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A Wisp Of Light In the Night!

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 30 June 2009 0 comments

I was sitting out side on the veranda  last night, pondering life per say, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a brief light. When I looked, I didn't see it again.. A couple of minutes later there were several more sparks of light floating in the air. Did they neighbor have a fire going? No....I didn't smell smoke or hear anyone. Well then it must be.. Oh my gosh, is it?
Yes! I had forgotten all about the fireflies! Declaring their love for one another and lighting the way to ecstasy! Well maybe not, who knows, I am no Firefly! They do light up their abdomens though to light the way for a mate.

 When we were children we would catch the fireflies and put them in jars to light up the night .

Big bright abdomen!

I found a good story on the fire flies. Enjoy!

The Fireflies and the Goblins had always been good friends, just as
they were with the Fairies, until one night when the Goblins held a
frolic in the woods and did not invite the Fireflies to come.

It was a bright moonlight night, and the Goblins, who did not think
much about anyone or anything if it did not in some way help them, knew
they would not need the Fireflies' lanterns, so they did not bother to
send them an invitation.

When the moon was high up in the sky so it shone down on all the trees
in the woods, making it almost like daylight, the Goblins came tumbling
out of their rocks and began their frolic.

They tumbled and they played such antics in the moonlight that anyone
who did not know who they were and had seen them would surely have
thought them a lot of crazy little creatures.

Of course, the Fireflies came flying along, and when they saw what was
going on they began asking one another if anyone had received an

"It is plain to be seen why they did not invite us," said one old
Firefly. "They did not need us because the moon is shining."

"That shows us what their friendship is worth," said another. "If they
need our lights, they invite us; if not, we are forgotten."

For a few minutes all the Fireflies flashed with anger and then the old
Firefly said. "I think we can have revenge if all of you will do as I
tell you, and if I am not much mistaken those Goblin fellows will
remember us the next time they have a frolic, even if they do not need

All the Fireflies wanted to know what the old Firefly had in his mind,
but not a word would he tell them about his plan until they ran about
and called together all the Fireflies for miles and miles around.

Of course, it did not take those sprightly little creatures long to fly
miles and miles, and pretty soon in one corner of the woods were
gathered together thousands of Fireflies.

"My plan is this," said the old Firefly when they were all there, "the
Goblins are to go sailing on the lily pads after the frolic and we will
go around to all the rocks and alight on all of them, for that is where
they live, and when they return from their sail they will think their
homes are on fire.

"Shine as brightly as you can, every one of you, and don't wink or
blink, so the Goblins will not suspect us. They will have a good
fright, if nothing else."

Away went the Fireflies in groups of thousands, and pretty soon all the
rocks in the woods were covered; but not until the Goblins returned
from their moonlight sail did the Fireflies let their bright lights be

The Goblins stopped every one when they reached the woods, for all the
rocks were a blaze of light. "Oh, our homes!" they all cried; "someone
has set them on fire. What shall we do?"

Hither and thither like little bees they flew, but it was no use; they
could not enter their homes. They were all on fire.

"Where shall we sleep?" they began to ask one another, for they were
all very tired after the frolic.

"We can crawl under the leaves," said one Goblin, "but we dare not
sleep, for if the fairies should find us, no knowing what they would do
to us with their wands. We will have to stay awake all night, and in
the morning if the fire is out we can crawl into our homes, for, of
course, the rocks cannot burn."

"No, but they can be very hot and burn us," said another. "Oh dear, I
wish we had not gone sailing; perhaps we could have saved our homes."

So under the leaves they crawled, but not a wink of sleep did those
Goblins dare take, and when it was 'most daylight time the Fireflies
put out their lights and silently flew away.

When the Goblins went to their rocks they were surprised to find them
all cool and not at all hot as they had expected, and one of the
Goblins, putting a pointed little finger on the side of his pointed
nose said to the others: "I have a thought, and it is this: The
Fireflies were not invited to our frolic and I wonder if they alighted
on our rocks for revenge?"

