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Blue Monday

Posted by Lorac Monday, 31 August 2009 16 comments

Lizzy at Lizzy Frizzfrock does a Blue Monday theme. I thought I would play along this Monday feeling rather blue myself!
This is a picture I took out back one night after a storm as the sun was setting.I played with it in my photo manager setting as it was rather bland. First I turned it into a water colour and then I added water spot to give it the look of a wet lens. It is pretty blue and I liked the effect. I always save a doctored picture separately to keep all originals.

This particular blue is intensified by the colour of the green Lilly pads. I like the contrast.

There is no blue like the powder blue of the sky on a fresh morning after a storm. Here is absolute freedom! Taking to the skies!
So go over and see Lizzy Frizzfrock and her Blue Monday! It's a blast from the past!

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Moonlight confusion! Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 30 August 2009 21 comments

Scenic Sunday
The weather has been cool and wet. I am starting to think it will be an early fall which won't be any big deal as we didn't get any summer! The last couple of nights have been quite chilly. I have had to go around and close the windows at night. I went out onto the back deck for a few minutes last night just to look around and breath in the fresh air as I do most nights. The geese have been joining together and the flocks are getting bigger every time I see them. They, and a bunch of ducks, are now flying by at night, coming from the creek and looking for a place to land and bed for the night. I like to watch and hear them go by. They make a lot of "communication noise" at this time of the year.
So it is a ritual to end the day by watching the sun go down and in this case the moon coming up. There was a lot of cloud moving by very quickly in the late evening sky last night. It was only a half moon and surprisingly bright. As the clouds wafted by the moon it was showing some unusual colours and patterns. Camera ever ready, I snapped a couple of pics. This first picture shows the half moon, but the other two....

 look like a full moon!
Not at all sure what would have caused this. Did think it was rather neat though.

Please go and see other Scenic Sunday entries. There are wonderful pics from all over the world!

Canadian Spelling, Where for art thou?

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 29 August 2009 19 comments

I have often wondered if visitors form other lands will think I am having difficulties with my spelling. I actually think about it every time I post words like: behaviour, cheque, harbour etc.  Bloggers reminds me constantly that I don't spell as an American. Even if I put the spell check for British English into text editors for Spell Check, it also, occasionally tells me that I am wrong. It seems that Canadian English is in fact mostly British, with a little bit of American and some specific Canadian. As this is the case when are manufactures of text editors going to wake up and smell the coffee? I usually will see a choice for American English, British English but rarely will I see a choice for Canadian! One I found, when set to Canadian English, told me I was wrong when I put in Canadian spelling. It insisted I spell it the British way. I didn't realize we were that low in population or so small a country that our consumers would make so little difference. It is possible that we just don't complain enough, but surely developers of text editors must realize how annoying it is to be constantly seeing that red underline on sooooo many words! I find it strange also that they all will let me type "eh" without a comment.

From Wikipedia:
Eh (pronounced /ˈeɪ/ or /ˈɛ/ in English) is a spoken interjection in Armenian, Japanese, English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese meaning something along the lines of "Repeat that, please". It is also commonly used as a method for inciting an answer, as in "it's nice here, eh?" Lastly, it can also be used to express indifference. In North America, it is most commonly associated with Canada.
Although we do use the word "eh", it is not as frequently as some may assume, Eh?

I found this list on the web. It was such a long list that I cut it in half. Go to this site to see the rest.
So scroll through and take a look. I think you will find it interesting. I also find it hilarious that spell check is underlining most of the words in the list that are British and Canadian!

