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Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 27 February 2011 12 comments

Old Man Winter woke up again last night giving us 7 inches of white fluffy stuff. The forecast is now for freezing rain tonight through tomorrow. Such is February in Ontario!

Scenic Sunday has beautiful scenes from the world over. Go take a look.

Sunday Bridges

Posted by Lorac 29 comments

I posted this a few days ago but was encouraged to post it for Sunday Bridges. This is part of Silver Creek, just outside of the town I live in. The creek is engorged with runoff water created by the last snow melt a few days back. If you look closely there are four waterfalls.  It is a historical reminder of the great craftsmanship that once was. Very few bridges like this left to see.

Here you can see the road goes over the creek by way of a one lane bridge. This is such a lovely old bridge. I hope they preserve and repair it, not remove it for something more functional.

                                                      Sunday Bridges - Go look!

Waters Rush

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 26 February 2011 5 comments

I have always had a great affinity for water. Thats one of the reasons I love being at the cottage so much. Just to have that body of water near me, I find so calming. The sound of water rushing down a stream has the same effect. I could stay and listen for hours.

The valley cries through the hills up high
The stream is Rushing down the falls

at the Waters Rush......


It is full of Passion,
a forceful rushing down the stream

at the Waters Rush......

A wonderful ending by the side of the  beautiful  stream
of the cold beautiful stream

at the Waters Rush......

SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 24 February 2011 18 comments

Sunny and melting, a taste of spring last week ....

Very cold and snowing, back to winter the next week ...

SkyWatch Friday has skies from all over the world! Go and see for yourself!


Posted by Lorac 6 comments

When I went through my photos from last week I remembered I had taken a few photos of roots. Yes, I did say roots! They are so fascinating they way they can reach toward the water source. Unusual looking, some would say ugly, I find them stark, realistic and beautiful.

 Under the roots is a great place for small animals to find a home. They provide shade to the fish in the hot summer months too.

All along the creek bank there are the trees root systems exposed and clinging to the creek bank.

The roots help to keep the creek bank from eroding. See the stones and dirt all caught in the branches.

Look closely at this old cedar tree root system. It still clings to the rocks caught in them. 

There are many things in nature that we see but don't look at. Finding beauty can be as simple as pausing to really take a look! 

Limestone and Waterfall

Posted by Lorac Wednesday, 23 February 2011 11 comments

While hiking in the Silver Creek area, I found a mysterious little frozen cave under this cascading waterfall. Perhaps home to the Water Sprites mentioned in yesterdays post! 

This is the larger picture of this marvelous little falls, one of many on this creek. The cave, caused by a overhang of the limestone common to the Niagara Escarpment.

I will have to keep an eye on this area. I will keep you posted!

Mid Winter Scenes

Posted by Lorac Monday, 21 February 2011 9 comments

Last week saw a few mild days with so much snow melting all at once there was flooding in some areas. In the country it produced scenes like this out in the fields. I was driving by and the beautiful gold and blue colours just lit up the scene. Decidedly un-winter like! I turned around for a photo much to the annoyance of other drivers on this two lane back road.

The sun shining on the other side  of the road onto this patch of water and snow was brilliant.

Winter is not all bad. Granted there are more cold, snow blowing, not for walking days than good ones but when the skies open to sunshine and the temperature elevates just a little- it can be glorious to be outside in the fresh crisp air! I have been trying to get out more now that the snow is a little less deep. I really enjoy exploring in the winter and look at what it can bring!

This marvelous little falls is part of Silver Creek on the Niagara Escarpment. A local creek not far from my house. It is especially beautiful in winter after a melt as it increases the water volume.
 In 1849 a small village was born around the creek. The southern Ontario plain meets the Niagara escarpment where Silver Creek village was established. A clear stream of water rushed down the hill. In 1850 John Graham opened a saw and gristmill with the creek as its power source.This spot accommodated a wagon road up the escarpment, steep though it was. As wagons and riders waited their turn to ascend or descend the escarpment or waited for their products at the mill, Graham provided a tavern and a general store to meet their needs and here a small village sprang up. Today, Silver Creek is one of Ontario’s "lost hamlets", now little more than a memory of times long gone.  The establishment of the Bruce Trail in 1967 brought hikers through the lovely vale where the walls of the Georgetown reservoir still stand and where the Silver Creek still splashes down the escarpment.
Thanks to the Esquesing Historical Society for this info on Silver Creek!

