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SkyWatch Friday

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 4 March 2010

Oakville Harbour on an almost spring day. Even though there is little sign of spring on the ground it is in the wind, the water and the sky!

I often walk past this old demised tree bleached by the sun and wind. On this bright sunny day, it really stood out against that gorgeous blue sky!

A very special blog, SkyWatch Friday has skies from all over the world. Go and take a look!


  1. KaHolly Says:
  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love the shoreline. Must be why I return to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia every spring! Isn't there something about those sunbleached tree carcasses that catch your eye? I resist the urge to photograph them again and again when I'm walking the shore. Beautiful SkyWatch photos today. Thanks for sharing, ~karen

  3. I love shorelines and trees, so your post held beauty for me today!

  4. Lorac Says:
  5. Karen, I love Cape Breton! I haven't been there in several years but plan to go back .Enjoy your day!

    Retired one, thank you!

  6. Maria Says:
  7. Beautiful blue sky, and what a great shoreline! THanks for sharing!

  8. Lindy Says:
  9. I would love to be walking along that shoreline on such a beautiful day! The blue sky really enhances the bleached out tree bark; kind of like our sycamore trees.

  10. Jim Says:
  11. Wonderful shots.

  12. Lorac Says:
  13. Maria, thanks for coming over to visit!

    Lindy, it was a great day and now the weather is starting to warm I will be out and about much more!

  14. Lorac Says:
  15. Thanks J Bar!

  16. Judy Says:
  17. That bleached dead tree is beautiful against the blue of the sky!

  18. Pearl Maple Says:
  19. Like your last post of where maple syrup comes from, and this sweet collection of wating for spring, happy sky watch friday

  20. Anonymous Says:
  21. i like the first shot, nice eascape!
    have a nice weekend!

  22. Anonymous Says:
  23. what a lovely landscape.

  24. Carletta Says:
  25. Such lovely serene blues in the first one and I love the starkness of the tree branches against the sky!
    Mine’s here: Carletta’s Captures.

  26. Regina Says:
  27. Beautiful skies! Love the scenery.

  28. eileeninmd Says:
  29. Both shots are wonderful! Love the scenery in the first shot!

  30. Laura Says:
  31. That bleached out tree is truly striking. Beautiful clear blue skies.

  32. VioletSky Says:
  33. I recognize that shore - I was out walking along it this afternoon!!
    It was sunny, but still cold.

  34. ~Cheryl Says:
  35. Two very open photos! One stretches sideways the other upwards -- great eye! I love that tree!

  36. eden Says:
  37. Love all your images. Great shots.
    Have a nice weekend!

  38. The colours look like spring to me. YAY!

  39. lina Says:
  40. Stunning and peacefully...

  41. happyone Says:
  42. Beautiful photos. I would like to be walking there too.

  43. Beautiful "almost spring day" shot.
    Love Canada.
    Luiz Ramos
    PS. Birds on Christ Redeemer shot are "biguás" - Neotropic Cormorant (Phalacrocorax brasilianus).

  44. clairz Says:
  45. Ah, beautiful water--heaven to the eyes of this desert dweller. Thank you for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  46. Looks lovely and peaceful and if I ignore those little splotches of snow, I shall pretend it's the summer and it's about 25 degrees out there!

  47. Debra Says:
  48. What a lovely place to go for a walk and just take in the beauty of the sky and water! Nice capture and that old tree has such character! Thanks for the comment and welcome back, I appreciate it. :)

  49. Ebie Says:
  50. Love the rugged and beautiful coastline! Beautiful composition! The snow-white-trunk of the tree is just so happy reaching out for the blue sky!

  51. toby Says:
  52. That first one is just lovely - I'm a big fan of wispy clouds :)

  53. Helena Says:
  54. Absolutely gorgeous shot! It makes me so homesick for Lake Erie to see this.

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