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Scenic Sunday - Snowy Brook

Posted by Lorac Sunday, 10 January 2010

I was traveling down a back country road the day after a snow storm and saw this sparkling little brook. In the background is a little walking bridge to allow walkers over to the other side. I liked the way the cedar rail fence lay down on each side as if to allow the brook passage through.

The road passed over the brook, giving me a view of both sides. On this side a tree has fallen, reaching over to the other embankment. An animal bridge has been created in it's demise. I imagined the chipmunks, squirrels and raccoons crossing over from one side to the next. Nature provides!

I would eat icicles when I was a child. Crunch them right up and relish in the cold! I found these on the side of the shed. I wasn't interested in eating them now!

There are many other scenes from around the world. To see them got to Scenic Sunday!

Scenic Sunday


  1. Great wintery photos and like you I used to crunch on those as a child :-)

    Thanks for your comment!

  2. eileeninmd Says:
  3. Lovely shot of the snow covered and frosty trees. Wonderful photos.

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. Marvellous photographs as ever. I'm inviting people to share on my blog and wondered if you would have the time to join in. Don't worry if you'd rather not, but I'm sure we English folk would love to see the wonderful world in which you live and hear something about your very different life and customs. Anyway, I'll send the link. With Love, Carole.

  6. Unknown Says:
  7. Ooops..I need your email address to send the link, so if you should decide to do this, my email is

  8. George Says:
  9. Your pictures of the brook are absolutely gorgeous. I remember licking and eating icicles as well, but I have no desire to do that now!

  10. Susan Ellis Says:
  11. great photos! I like the idea of the animal you're right, nature provides. Great icicle shot too!

  12. A Scattering Says:
  13. Goodness I hadn't thought about eating icicles in years! We used to do while playing in the snow as children in Newfoundland. Did you ever get your tongue or lips stuck to anything frosty? I managed to get my lip stuck to an aluminum toboggan...fortunately I stayed calm and came away relatively unscathed.

  14. Your pictures look like a Winter wonderland, I just love looking at the beauty of Nature. I can't take the cold, but love to look at it from afar. I love the way the white snow surrounds the darkness of the water...

    Thank you for the comments on my blog, the color in the 3d picture was leaves in the bottom of the fountain. I also love the way they reflect up though the ice. Isn't nature wonderful.
    Have a great day

  15. Teresa Says:
  16. Your wonderland photos are so great! You should go to Gardening Gone WIld photo contest. the subject is winter and your pics would be great. I love that icicle one.

  17. Müge Says:
  18. Gorgeous winter scenes! Very very beautiful!

  19. dee dee Says:
  20. How beautiful, the brook..the trees..the snow.. the sun! I just love it! When I woke up this morning, our trees looked much like these, very rare were we live. It is almost like being in a fairy tale!... Dee Dee

  21. Janet Says:
  22. I really appreciate your visiting Lord Celery, and I'll add you to my list of regular reads. Lovely photos!


  23. Elaine Yim Says:
  24. Very beautiful winter scenery. I love how you captured the icicles.

  25. Loved, LOVED those first two shots!
    Open water and icey trees...perfect!!

  26. Inday Says:
  27. What a spectacle of your season over there! I can live with that view! The icicles down the bottom is quite a star attraction!

  28. happyone Says:
  29. Winter sure make for some fantastic pictures. Love your pictures.

  30. Anonymous Says:
  31. These look magical my friend. So peaceful and serene. I love looking at snowy pictures like this. Fantastic :) Thanks for sharing :)

  32. Wonderful shots. I can feel the warmth of the winter sun in those first two photos. We don't seem to see much sun in the winter, so it's always so nice to be out there with a camera on a bright sunny day. Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  33. I love the icicles. Growing up in Los Angeles I never had any experience with ice and snow, so I missed the pleasure of eating them. But I did love to crunch ice cubes, hardly an exciting replacement. - Margy

  34. Well captured! I love it when the snow clings to the branches like this.

  35. Judy Says:
  36. That looks to be a lovely little park (I see there is a bench near the footbridge) even in winter. I wonder what it looks like in the spring?


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