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Walking Stick

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 24 August 2010 12 comments

Found this walking on my sons car and just had to post it. Thought it was a twig at first and went to brush it off. It is known as a Walking Stick. I usually see one or two a year. They hide very well! Not sure why this one exposed itself. Love the tough shadow! It was about 4 inches long.

Brown and green twig like colours to camouflage itself.

 Northern Walking Stick Insects or Diapheromera femorata are a species of Phasmids coming from the order of insects called Phasmatodea. The Northern Walking Stick is one of the few non-tropical Phasmids and are native to North America. They grow to about three or four inches long and are vegetarians. Their colors range from green to brown.

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SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 19 August 2010 21 comments

Just shots taken while sitting on the deck in the backyard enjoying the season! The weather this summer has been hot, hot, hot! Now for August we are seeing cooler nights and a little less humidity.

There have been many brilliant sunsets this summer. Probably due to the hot muggy weather.

Amazing how calming a night like this is!
Go to SkyWatch Friday for many wonderful skies. Wonderful hosts, amazing posts!

Weekend Reflections, Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 14 August 2010 11 comments

While taking photos of this beautiful newly refinished steam boat engine I caught both myself and the dock I was standing on in a reflection. Looking right through the windows you can see part of Lake of Bays in Dorset.

I showed this in a post on a newly restored steamship steering cabin a couple of posts back but it is such a multi layer reflection I brought it back in for Weekend Reflections and Scenic Sunday. It is in Dorset, Ontario, a small town which has a big summer home population.

More Weekend Reflections to be seen here! Scenic Sunday has gorgeous pictures the world around! Go see here!

SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 12 August 2010 15 comments

The sky looks white against the many colours of blue and greens in Lake Huron.

So many beautiful skies the world over! Great posts and great hosts. Go and see them at SkyWatch Friday

Bigwin Boat Restoration

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 11 August 2010 14 comments

On the way home from the cottage on the weekend we had the opportunity to see this lovely steamship, restored and docked in the narrows in Dorset. I had not had the opportunity to see her prior to this although I did see her in dry dock when the restorations were being done. From their fabulous website I was able to get the history of this beauty!
"The Bigwin is 66' in length with 11' 8" beam and depth of 6' 1" with a registered weight of 25 tons. After years of neglect, the boat sat partially submerged on the bottom of her slip at Bigwin Inn."
The ship was brought to the old Clayton property wharf for restoration. The old building itself was used to sell tickets by the Huntsville, Lake of Bays Navigation Company and storing shipments and mail for the Bigwin Livery Company. The upstairs was used as sleeping quarters by the ship captains of the Mohawk Belle and the Iroquois steamboats.

The Bigwin arriving in it's new home in Dorset.

Marine Museum

The finished Bigwin Steamship docked at the wharf beside the new Marine Museum. She is stunning!

The new steam engine.

In this picture of the wheelhouse the back of the Marine Museum is seen as well as other local buildings reflected in the new glass.

The original stack from the Bigwin at the back of the Museum.

 The hull is planked in Douglas Fir,the transom in Mahogany.

The upper deck hasn't had the seats added yet for tourists.

It was ships such as this that opened up the lake to settlers and tourists in the last century or so. The Lakes and rivers were the highways and the steamers the transportation.

Bigwin Steamboat Restoration

1. Repair all steel frames, clean and prime with rust inhibiting paint.

2. Plank the hull.

3. Replace the keel and deadwood.

4. Repair the deck on the bow, stern and sides.

5. Rebuild the Wheelhouse.

6. Purchase, refurbish and install steam engine, propeller shaft and propeller.

7. Install new windows.

8. Install submersible pumps and put Bigwin in the water moored to the wharf in Dorset.

There plenty of watery shots to see at Watery Wednesday! Go take a look for yourself here! Out door Wednesday has wonderful photos too! Go here!

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