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Welcoming Autumn

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 19 September 2012 7 comments

The days are noticeably shorter. The nights are cooler.On the first day of fall—the autumnal equinoxday and night are each about 12 hours long (with the actual time of equal day and night, in the Northern Hemisphere, occurring a few days after the autumnal equinox). The Sun crosses the celestial equator going southward; it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west.

 The barns have been filling up with hay, straw and the last of the corn to be harvested.

We start into our Autumn months on the weekend. Sneaks in on September 22, 10:49 A.M. EDT in North America. I am really sad to see the end of summer this year as I did not get to really enjoy it all.. Sigh! Too much work and no play. Here's hoping for a glorious, long and warm fall!!!

Praying Mantis-Ready to lay eggs.

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 16 September 2012 12 comments

Found this little beauty on the garage. A female Praying Mantis with her belly swollen with eggs and in labour. You can see the thorax pulsing. Lots of little Praying Mantis for next year.

This is the back view. She seemed to be getting the sun. It has been cooler and it was wonderful in the sun.

These are great to help keep the mosquitoes and other bugs down. I encourage them to habitat.

Wind Power

Posted by Lorac 3 comments

 Every once in awhile I just go touring in the car, no where in particular. Just off to see new things. I am seeing many more of these popping up in the farmland area. On barns especially. Good for them!! A nice green way to supplement electricity. I like Wind turbines. I know there is a lot of controversy about them but since I have been on site for Safety compliance at both Wind turbine sites and Coal fire plants, I will tell you I will take wind turbines hands down!

I prefer these over...

These! Coal fired plants!

The Ontario government hopes to phase out all coal-fired plants by 2014, replacing that capacity with wind power and other clean energy sources.
"Ontario is on the edge of creating one of the greenest and cleanest electricity profiles anywhere in the world. Delivering on our government's key commitment to eliminate coal, along with the Green Energy Act, will cement Ontario as a leader in renewable energy and conservation. "
 – George Smitherman
Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure

The Nanticoke coal-fired electricity generating station on Lake Erie is Canada's single largest source of air pollution. This gigantic coal-fired power plant -- the largest in North America -- produces a toxic brew of pollutants, including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury, lead, cancerous heavy metals and arsenic. (Nanticoke is owned by Ontario Power Generation -- formerly Ontario Hydro -- which, in turn, is 100% owned by the Government of Ontario.)

Cleaner sources of electricity:
  • Wind power -- zero air emissions

  • Solar photo voltaic -- zero air emissions

  • Hydro -- zero air emissions (can have other impacts)

  • Landfill gas/bio-gas (e.g. from municipal composting facility) -- varies depending on technology and source

  • Natural gas --The smog-causing sulphur dioxide emissions of a modern high-efficiency natural gas power plant are 99% less than those from existing coal-fired plants. Emissions of nitrogen oxides (also a source of smog) are 90% less and emissions of greenhouse gases are 60% less. Gas-fired plants emit no mercury, lead or heavy metals, all of which are emitted by coal-fired power plants.

Todays theme- Water

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 15 September 2012 4 comments

Dark clouds rolling in to cover the sun and a a blue sky reflected in the water.

Can you see the Black Bird in the water?

Still lots of boats on the water at Belwood Lake. This is a man made lake and in the fall they open the dam and reduce the lake back to the river only. Belwood Lake was created in 1942 with the construction of the Shand Dam, the first dam in Canada built solely for water control and flood purposes. It is amazing how different this water body looks in the late fall and winter but Belwood, being a reservoir lake, does more of a transformation than any others I have seen. In the winter you can walk out on the very shores that are normally well under water.

Here is hoping you all have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend!!

Weekend Reflections- pond

Posted by Lorac Friday, 14 September 2012 3 comments

Cattails and rushes mingle with the clouds in this pond.

Weekend Reflections show great reflections from all over the world. Go take a look!

Summer days are almost at an end. Soon these trees will all be orange and red and the field plowed for next year.  Fall is in the air already. I took this photo a couple of weeks ago when summer was in her best attire. I love the mustard coloured fields. Such a gorgeous colour!

Go see all the wonderful skies at  SkyWatch Friday!  Scenes from all over the globe a t Scenic Sunday.

Weekend Reflections

Posted by Lorac Friday, 7 September 2012 14 comments

The Deloitte Building in Mississauga
Walking to my car at the end of the day I looked up to see this crazy reflection of the building beside it!

For more Weekend Reflections click here.

Marilyn Monroe Towers, Mississauga Ontario

Yansong Ma is the Beijing architect behind the Mississauga’s celebrated Marilyn Monroe building, now actually two buildings, each a "curvaceous" skyscraper twisting its way to the clouds.

I have a client whose building looks out onto these Twin Towers. When I was leaving the other day, the sun was lined up so nicely I just had to stop and get a picture (or 5, lol) Too see more SkyWatch Friday click "Here".
These towers are at  the corner of Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe in Mississauga for those interested in seeing them.

Love Surveys!

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 5 September 2012 3 comments

I love surveys- especially if it gets me things and especially if one of those things is MONEY. I joined this site below a couple of days ago and have already earned! Looks like it will do well by me. Check it out.
Join one of the largest online opinion panels. Be rewarded for answering online surveys and inviting friends! You can also change the money you earned into Air Miles or you can donate it to a Non Profit Organization.
Open to Canada and America.
Simple, fast surveys! Mobile app if you wish so you can do surveys anywhere, anytime! Sign up now!

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The Pits! Outdoor Wednesday

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 4 September 2012 8 comments

I live beside a "clay pit" or mine. It has grown quite a bit since it started but it is only a three man operation. It was only about a third this size when I moved in 30 years ago. This whole area is clay. The red clay that factories love to make brick out of. They are relatively quiet neighbours.

I walked there yesterday being as it was a holiday and no one was around. (Yes, I snuck in!) It ends abruptly as seen here in this pic. My family used to take many walks back in the forest here and there were lots of hills for tobogganing in the winter months. Now every one is grown and no one but me is interested. Once in a while I still walk back there, mostly for old times sake now. It is still quite pretty past the pit. I see Wild Turkey back here. They were re-introduced to Ontario about 25 years ago and are in massive numbers now. Seem to like it here.

There is a bulldozer and an excavator down there. I believe that the same man who runs these also takes the load in a large transport to the bricking factories. If you were to walk straight through the pit and up the hill in the back you run into my back yard.

 There has always been ponds in the pit but they have moved around over time. There was a bigger pond and lots of flooding in the winter which froze and family and friends would skate down there. There was no one around and no operation in the winter in the first 20 years. Now it is all year.

 Love Cat Tails! Or Bulrushes, whatever you wish to call them. There are so many prints and scat down by the pond. Deer, turkey, raccoon and coyotes prints that I could see. There were Turkey Vultures flying over head that have been coming back to this area ever since I moved here. Offspring of offspring I imagine.

To those that know the area, you can see lots of change. Lots more of the great outdoors here at Outdoor Wednesday!

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