"I wonder," said the others; but they were all so sleepy they could not
think, so in they tumbled and were soon fast asleep; but the next time
they gave a frolic the very first thing they did was to invite all the
Fireflies, and not one did they forget.

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Fireside Coffee at Kawagama Lake

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 28 June 2009 2 comments

We often sit around the fire pit at the cottage on Kawagama lake. On a wonderful starry night, while lying back in the loungers, looking for shooting stars and satellites,it can get quite chilly. Often I need to put on a sweater or a light jacket as the fire burns down to embers.These are the times that a warm cup of coffee is in order. This is a recipe for Fireside Coffee. I hope you find it as do, delightful!


  • 2 cups powdered cocoa mix (or 8 packs)
  • 2 cups powdered coffee creamer
  • 1 cup instant coffee
  • 1 1/2 cups  sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg


  1. Mix all ingredients, place in tins or jars.
  2. Mix 2 heaping Tablespoons (1/3 cup) mix to 2/3 cup hot water.
  3. Cinnamon and nutmeg can be substituted with 1 1/2 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie spice.(Great for Thanksgiving)

    Dorset -Muskoka and Haliburton Highlands

    Posted by Lorac Saturday, 27 June 2009 4 comments

    Close to our lake is a small town called Dorset. Dorset has a local permanent population of approximately 400 although these numbers increase more than tenfold in the summer months due to cottagers and vacationers.
    Dorset straddles the border of Haliburton and Muskoka (Main Street is the dividing line).  

    On the way into town there is a magical, slow falls along the Hollow river which originates from Kawagama Lake. Many people stop here to swim in the summer and some even camp there.

    The Town of Dorset is relatively small but has a big heart that is known as Robinson's General Store. Built in 1921 it has been run by the same family. It was voted as Canada's Best Country General Store.
    The store is located on the Haliburton side, and across the street is Muskoka.

    Dorset is on Lake of Bays and there is a channel that runs right through town and goes into one of the bays. As children, we would jump off the bridge into the water below.This is disallowed now as there is always a lot of boat traffic to look out for.

    Just outside of town is the Scenic Observation Tower.

    In 1963 the former Dorset Fire Tower was shown in the opening credits of the old CBC TV show The Forest Rangers.
    The Tower is located just north of Dorset on highway #35. The 100' tower formerly a fire tower stands 365 feet above the Lake of Bays and the village. The tower is a seasonal tourist attraction with picnic grounds, hiking trails and a gift shop.

     The view of the town of Dorset.

    The original tower was constructed in 1922 as part of a network to help protect valuable stands of timber from forest fires. Eventually the tower was no longer needed but by then it had already become a popular tourist attraction and it is estimated that well over 60,000 vehicles access the site annually.

    The view of Lake of Bays

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    Am I being watched?

    Posted by Lorac Thursday, 25 June 2009 5 comments

    Bruce Hiking Trail - Part 2
    (Part one two, posts ago)

    I decided at this point to get off the main open track and really get some exercise. There are a few side trails to take which will go into the forests and fields. They are hilly and rocky so you need to pay attention to where you are going. As soon as you turn into them you are enveloped in green. It is very moist there, not very much sunlight gets through the trees. It is peaceful, cool and soothing.

    Sometimes to cross from one landowner fields to another you need to cross over a stile. All the landowners have collectively agreed to allow hikers through their lands for access to the Bruce trails. Volunteers from all over Ontario help in keeping the trails clear and building these stiles.

    Along route I found another friend. Chipmunks are many in Ontario forests. They can get quite tame. At the cottage we feed these little guys peanuts right out of our hands.

    I was getting an eerie feeling, walking way back in the forest by myself. I almost thought I was being watched!

    But I guess it was just being alone, no sounds but the birds, a far away raccoon, and the buzz of many different insects. There are some lovely wildflowers. The first are "Wild Aster". Not sure what the yellow ones are. They may be in the Lady's Slipper family. Delicate "Forget Me Not" dappled with sun, wild grass and emerald green moss beneath it.

