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Will Wonders Never Cease!

Posted by Lorac Thursday, 25 June 2009

I received an award today! I love this! Thank you Sandra at Worlds End Farm This and That! To go along with this award I am to give copious amounts of information on yours truly, ;).I am also to award 7 other bloggers this wonderful award. That part is easy! The hard part is stopping writing about myself after 7 items!

7 things about Moi!

1) I discovered a new world in the blogosphere! I spend way too much time in it but right now it is amazing therapy! I have found and been found by so many wonderful peoples. It is an understatement to say that there are wonders to be found!

2) I am unemployed! I hate being unemployed! I am a workaholic! How can a workaholic be unemployed? Where is the justice in this? Where is my job? Truth be told the first couple of weeks “rest” were sorely needed. I was worn out. Now though I am antsy, I need to work and not the cleaning at home over and over kind of work either!

3) I am a closet horror story reader! I have always loved the thrill of a good horror story since I was a little girl reading late into the night under my covers. Stephen King, “The Stand “is my favourite!

4) I still love helping injured people. Also something I have done since a little girl. All my kids’ friends know I was a paramedic for years and they all still come to me with their booboos. These are not young children; we are talking kids in their twenties here! I have soft spot for people in medical need!

5) I have rocks all over my house. Everywhere you look there are rocks and minerals in different sizes and types. I started rock hounding as a little girl too! It became a serious hobby as I get older and could travel. I have had whole holidays based around “Rock Hounding” trips!

6) I am single by choice. Decided long ago after two marriages that I am not the marrying kind.

7) I stopped smoking! Yeah! I gained 40 lbs! Boo! So I am in the process of losing 40 lbs. Boo! I have found out that it lowers your metabolism horrendously when you quit. My metabolism was poor to begin with so, try as I might, this extra weight, with all the walking and exercise, does not want to budge!

The 7 bloggers I am sending the award to are, (drum roll please) as follows:

1) a hazy moon

2) Adventure Rob

3) An Explorers View of Life

4) Under the Blood Red Sky

5) Monkeys on the Roof

6) Realm of the Lone Grey Squirrel

7) New Views of New Zealand

Quite diverse, the lot of them! Good reading and many take you to their world to experience it with tales and photos. Please go and have a look at these great blogs!

To these seven I present the Premio Meme Award to You!


  1. Delwyn Says:
  2. Hi Lorac

    I need you then!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have broken my ankle....just a small fracture but in a moonboot for 5 weeks 24 hrs a day...

    I am going to be finding new diversions....

    I haven't caught up with your walk yet but will do cos you know I love walks...

    My dad had a little stroke the day I rolled the ankle too so it was a Black Tuesday....

    Thanks for the will give me something to think about...

    Happy Days

  3. betty-NZ Says:
  4. Thanks for the award!!! I am so honored! Truly, I am.

  5. Val Says:
  6. hi Lorac - thanks so much for the award! i am truly honoured. hope i can find 7 things to list...
    good luck with the smoking/weight gain scenario; hang in there - i am assured it will balance out...

  7. Sandra Says:
  8. I have read The Stand several times! I found an extra 25 pounds over the winter, so I sympathize. Good for you that you stopped smoking!!


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