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Am I being watched?

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bruce Hiking Trail - Part 2
(Part one two, posts ago)

I decided at this point to get off the main open track and really get some exercise. There are a few side trails to take which will go into the forests and fields. They are hilly and rocky so you need to pay attention to where you are going. As soon as you turn into them you are enveloped in green. It is very moist there, not very much sunlight gets through the trees. It is peaceful, cool and soothing.

Sometimes to cross from one landowner fields to another you need to cross over a stile. All the landowners have collectively agreed to allow hikers through their lands for access to the Bruce trails. Volunteers from all over Ontario help in keeping the trails clear and building these stiles.

Along route I found another friend. Chipmunks are many in Ontario forests. They can get quite tame. At the cottage we feed these little guys peanuts right out of our hands.

I was getting an eerie feeling, walking way back in the forest by myself. I almost thought I was being watched!

But I guess it was just being alone, no sounds but the birds, a far away raccoon, and the buzz of many different insects. There are some lovely wildflowers. The first are "Wild Aster". Not sure what the yellow ones are. They may be in the Lady's Slipper family. Delicate "Forget Me Not" dappled with sun, wild grass and emerald green moss beneath it.

Lots of tracks to let you know that the animals are around. This is a deer track. I also saw coyote, fox and raccoon but couldn't get a shot of them.

Going by the small creeks and wetlands there are wooden walkways to protect your feet. The trails cross wetlands. I was looking down into the waters and saw silvery little flashes.Closer inspection showed that was minnows, tiny fish.

This is a Garter snake. A good sized one too. His colouring, blending into the forestland, makes him a rare sight although there are many in the forests. Non-poisonous, very timid. I almost stepped on him but managed to get a shot as he slithered away.

Dragon flies were lazily flying around, playing in circles. They float around one another in courtship. The wings look black until they open in a flash of Iridescent blue-green. For them the season is short. Open the pic to see the colour.

On the way back through the farm I spotted Canadian Geese . The young ones getting big already! See how the male and female stay together to feed and protect the young.


  1. Looks so scenic there :)

  2. Sandra Says:
  3. Love the faces!

  4. Delwyn Says:
  5. Hi Lorac

    this forest is very is the little furry friend...

    I have spied some black geese in the river here with their family but was surprised to see the next day that they had left the cygnets miles behind...

    thanks for the walk...
    Happy Days

  6. julochka Says:
  7. oh wow, what a find! at tree with BOTH EYES!!! i can definitely see why you felt you were being watched!!

  8. Lorac Says:
  9. Adventure Rob - It is really beautiful. I tend to take it for granted.

    Sandra - Aren't they great? I was pretty amused when I found them!

    Delwyn- Did the geese come back?

    Julochka - I instantly thought of you when i saw them! Amazing how blogging integrates into our lives isn't it?


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