    Lots of tracks to let you know that the animals are around. This is a deer track. I also saw coyote, fox and raccoon but couldn't get a shot of them.

    Going by the small creeks and wetlands there are wooden walkways to protect your feet. The trails cross wetlands. I was looking down into the waters and saw silvery little flashes.Closer inspection showed that was minnows, tiny fish.

    This is a Garter snake. A good sized one too. His colouring, blending into the forestland, makes him a rare sight although there are many in the forests. Non-poisonous, very timid. I almost stepped on him but managed to get a shot as he slithered away.

    Dragon flies were lazily flying around, playing in circles. They float around one another in courtship. The wings look black until they open in a flash of Iridescent blue-green. For them the season is short. Open the pic to see the colour.

    On the way back through the farm I spotted Canadian Geese . The young ones getting big already! See how the male and female stay together to feed and protect the young.

    I received an award today! I love this! Thank you Sandra at Worlds End Farm This and That! To go along with this award I am to give copious amounts of information on yours truly, ;).I am also to award 7 other bloggers this wonderful award. That part is easy! The hard part is stopping writing about myself after 7 items!

    7 things about Moi!

    1) I discovered a new world in the blogosphere! I spend way too much time in it but right now it is amazing therapy! I have found and been found by so many wonderful peoples. It is an understatement to say that there are wonders to be found!

    2) I am unemployed! I hate being unemployed! I am a workaholic! How can a workaholic be unemployed? Where is the justice in this? Where is my job? Truth be told the first couple of weeks “rest” were sorely needed. I was worn out. Now though I am antsy, I need to work and not the cleaning at home over and over kind of work either!

    3) I am a closet horror story reader! I have always loved the thrill of a good horror story since I was a little girl reading late into the night under my covers. Stephen King, “The Stand “is my favourite!

    4) I still love helping injured people. Also something I have done since a little girl. All my kids’ friends know I was a paramedic for years and they all still come to me with their booboos. These are not young children; we are talking kids in their twenties here! I have soft spot for people in medical need!

    5) I have rocks all over my house. Everywhere you look there are rocks and minerals in different sizes and types. I started rock hounding as a little girl too! It became a serious hobby as I get older and could travel. I have had whole holidays based around “Rock Hounding” trips!

    6) I am single by choice. Decided long ago after two marriages that I am not the marrying kind.

    7) I stopped smoking! Yeah! I gained 40 lbs! Boo! So I am in the process of losing 40 lbs. Boo! I have found out that it lowers your metabolism horrendously when you quit. My metabolism was poor to begin with so, try as I might, this extra weight, with all the walking and exercise, does not want to budge!

    The 7 bloggers I am sending the award to are, (drum roll please) as follows:

    1) a hazy moon

    2) Adventure Rob

    3) An Explorers View of Life

    4) Under the Blood Red Sky

    5) Monkeys on the Roof

    6) Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel

    7) New Views of New Zealand

    Quite diverse, the lot of them! Good reading and many take you to their world to experience it with tales and photos. Please go and have a look at these great blogs!

    To these seven I present the Premio Meme Award to You!

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    Take a Hike!

    Posted by Lorac Monday, 22 June 2009 2 comments

    Yesterday I said I was going on a hike. (Well actually part hike, part walk) I live on the Niagara Escarpment, and running along the length of the Escarpment is the Bruce Hiking trail. This trail is 800 klm long with an additional 200 klm of side trails. This is a link to learn more on the Escarpment.

    I started out at the Scottsdale Farm, just 3 klm north of me. This was a new site for me. I had heard of it many times but hadn't gotten around to going there. I have been looking for new places to walk, bored with the old ones.This was once a working farm and the couple who owned it donated it to Heritage Ontario so the farm land would be preserved.The Bruce trail and side trails run through the farm at various points.
    When I drove down the long driveway I felt like I was going to someones house. At the end of the driveway there is parking for the public. I took a look around, there was a plaque that gave info on the farm and the Bruce Trails going through it.

