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Weekend Reflections- Belfountain Park

Posted by Lorac Friday, 10 December 2010

There is a nice little park in the small village of Belfountain in Ontario. Great place for a walk on a winters day. Here you see the reflection of the trees on the opposite bank, not the trees themselves.

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  1. Very beautiful. Belfountain is such a lovely name for a village.

  2. James Says:
  3. What a great reflection! I love the trees and I also like the snow and blue sky.

  4. Sylvia K Says:
  5. Terrific reflection! The water is so still! Really superb capture! The trees and sky are so beautiful -- even the snow!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Lorac!


  6. I LOVE this picture - so rich in colour and content - thanks for sharing

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Such a lovely picture with the deep blue sky and the icy water! I flipped my laptop over to see it upside down, and it's beautiful that way,too...LOL!

  9. Very tricky reflection with the different sets of trees... The snow and ice are great contrasts to the smooth surface of the lake. Just lovely.

  10. Gine Says:
  11. Sympa de ne pas voir l'original ... Seul le reflet nous donne la dimension de la réalité : j'aime bien !

  12. 'Tsuki Says:
  13. Lovely ! I like the way the reflection is still visible under the branchs of that tree...

  14. Oh that is beautiful LOve the reflections.

  15. Springman Says:
  16. Bright and clear!

  17. Judy Says:
  18. I love the trees on this side of the river, with the reflections from the other side! So typical of winter reflections!!

  19. Lyn Says:
  20. Beautiful! I love Belfountain. It is a very tranquil place and I think you captured it perfectly in this shot.

  21. Karen Says:
  22. Trees on water, my favorite reflection. Lovely photo. (I have relatives in Georgetown).

  23. Rajesh Says:
  24. Wonderful reflections.

  25. Arti Says:
  26. thats a wonderful pic. Truly magnificient!

  27. Gattina Says:
  28. Wow, what a beautiful reflection !

  29. Springman Says:
  30. The upside down world is very beautiful!

  31. Lesley Says:
  32. Love the bright, rich colours. Must have been a gloriously sunshiny day.

  33. A fine contribution to Weekend Reflections!

    «Louis» thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  34. Nefertiti Says:
  35. magnifique !

  36. DeLi Says:
  37. sensual, swaying leaves!

  38. Anonymous Says:
  39. What a clever photo. It is beautiful.

  40. Fabien Says:
  41. Very nice shoot

  42. It is interesting that the water is clear under the trees in the shade while out in the sun is still ice/snow covered. Could this be because the trees protected the water beneath from accumulating snow or does the shelter of the trees help moderate the temperature of the water at that spot or is it just because the water is shallower at that spot, though I would think that would cause it to freeze sooner. Do you have any theory from having actually been to the spot and seeing the big picture?

  43. Beautiful rflection! AND you had some sun! (I'm jealous.)

  44. Lorac Says:
  45. Beyond the Garden - It is actually a river with flowing water so rarely freezes over entirely.


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