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Fall is my second favorite month

Posted by Lorac Monday, 7 October 2019 2 comments

 I do enjoy the cooler temps and love the colour but it also brings the realization that winter is just a few short weeks away. I dont care for winter. I wouldn't want to live where there was no winter as I do love the look and smell of a fresh snow, but I dislike the heating costs, the slippery roads and the early dark skies!

As I walk amongst the colour changes, I have memories of falls of the past . When the kids where kids, not the adults they have become, canine family members from the past and feline ones too! Even earlier memories. Bits of my own childhood come to  mind. I remember getting home after school as fast as we could so we could still enjoy the soon to be gone daylight.  Coming home to a hot chocolate and pumpkin pie for after dinner desert!

Walking into town on Saturdays and the smell of burning leaves at the ends of the driveways. Finding chestnuts to make knockers out of . Wearing the lumber jackets as the air was cool in the evenings...and the smell of that first frost! 

Did you know Sumac can be eaten or jellied/jammed, cooked with chicken.? I didn't!
 I haven't tried it yet. Its on the bucket list lol

I stopped at the edge of town today at a spot I know always has nice colour. A small part of the Credit River. The river became known as Missinnihe Eastern Ojibway: "trusting creek") to the Mississaguas First Nation who met annually with white traders there.
The origins of the English name come from the time when French fur traders supplied goods to the native people in advance (on credit) against furs which would be delivered the following spring. It was known as the Rivière au Crédit. The trading post was set up at the mouth of the river, in Port Credit in the early 18th century.

Of course what is a walk, with out my pup River

As the sun sets on another day....until next time, adieu!


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Sky Watch Friday, Weekend Reflections

Posted by Lorac Friday, 4 October 2019 5 comments

 So many great skies from around the world ! Go check them out :)   

This a beautiful time of year. My walks are getting cooler.
Colour is changing, gorgeous fall skies!
Reflections have always been my favorites!Go check out Weekend Reflections :

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Dominion Park

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 29 September 2019 5 comments

One of my favorite walking areas is Dominion Park in Georgetown. 
A lovely pond alive with fish and waterfowl.

The ducks come up to you so I know people have been feeding them.
 I hope those people are smart enough to know not to feed bread!

Sunny day reflections!

Loaded with all kinds of flowers, trees and shrubs.

Formal gardens and delightful walkways.
 A large gazebo to get out of rain or sun.

Even at night it is lovely!

Well lit in all the areas.
 Lots of people around in the evenings.

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Sky Watch Friday

Posted by Lorac Friday, 27 September 2019 5 comments

A beautiful sunset for Sky watch Friday! Go check out skies from around the world:

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Posted by Lorac 2 comments

Weekend Reflections

A lovely inter- town pond in a wonderful park, Dominion Gardens. What could be nicer than a walk around the pond.

Go check out all the other great posts at:

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Posted by Lorac 1 comments

Fairy Lake, Acton, Ontario

I have been walking everyday now since I got my rescue dog River. He is getting better every day on his walks and socializing at the dog park. As an added bonus it is also helping me, along with a low carb lifestyle, to lose weight! Bonus. Last night found us up in the park in Acton Ontario at Fairy Lake . A lively park with a dog park and people park. Lots of room to walk and enjoy being by the lake.

I find being around water relaxes me so much. It definitely has a calming effect. In spots around the lake are these grasses, Miscanthus sinensis I believe.  An invasive species actually from Asia.

We found a cool little nook on our walk. Some ancient trees here.

A nice place in the shade to take a break. Leading into the park is this gate and a long path filled with wild flowers.

Large baseball and soccer fields are at the park and a good walk way around all.

The pup sure enjoys it here!

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Firefighters Firefit Competitions National and Worlds

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 22 September 2019 3 comments

My sons company and my new job, Fireground Apparel, had the privilege of being at the Oshawa National and World Fire Fit competitions recently. Great location, fun to set up!

We were printing tees right onsite with our fantastic ElastX product. Better than silk screen, better than DTG, super stretchy and no cracking. The customers were able to choose from a large selection of  transfers for front and back. (End of sales pitch lol)

The competitions were absolutely incredible with world record times being broken! A thrill to watch.

Staring point 

Image may contain: sky, basketball court and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, basketball court, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor

End of the race.

Many great vendors and information booths there!

Check out the children's version of eh challenge!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, child, close-up and outdoor

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River- Rescue Dog

Posted by Lorac 0 comments


I have been away from my blog for a very long time. I just was too busy with life and little down time. I am thinking of starting again, slowly, and will be posting weekly. I look forward to seeing all the new bloggers and touching base with some from before.

Dog rescues are so important and we have tried to rescue when we can. Our newest addition is River. We got him in June and he is settling in nicely. He is a challenge. I think his previous life wasn't very nice. He is from West Virginia, brought to Canada for adoption.  He is a mix and we are not entirely sure what is in there LOL. He is definitely a hound. There is not an evening that goes by that he doesn't get his howl on. He is super pleased if we howl with him and gets a big 'ol smile on his face when we do.

We quickly grew to love him, and he is growing very attached to us as well. Anyone else have a rescue? Post pictures in the comments of your beautiful rescues :)

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