    As I was reading a chatter from above caught my attention. This little Red squirrel was obviously used to human interaction. He seemed to be waiting for something! I suspect he has been fed by us "humans" once or twice before.

    From the plaque I went over to look at the old house. Going up to the house is a stone fence and brick walkway. This was beautifully laid by brick men.

    The house itself is in need of some repairs but it is still a really nice old house.

    Going around the side is the bell they used to call everyone to dinner. A beautiful old stone fence and an aged, worn, wooden garden gate. A Terra Cotta pathway follows from the front of the house to the side gate. Doesn't this say welcome?

    Right across the driveway from this was a small outbuilding. There was a large patch of brilliant green ferns growing beside it. On the door was an old iron knocker in the shape of a cat. Cats are very important on farms to keep the rodent population at bay.

    Beside that one was another small outbuilding. This one had a big branch, broken in the last storm, lying over it's roof. There was always the need for outbuildings for extra storage.

    I between the two buildings, going to the lawn below was a stone set of stairs. This is the entry way to the lower lawn. Starting to cave in now. Such as shame. They are really beautiful!

    In the tree just above some more chattering. Guess who was following!

    Down on this lower lawn there was a hedged in area with two arches for entry. The hedges had been neatly trimmed. I decided to take a look, but there was nothing in it but and old foundation. The original building had been removed. Possibly it had fallen in and become a danger.

    In the distance a much larger out building, possibly a livery. All the buildings had been painted to match. Greys and whites, easy on the eye.

    In behind the "livery" is a large shallow pond. Running along the banks were a few small duck hutches. Small out buildings for duck families with holes in the sheds for the ducks to go in and out at their leisure. The holes could be closed at night, once the ducks where settled in to prevent a fox or coyote form making an easy meal.

    Continuing along the pathway there were two large barns. These barns were connected with a false front. The front was done to shoot a movie at this farm. Movies made at the farm include: The Recruit starring Al Pacino& Colin Farrell, 2003, The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis & Samuel L.Jackson, 1996, Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal with Dan Aykroyd, 1996 and the The Campbells TV series, 1986

    I love the gabled roof on this! The small windows in the doors and once again painted white. All seems to match fluently. Across from the barns on the pond was a wishing well.

    Further along the path the pond ends in a nice little waterfall into a small creek, which is Owl Creek. A walkway has been built over the falls and looking into the waters here you can see it is alive with fish! Lots to feed the waterfowl.

    As you continue on the path you see trees marked with different colours which tell you whether you are on a Bruce Hiking Trail or a side trail.

    Walking along this wide path I see ancient trees growing here. I am in awe at the size of some of them. A mixture of Sugar Maple trees, American Beech, Elm, White Cedar, Spruce and White Pine. This day was magnificent! Warm (80)with sunny clear skies.

    On the main path, while still in the farm area there are plaques placed around that explain the area to you. This one talks about the need for wetlands. You can see it is in English and French as we have two official languages in Canada.

    Through this area the path is pretty open. Great for a nice stroll! One side is all farm land and the other is all forest. It is all so green this time of year. It seems to welcome you as you stroll along.

    There were so many birds singing. Chipmunks were running all over the forest floor. Lots of trees were marked by woodpeckers which had left holes in the trunks were they pecked for food. Still other trees had fallen and died leaving areas where fungus and mushrooms could grow.

    Tree fungus comes in many different forms. Some are quite pretty like this frilly skirt variety. It reminds me of square dancers as their skirts twirl to the music.

    Some look like you could eat them! This is called Witches Butter. Gives you a hint in the name it may not be good to eat!

    These are called Artist Conk. Looks pretty! When we were kids, and now with the grand kids, we draw on the underside which is soft and marks easily. When it hardens the picture is permanent. Thus, the "Artist Conk"!

    This was a huge mushroom like fungus growing out of the ground. There was hundreds of tiny gnats flying all around it. It must give off a smell to attract them.

    I will show more in the next post! This is only the beginning of the walk! Too much for one post. Next portion will be off the wide path and into the forest.

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