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 It was through desperation that the thought finally surfaced. I've had enough of the searching, the let downs and the attitude. Apparently you are a second class citizen now if you cannot find work. Of all the thousands of jobs that have opened since the recession, the field I was in was very narrow and there are few companies in the area.
So it is, that I will start a new business of my own. Sounds simple enough. Give myself employment. Well, simple it is not. There is so much to consider. What will be the nature of this business? Should I specialize or go general? What kind of name and logo will stand out in peoples minds? What type of marketing works and how do I get it out there? So, so much.

I had been speaking with a counselor at the local VPI which is a leading Canadian Employment, HR Management and Rehabilitation Firm. I mentioned to the counselor that I thought the best path was to start my own business, become self employed. She informed me of a new government program to assist those that want to start their own self employment or small business. She sent me to "Job Skills" through Employment Ontario to a seminar supplying information to prospects about the Self Employment Benefits Program.

Now my last dealing with the government, it took months to put together all the information they required and then, after 6 months waiting,  I received  a letter stating "they had changed the criteria and I no longer met the requirements of that criteria". I am very leery of any government programs!

This application, which goes through much faster, in just a few weeks, is also through Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. The Job Skills counselor meets with the applicant and decides whether the business and the person applying has merit and is eligible. They will than recommend (or not) that person to the MTCU. The applicant has 1 week to fill in a very technical and exact application that is ten pages long. If you are accepted they will assist you to set up the business and get it started. 42 weeks of mentoring and assistance! 

That is where I stand now. This is a brutal application. Not like applying for a job by any means! There is, and rightly so, a wealth of information they require to decide if you are eligible for assistance. There are things in here I never really thought of. So I am researching. Good information for me to know, obviously. They do not want anyone who has already started a business. It is OK if you have picked a name and registered the business but that's all they will allow. I am antsy to get going. The wait will be torture for two reasons. I am not to start the business. I will not find out if I am accepted until mid June. My insurance runs out at the beginning of June! I am really excited and very nervous about the prospect. Wish me luck!

Found this when researching the WWII. Pretty funny!

Scenic Sunday/Weekend Reflections

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 24 April 2010 15 comments

 This photo for Scenic Sunday was taken at a different time of year here, about a month ahead of where we are now. Found a path off the road and followed it to see where it would come out. I found the most gorgeous site with a waterfall that I adore!!

 I love this window of trees taken in downtown Vancouver this is for this weeks Weekend Reflections .

Scenic Sunday  is a wonderful blog to see the scenes from around the world!
If you love reflections go to Weekend Reflections!

Need a chuckle?

Posted by Lorac 4 comments

I have been working on the new business, getting resources together and finding a logo, deciding on marketing etc. At this time all I need is a good laugh! Here are a few pics I have found on the net over the last few months. They are good for laugh.

 This guy seems all too happy dancing down the road. I wonder what (who) he just ate?
(from toobizare)

After a long hard day gathering nuts all you need is a PLP. A public resting post.

 Are the burgers ready yet? I want cheese on mine!

 Hot tub for chicken is great! Afterward it is used as chicken soup!

 This is the original Sponge Bob!

 Hope you got a chuckle out of the pics!

SkyWatch Friday - Happy Earth Day!

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 22 April 2010 20 comments

The skies have been gorgeous here lately. Sunny, mild weather is heralding in spring! You can see on the trees in the pics below that the leaves are well on their way.
For SkyWatch Friday I thought I would revisit an old site and show the progress of the work being done on the 108 year old train bridge. They are in the process of reinforcing the original stone pillars so they can add a new  rail line.

 I zoomed in on a group of workers on the bridge looking down at the work and couldn't resist showing this one! It really made me laugh. Please note these are all "white hats", typically worn by Supervisors.

  The world has so many great skies to see! Go to SkyWatch Friday to enjoy them all!

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Scenic Sunday - Cataract Trail, Weekend Reflections

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 17 April 2010 19 comments

I went to meet my daughter in law and granddaughter for a walk along the Elora Cataract Trail which is a part of the Trans Canada Trail as well.
The Elora Cataract Trailway is a 47 kilometre trail linking parks, watersheds and communities in south-central Ontario, Canada. The trail was originally the route of the Credit Valley railway branch line from Elora to Cataract, built in 1879.

 All along the path there is plenty of wetlands for the local fowl. This lone Mallard (male) duck was pretty leery of me getting close.
 It had been a magnificent day for April, 25 Celsius, and it was a lovely night with a showy sunset reflected in a natural pond. The cacophony of sounds was almost deafening with frogs croaking and tree frogs shrilling, ducks and gees honking and quacking. Nature was really enjoying this early warm weather!
  Along the route I found these little blossoms, called Bloodroot. As a child I would pick them and use the sap, which was like iodine to paint on my legs and arms. It, like iodine, didn't wash off easily!At night they close and you can see their leaves wrapped tightly around the stem.
 The scenery changed significantly as I walked along. Limestone is every where in this region. An old tree takes on the same grey hue with the ages.
 The path is well maintained and there were lots of walkers and cyclists. I even saw horseshoe prints in the gravel. This was at 8:00 pm at night , so I would say it is a very busy trail!
Always love a good sunset!
My granddaughter found a big fat toad! He was running across the path on his way back into the woods. We convinced him to visit for a bit.

For beautiful scenes around the world, go to Scenic Sunday!
The most wonderful reflections are found at Weekend Reflections!

Industrial Sunset

Posted by Lorac Friday, 16 April 2010 8 comments

While out walking the last night,  the sun was setting and I caught a marvelous shot of this equipment at an industrial plant in silhouette.

SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 15 April 2010 9 comments

Spring, oh spring! How do I love you!  Too many ways to count but a couple are shown below!

We have beautiful spring skies so blue it makes your eyes ache!

Colourful sunsets  so gorgeous they can make you weep!

 Growing green, everything!

 I do love Spring!

Do go and see the wondrous skies from all over the worlds at SkyWatch Friday!

Hello! I have been absent!

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 14 April 2010 8 comments

 I have been absent. I needed time to sort things. I am still sorting but things are coming together slowly. I am starting a new business and it is very time consuming so my attendance will be sporadic for a bit.  I appreciate all my followers patience and I really do miss blogging, so I am going to attempt to post more regularly . We will see!

So nice to see spring flowers coming out! Gives a lift to the spirits to see some colour and gorgeous flowers to walk around and admire! The Grape Hyacinth was a gift from my Granddaughter  for Mothers Day a few years back.

  The tulips were from y trip to Holland so I always look for them and fondly remember my visit there to see a very good friend!

 A new bush last year was the Forsythia.I love the vibrant yellow flowers and the tender young green shoots growing beside.

 My backyard is covered in spent pussy willows! Looks like a swarm of strange caterpillars have taken over!

Hope everyone has a great week!

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