acknowledgement*, acknowledgment
acknowledgment, acknowledgement
ageing, aging
aging*, ageing*
aesthetics, esthetics
among, amongst among*, amongst among
amortise amortize amortize
anaemia anemia anemia
anaesthesia*, anesthesia
analogue analogue analogue, analog
analyse analyze*, analyse analyze
annex, annexe annex annex
apnoea apnea apnea
apologise*, apologize
archaeology*, archeology
archaeology, archeology
armour armour*, armor armor
artefact artifact artifact
authorise*, authorize authorize authorize
ax, axe
balk*, baulk balk balk
banister*, bannister banister*, bannister banister
behaviour behaviour behavior
behove behoove behoove
blonde (for female) blonde*, blond* blond, blonde
B.Sc. B.Sc. B.S.
burette burette*, buret buret, burette
burnt, burned
burned*, burnt*
burned, burnt
bussed, bussing bused, busing bused, busing
Caesarean Caesarian*, Cesarean, Cesarian Cesarean, Caesarean
calibre calibre caliber
canceled, cancelled
candour candour candor
capitalise capitalize capitalize
carburettor carburetor*, carburettor carburetor
catalyse catalyze*, catalyse catalyze
cheque (noun, money)
chilli*, chili chili chili
cigarette cigarette cigarette, cigaret
clamour clamour clamor
collectable *, collectible collectible collectible
colour*, color
connection*, connexion connection connection
convenor convenor convener
counsellor*, counselor
criticise*, criticize
curb (verb) curb curb
customize, customise customize customize
demeanour demeanour demeanor
dependant (a person who relies on another person, especially for financial support) dependant dependent
defence*, defense
dialling, dialled dialing, dialed; dialling, dialled dialing, dialed
dietician*, dietitian dietitian*, dietician dietitian*, dietician,
dispatch*, despatch dispatch dispatch
doughnut, donut
donut, doughnut
Dr (A contracted form of a word, ending with the same letter as the full form, is not followed by a full stop).
draught (current of air)
dreamt, dreamed
dreamt*, dreamed*
dreamed, dreamt
encyclopedia*, encyclopædia encyclopedia encyclopedia
endeavour endeavour endeavor
enquiry*, inquiry
inquiry*, enquiry
favourite favourite favorite
fibre optics fiber optics, fibre optics (used by the Canadian government only) fiber optics
finalize, finalise finalize finalize
flutist*, flautist
focused, focusing or focussed, focussing focused, focusing or focussed, focussing focused, focusing
foetus*, fetus fetus fetus
forever*, for ever forever forever
fuelling fuelling fueling
fulfill, fulfil
galvanise galvanize galvanize
gaol (old fashioned),  jail* jail jail
gauge gauge gauge, gage
gemmology gemmology gemology
generalise generalize generalize
glamour, glamor
gonorrhoea gonorrhea gonorrhea
gynaecology gynecology*, gynaecology gynecology
harmonise*, harmonize harmonize harmonize
homeopathy*, homoeopathy homeopathy homeopathy
humour humour humor

The Rock

Posted by Lorac Friday, 28 August 2009 6 comments

I saw a meme that looked like fun so I have decided to try it and send it out to a few bloggers. It is one of the easier ones and doesn't require you life story.
So, here is the ritual:
1) Open up you first photo album
2) Scroll down to the 10th picture.
3) Post that picture and write the story that goes with the picture.

The Rock
Well, I have a love of all things mineral and just cool rocks and of course gems! I am, in one of my other lives, known as a rockhounder. For those of you not familiar with the term it simply means a collector. I have rocks and minerals all over the house in varying types and sizes but they have to have an interesting mineral or metallic quality to them.
This one has mica, biotite, quartz and K-feldspar in it. One of my sons and one of my granddaughters also enjoy rockhounding. It is amazing how many varieties there are from all over the world . With such neat names too!
When I took this picture I was really just goofing around, to see how the pics would come out.

Now the list of people I am sending this too:

1) Sandra at "Worlds End Farm This and That"
2) Tessa at "An Aerial Armadillo"
3) Jenn at "My Muskoka"
4) Delwyn at "a hazy moon "
5) Lizzy at "Lizzy Frizzfrock"

Hope you play along too!

SkyWatch Friday!

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 27 August 2009 17 comments

SkyWatch Friday

Recently I went to the Bruce Peninsula, "Halfway Log Dump" on beautiful Lake Huron. Here are a couple of more pics from that area. It isn't what you think when you say dump. This was a log "dump" back in the logging days or a halfway point for the logs on the way to the mills. 
Every way you turned there was something to take a picture of!
This is all limestone rock. It is very white in the water and that is why it turns an azure colour. Walking through here I could feel the history around us, from the natives paddling their canoes on the lake for hundreds of years, pioneers logging and fishing the lake for a living, to modern day man enjoying what the lake has to offer. All around in the limestone is evidence of another time. Fossils are every where in the stone. I stand on top of the rocks warmed in the sunshine and marvel at the beauty!
Trees reach for the sky with a precarious hold on the cliffs.

