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Watery Wednesday

Posted by Lorac Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Along a country road I saw another unusual old bridge with a wonderful little inviting creek running under it. The water is very clear and not very deep. I could see many little fish swimming around. Often these creeks will have small trout in them. Speckled are the most common and sometimes Brown Trout too. The creek is lined with tall cedars and in the creek at the side there is a little patch of the brown cedar seed husks. We live in an area where there are lots of little creeks, streams and some large rivers too. Travel down almost any country road and you will go over little creeks or rivers. 

This bridge is quite old and in need of repair or soon it will be gone! It is only one lane to cross it but there is little traffic on this road. Only local home owners.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Wish I was there.

  3. Unknown Says:
  4. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  5. Unknown Says:
  6. See if I can avoid the typing error this time! :0)
    Do you write poetry, if not, I feelt that you should, your descriptions are very poetic.

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Wish I could go on a country road trip without any real destination. Just drive and stop whenever I fancy to check out a creek or see a wildflower up close.

    Your post is so dreamy.

  9. Lorac Says:
  10. Carole Anne, I did write poetry at one time. Life got into the way and it has been quite awhile since I wrote any. Perhaps it is time to start again?

  11. bonifer Says:
  12. Your header is absolutely beautiful, Lorac!! I love creeks too and the reflections you can get from them...nice...

  13. Judy Says:
  14. I've never seen a bridge of that shape before! it would be a shame to let it fall down, and replace it with something more ordinary!

  15. Tammie Lee Says:
  16. wonderful images, thank you for sharing them with us.

  17. Lorac Says:
  18. Bonnifer, I found that wheader pic while also out for a country road ride.

  19. Unknown Says:
  20. the creek is beautiful. must be a great place to stay cool at summertime. the old bridge is terrific. wonderful photos.

  21. So mystical to me. I just love the emptiness of the scenery. In the city there are always people and it's really hard to have some peace.

  22. Lesley Says:
  23. You can bet if that bridge is replaced and not repaired. that it will not be nearly so majestical.

  24. love d0ing this kind of driving,walking and sh0oting just anywhere I want but hubby s0metimes is t0o strict to let me g0 especially 0n wet land parks,sigh*(that's a tr0uble having a partner lol!)love y0ur ph0t0s! visit my waterfalls

  25. Hootin Anni Says:
  26. Wow....that is a very unique bridge design.

    My Wednesday Photo Link

    I do hope you stop by for a visit if time allows!! Have a wonderful wednesday!

  27. I love Ontario's country roads! I have photos of bridges that look just like that. :))))

  28. There are not many bridges like that left in Ontario, great shot.

  29. Sandra Says:
  30. You live in a beautiful place.

  31. Jenn Jilks Says:
  32. Beautiful shots.
    Thank you for faithfully reading my blog!
    I'm so behind in reading, long story, but I think e have most of our stuff from the old house.
    AND we have Internet.

  33. Janie Says:
  34. That is a beautiful little creek. It's fun to watch for the trout darting about.

  35. Barb Says:
  36. What peaceful spot with an eye-catching bridge. Hope they can save the old design of the bridge even if it needs repair.


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