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Take a Hike!

Posted by Lorac Monday, 22 June 2009

Yesterday I said I was going on a hike. (Well actually part hike, part walk) I live on the Niagara Escarpment, and running along the length of the Escarpment is the Bruce Hiking trail. This trail is 800 klm long with an additional 200 klm of side trails. This is a link to learn more on the Escarpment.

I started out at the Scottsdale Farm, just 3 klm north of me. This was a new site for me. I had heard of it many times but hadn't gotten around to going there. I have been looking for new places to walk, bored with the old ones.This was once a working farm and the couple who owned it donated it to Heritage Ontario so the farm land would be preserved.The Bruce trail and side trails run through the farm at various points.
When I drove down the long driveway I felt like I was going to someones house. At the end of the driveway there is parking for the public. I took a look around, there was a plaque that gave info on the farm and the Bruce Trails going through it.

As I was reading a chatter from above caught my attention. This little Red squirrel was obviously used to human interaction. He seemed to be waiting for something! I suspect he has been fed by us "humans" once or twice before.

From the plaque I went over to look at the old house. Going up to the house is a stone fence and brick walkway. This was beautifully laid by brick men.

The house itself is in need of some repairs but it is still a really nice old house.

Going around the side is the bell they used to call everyone to dinner. A beautiful old stone fence and an aged, worn, wooden garden gate. A Terra Cotta pathway follows from the front of the house to the side gate. Doesn't this say welcome?

Right across the driveway from this was a small outbuilding. There was a large patch of brilliant green ferns growing beside it. On the door was an old iron knocker in the shape of a cat. Cats are very important on farms to keep the rodent population at bay.

Beside that one was another small outbuilding. This one had a big branch, broken in the last storm, lying over it's roof. There was always the need for outbuildings for extra storage.

I between the two buildings, going to the lawn below was a stone set of stairs. This is the entry way to the lower lawn. Starting to cave in now. Such as shame. They are really beautiful!

In the tree just above some more chattering. Guess who was following!

Down on this lower lawn there was a hedged in area with two arches for entry. The hedges had been neatly trimmed. I decided to take a look, but there was nothing in it but and old foundation. The original building had been removed. Possibly it had fallen in and become a danger.

In the distance a much larger out building, possibly a livery. All the buildings had been painted to match. Greys and whites, easy on the eye.

In behind the "livery" is a large shallow pond. Running along the banks were a few small duck hutches. Small out buildings for duck families with holes in the sheds for the ducks to go in and out at their leisure. The holes could be closed at night, once the ducks where settled in to prevent a fox or coyote form making an easy meal.

Continuing along the pathway there were two large barns. These barns were connected with a false front. The front was done to shoot a movie at this farm. Movies made at the farm include: The Recruit starring Al Pacino& Colin Farrell, 2003, The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis & Samuel L.Jackson, 1996, Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal with Dan Aykroyd, 1996 and the The Campbells TV series, 1986

I love the gabled roof on this! The small windows in the doors and once again painted white. All seems to match fluently. Across from the barns on the pond was a wishing well.

Further along the path the pond ends in a nice little waterfall into a small creek, which is Owl Creek. A walkway has been built over the falls and looking into the waters here you can see it is alive with fish! Lots to feed the waterfowl.

As you continue on the path you see trees marked with different colours which tell you whether you are on a Bruce Hiking Trail or a side trail.

Walking along this wide path I see ancient trees growing here. I am in awe at the size of some of them. A mixture of Sugar Maple trees, American Beech, Elm, White Cedar, Spruce and White Pine. This day was magnificent! Warm (80)with sunny clear skies.

On the main path, while still in the farm area there are plaques placed around that explain the area to you. This one talks about the need for wetlands. You can see it is in English and French as we have two official languages in Canada.

Through this area the path is pretty open. Great for a nice stroll! One side is all farm land and the other is all forest. It is all so green this time of year. It seems to welcome you as you stroll along.

There were so many birds singing. Chipmunks were running all over the forest floor. Lots of trees were marked by woodpeckers which had left holes in the trunks were they pecked for food. Still other trees had fallen and died leaving areas where fungus and mushrooms could grow.

Tree fungus comes in many different forms. Some are quite pretty like this frilly skirt variety. It reminds me of square dancers as their skirts twirl to the music.

Some look like you could eat them! This is called Witches Butter. Gives you a hint in the name it may not be good to eat!

These are called Artist Conk. Looks pretty! When we were kids, and now with the grand kids, we draw on the underside which is soft and marks easily. When it hardens the picture is permanent. Thus, the "Artist Conk"!

This was a huge mushroom like fungus growing out of the ground. There was hundreds of tiny gnats flying all around it. It must give off a smell to attract them.

I will show more in the next post! This is only the beginning of the walk! Too much for one post. Next portion will be off the wide path and into the forest.


  1. Delwyn Says:
  2. Hi Lorac

    this looks to be a most beautiful walk, I'd love to come along...

    many of the fungi look familiar to me,the green edged pathway is idyllic, and what happens to the farm with all the buildings now?

    thanks for the peaceful meander...

    Happy Days

  3. Lorac Says:
  4. Thanks Delwyn! I am not sure of the buildings. I am trying to find out through Heritage Ontario. It would be a shame to let it go!


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