It wouldn't be the same to have a post without a sky reflection! The dark shadows are brightened with a wee bit of blue.

 Bear Rump Island in the distance, sky clearing from a lackluster grey to a softly brushed blue. The air was warm and a gentle breeze was blowing the scent of clean water and evergreen around us.
  The water is clear, cold and so inviting! Shall we go for a dip?
Be sure to check out all the other posts and hosts at SkyWatch Friday!

It's Magical!

Posted by Lorac Monday, 24 August 2009 22 comments

On the way there was much to see. It was about a 2 hour drive to get there so we knew we didn't want to do much stopping en route as we wished to spend as much time as possible when we got there. In the truck were my older son, my two granddaughters and I. We wanted to take the girls on a bit of an adventure, and do something to wear off some energy. It was a bit of a grey day so I was hoping all would go well.

We passed wind turbines,
 Amazing sculptures in wood,

and a heritage building being rebuilt after a fire.
After a short stop to get cheese, bread and fruit, we arrive at our starting Point!

After a 1/2 hour walk on a trail through the forest, we see Georgian Bay!
A walk North along the limestone rock beach.  In the distance you can see "Bear's Rump island!
The formation of the limestone cliffs and rocks are interesting. Makes climbing fun!
A cliff stops travelers who are unwilling to climb or swim. Not us though!Over we go.
We scale to the top and have a wondrous view to the left,
And  also back were we came from.

Not many people continue from here unless they are hiking. Many stay back by the beach to swim. But I know a secret! A place that is private and magical for swimming!
You can see the towering cliffs in the background. The Bruce Hiking Trail runs along the top of it. Trees will send out tenacious roots into any little crevice they can find and cling to the side of the limestone.
Not only trees but "periwinkle" coloured wild flowers as well. This was over the edge of a huge rock, growing in a tiny crevice.
Finally we come around the bend and under a huge boulder and...
Just look at the colour of that water! This is due to the white limestone in the water. So clear, the bottom looks only a few feet deep where it is actually very deep. The skies have cleared. It is warm, sunny and wonderful! Even Harley, the family dog, gets in on the swim.
 But wait! You thought I forgot didn't you! The "What is it?" picture. I will show you the rest of it!
It was an amazing limestone cave roof! I know, a bit unfair, not something one could really guess too readily! Unless, you to have been to Halfway Log Dump, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.

What is that?

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 23 August 2009 8 comments

It's a busy time for me. I played hooky from home chores yesterday and now have to make up the time in one day. So, tomorrow a a nice blog post of where I played hooky at, but  today a semi post. In fact this time I am going to make you work. I am going to get you to answer a question for me. What is the picture of below? It is a hint as to where I went. It is something Ontario sure has a lot of! I will show you the rest tomorrow!

SkyWatch Friday!

Posted by Lorac Friday, 21 August 2009 12 comments

SkyWatch Friday

I have always stated my fondness for reflections before. It's like getting two pictures in one!  This was taken in Belleville, Ontario. They have done a massive amount of work at the water front on the river.

Emerald lily pads look like they are awaiting the gift of a " Frog Prince". Cool grey limestone, cut from a local quarry, reflects beside the pale blue of the evening sky.

This was taken in Holland. I liked the loneliness of the deserted out door cafe. A surprise rain had swept through leaving the air chilly and damp. Everyone moved inside to enjoy the display of the setting sun .

I traveled all over Canada in my past employment. I consulted at many Cement Plants. Dirty, dusty places, all of them. One plant in particular had made a point of trying to look attractive on the outside. As you drove into the plant which was built in an old limestone quarry, they had built the road around two little lakes that had been born when the quarry flooded. The lakes were clean and clear looking and definitely inviting to look at. Especially when your option was the plant behind it.  These swans were actually owned by the company. Every winter the would go into a warm hut and were brought back out in the spring. They would socialize with the geese, ducks and other waterfowl that would  come to mate and nest. Swans mate for life.

Here the reflection of the plant in one part of the lake.You can see the lime stone cliffs all around. They colour of the day here is always grey.

Sitting out on a warm rock in the middle of a forest with a musical river below and you have the recipe for peace.

Make sure you check out the other wonderful posts and hosts at SkyWatch Friday

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