible.

The Turkey Buzzard is a scavenger and feeds almost exclusively on carrion. It finds its meals using its keen vision and sense of smell, flying low enough to detect the gasses produced by the beginnings of the process of decay in dead animals.
Natures natural road side cleaner!
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SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 23 September 2010 18 comments

A harvest moon last night. Not since 1991 has a full moon occurred on the same night as the fall equinox, and it won't happen again until 2029.


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Fall has begun in Ontario! Farewell summer!

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 22 September 2010 8 comments

Fall has begun. It really was a lovely summer weather wise.
 I will miss the bluest of blue skies!

Sitting around the fire pit roasting marshmallows and making spider dogs!

Towels and bathing suits drying on the railing!

Boats at the dock waiting to go for a ride up the lake or fishing by the rocks!

Or just relaxing in the cottage, at the big front windows, looking out into the lake!

Although I did not get to the cottage as much as I would like this summer. I do enjoy the fall up there! The colours are so beautiful, the air crisp and clean. Great for getting the cottage ready for winter!

Eastern Red Backed Salamander, Outdoor Wednesday

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 21 September 2010 11 comments

 The last long weekend at the cottage, my granddaughter found a little friend to play with! It was found under damp leaves that had blown into a corner beside the cottage.

 Eastern Redback Salamander (Plethodon cinereus)

 -10 cm in length, approximately half of the length being tail
- three colour morphs, dark colour with a red dorsal stripe, entirely dark and entirely red
- dark colour with a red dorsal stripe is more common in most areas; entirely red morph (erythristic) is rare

 - only salamander in Ontario that is completely terrestrial
 - because they are not dependent on water for breeding, the eggs being laid under rottern logs, they can live in woodlands without ponds
 - most commonly found in eastern hardwood forests under logs and rocks or in damp leaf litter and rotten stumps

Reminds me of the Gieco Gecko, that face! After a short while watching it and letting it run around her hands, she decided it needed to go back to it's Mommy and Daddy! She took it back where it was found to let it go back to it's home!
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Business, as usual!

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 18 September 2010 16 comments

Kawagama Lake, Dorset, Ontario
Late summers eve

The warm reflection of the sun on the water for Weekend Reflections  and Scenic Sunday this week.

I have been working on my new business. I have managed the hell on earth called "Developing a Business Plan". I totally lost the summer by spending six weeks in front of my computer doing this and another few weeks in workshops on how to do it!  I have learned about networking, have worked with the designer (my wonderful son) to develop my business cards, logo, pamphlets and an all new website (not quite completed). I have networking nights coming up and a trade show in early October. I have developed new material to use in my business and am still redoing all my powerpoint presentations. I miss blogging. I miss having the time to blog! And I miss reading all of your blogs. I will make an effort to come on here more often sometimes to post, sometimes just to read yours!

This is my new logo for my Health and Safety business.

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