Watery Wednesday

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 15 February 2011 10 comments

I am somewhat tired of snow photos. Here's to summer in all it's glory! At the creek mouth there are Inuksuk made by locals. It was a hot day and this bit of shade was glorious!

Lots of water to see at Watery Wednesday!

Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 13 February 2011 20 comments

For the first time in weeks it is it is actually mild here. At +1 Celsius the snow is starting to melt and early this morning it was mild enough that when the sun came up a mist came with it. The early morning sun on the side of the barn was what caught my eye and then the mist surrounding the buildings convinced me to stop and get a shot of this farmyard.

So many more scenic shots Scenic Sunday!

Stylish Blogger

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 12 February 2011 7 comments

A big thanks to Lone Grey Squirrel over at Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel for this great award, Stylish Blogger.

 LGS has a magnificent blog that is always entertaining. A wonderful writer who manges to pick a good  array of subjects to keep you interested. Go visit LGS  here.

According to the rules: “By accepting this award I’m to tell five of my favourite things and then pick five people to pass the award on to.” So...Let the game begin!

1) The great outdoors. There isn't anything I like better than to be doing "something" out doors. Work or play. Either with my family or by myself. It is an amazing feeling to be back in the forest by oneself, with only the birds songs and the scurry of small animals sounds to keep you company. The occasional glimpse of a fox, a wild turkey or a coyote to keep you on your toes. Hiking in the woods with camera in hand , which brings me to my second favorite thing...

2) Photography. I haven't any fancy cameras or equipment. I make do with what I have but to me,I feel  it the character of the shot itself not the camera that takes it. I enjoy looking for interesting shots and subjects, sometimes waiting a very long time for that particular scene to be right. I always have a camera with me.

3) My cats! A very old boy of 18 who is all black and named Buster and a 4 year old, half white, half tabby girl who has Cleopatra eyes and is so named, Cleo for short.

4) Road trips! I love seeing new places and revisiting some old favorites. I will hop in the car with a packed lunch, my camera and a road map. I usually just drive and see where it leads, invariably in a northern direction. There is always something to see!

5) The seasons. There are four very distinct seasons and I love them. Now, winter is the lowest on my list as I am not as active in winter as I was but give me a beautiful sunny winter day a place to walk that is not 2 feet deep in snow and I can be happy!

Well that is it for now about me! Following the rules I need to send it off to 5 others. This is a hard chore as there are so many great blogs out there!.

1) First, there is Janet at Under a Blood Red Sky. A fantastic blog from South Africa full of great pics and wonderful stories on life. I have learned a lot about South Africa and though I have never met Janet I can tell she is a wonderful person.

2)Next there is Judy from our capital, Ottawa, Canada at Lilac Gate. Lots of fun photos, very Canadian and she has a great eye!

3) Margy and Wayne live in a float cabin on Powell Lake in British Columbia. Margy tells it like it is living on a float cabin and Wayne also has written some wonderful books on the area. A very interesting blog.  Do visit Powell River Books!

4) Another blog I really enjoy is by Sandra. She talks about everything from life on the farm to current American and world politics at This & That - Glimpses of World End Farm in Minnesota, USA. It is nice to read about our neighbour to the south and Sandra is eloquent in her speeches!

5) Elaine is at "A Scattering". She is a wonderful photographer in Woodstock, Ontario and lives in an area where she can indulge her passion for that. Elaine started into photography when she was just child and has really developed an eye for great photos. 

Do go over and visit these wonderful blogs and say a big hello!

Scenic Sunday

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 5 February 2011 11 comments

Skiing with my son and granddaughters on Blue Mountain. Haven't skied in years so it was pretty rusty!

 My son and 8 year old granddaughter at the top. She has little fear of the slopes! You can see there was lots of fresh snow from the night before.

 Blue Mountain looks over Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. Down below is Blue Mountain Village. Lots of chalets to rent or buy. We stayed in a lovely chalet that my son and his business partner rented for the weekend.The sky was very overcast above the lake. Picking up lots of moisture from the lake to bring in the form of snow onto the mountain.

See more scenes at Scenic Sunday!

SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 3 February 2011 20 comments

I have always liked this White Pine Tree. It has character. Big storm yesterday left us with about another foot of snow. Today is minus 25 Celcius and bright and sunny!

More skies to see at SkyWatch Friday!

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