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Where have I been? Well.....

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 24 September 2009

It has been quite the time I have had in the past two weeks!  I was put on an antibiotic for an ailment and and had a massive adverse reaction to the medication. That had me down for the count for all of last week, basically bedridden as I was weak as a new born puppy. I finally came back from deaths door on Sunday last, starving , as I hadn't been able to eat all week. On Monday I was offered a  couple of days work for this week that I could not refuse! As I have been an entire slouch for 3 months now (getting up late) and I had just had that nasty turn of events, this tired me out quite a bit. It also was so nice to get out and do some work! I am not working today so can  again, recuperate. Just before I became ill I had taken to the garden for a couple of Last of  Summer pictures. In that week it turned into fall. I didn't  do the write up I had planned but I will still show the pics.

I love the look of Goldenrod. In some areas it's a weed in others, it is  sold as a wild flower. Light and airy, it's colour as brilliant as the sun, it is a late summer favorite of mine.

Wild Asters grow in abundance in the fields and on the road sides. A vibrant purple with delicate petals attract bees vying for the seasons last pollen to stock up for winter.

These little daisy like wildflowers grow in large bunches and give such a cheery look I can't help but smile when I see them.

Seasons end to the roses in a spectacular splash of colour and fragrance! These roses are called Tropicana and if you close you eyes and take a deep breath of the spicy fragrance from theses roses, you can, for  an instant believe you are in a tropical paradise!

A dusty delicate pink tops the Sedum growing all summer for the final show of  this soft abundance of tiny flowers on strong pale green stems. The Sedum has rubbery leaves, like a succulent, and is a perennial so I enjoy it every year.

Crab apples aplenty! I enjoy this tree year round. In the spring it is amass with fragrant deep pink flowers, in the summer an excellent shade tree and come fall loaded with crab apples! Wonderful for jam, but I just watch the squirrels and chipmunks vie for them.

Cattails have been a favorite since I was a child. We would cut them down for decoration in our grass and tree forts. When entirely ripe you can break them open and there are millions of tiny seeds each supported by a feathery white fluff. En-mass, it feels softer that velvet. Cattails grow in wet land areas.

I hope these pics off summers last gifts have put a smile on your face!

While convalescing last week, I spent some time sitting quietly on the deck and had some small wild life visitors. Tomorrow I will introduce them!


  1. Sandra Says:
  2. Beautiful photos. I'm sorry you had such a bad time of it. And glad you have recovered and had some work. I look forward to the critters.

  3. Reader Wil Says:
  4. Your photos are lovely, in spite of your ailment. I hope that you feel soon much better! Take care! Have a great weekend!

  5. Unknown Says:
  6. So very pleased you are recovering, do take care, don't do too much too soon! Hugs...

  7. Jenn Jilks Says:
  8. Glad you are in the land of the living!
    At least, long enough to share your photos! I love them. Don't over do it! My hubby keeps reinjuring his back, having lifted my ailing father and wrenched it in 2006!

  9. VioletSky Says:
  10. How awful for you. Glad you are better - and take it easy.
    Looking forward to the critter pics - hope they were amusing and not destructive ones.

  11. Lorac Says:
  12. Sandra - Thanks! It's good to be back. Also nice to get out for work!

    Reader Wil - I am feeling much better! Thank you!

    Carole Anne - It really threw me for a loop! But, much better now.

    Jenn - Thanks Jenn! I am taking it slow!

    Violet Sky- Thank you so much. I will take it easy for a bit.

  13. Marilynne Says:
  14. Your summer pictures have put a smile on my face. My summer was so different with water shortages and such. A few photos remind me of how it could be.


  15. Jelica Says:
  16. I'm glad that you're better now, it sounds like you had some pretty rough times. The pictures are lovely, it's good to see mementos of summer!

  17. Lorac Says:
  18. Marilynne - Thank you! So sorry you had such a dry summer! Better weather to come I hope!

    Jelica- It was really rough. Not something you would expect from taking medication! Thank you!

  19. Well that doesn't sound like fun at all! Stay well.

    Great photos - loved the golden rod.

  20. betty-NZ Says:
  21. You have all the fun!! J/K Glad you're better. Your photos are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.

  22. Lorac Says:
  23. Bonnie - Nope, no fun at all! I always assumed meds were supposed to make you feel better, not half kill you!

    Betty - I do get into it sometimes don't I? Ah well, better now, thank you for the kind comments.

  24. Delwyn Says:
  25. Hello Lorac

    I hope that these beautiful colours of the end of summer helped ease your ill health...thay are lovely pictures Lorac...
    have a restful quiet weekend and take care

    Happy days

  26. Glad you're feeling better. What a week! Yes, autumn is here for sure. ;-)

  27. Susan Ellis Says:
  28. Great rambling along the country roads at this time of year..the ditches are pretty much bursting with colour!

  29. Lorac Says:
  30. Delwyn - Thank you for the kind words. I am looking forward to a quiet peaceful rejuvenating weekend!

    EG Tour Guide- The fall colour is becoming wonderful!

    Susan - Aren't they though? Best wildflower show of the year!

  31. Girl Tornado Says:
  32. Your flowers are all gorgeous... I esp love the purple asters. Stunning! We have the pink sedum too. I put a little fence around it this year, and it has flourished - much better than when our chocolate Lab would lay right smack in it! :)

  33. Unknown Says:
  34. Thanks for your encouragement, Lorac. I do hope you are feeling stronger as each day goes passed.

  35. Lori ann Says:
  36. So sorry to hear you were not feeling well. I hope your well on the path to recovery now. Beautiful photos!

  37. Ann Says:
  38. Sorry to hear you were so unwell, hopefully you are feeling much better now. Your photo's are beautiful, they would put a smile on anyones face. Love the bullrush, I think that is what it is called.

  39. Amit Gupta Says:
  40. lovely ur comments so I am hopin ur well now....cheers...

  41. Gaby Bee Says:
  42. Great shots! Love your nature pics!


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