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Dorset -Muskoka and Haliburton Highlands

Posted by Lorac Saturday, 27 June 2009

Close to our lake is a small town called Dorset. Dorset has a local permanent population of approximately 400 although these numbers increase more than tenfold in the summer months due to cottagers and vacationers.
Dorset straddles the border of Haliburton and Muskoka (Main Street is the dividing line).  

On the way into town there is a magical, slow falls along the Hollow river which originates from Kawagama Lake. Many people stop here to swim in the summer and some even camp there.

The Town of Dorset is relatively small but has a big heart that is known as Robinson's General Store. Built in 1921 it has been run by the same family. It was voted as Canada's Best Country General Store.
The store is located on the Haliburton side, and across the street is Muskoka.

Dorset is on Lake of Bays and there is a channel that runs right through town and goes into one of the bays. As children, we would jump off the bridge into the water below.This is disallowed now as there is always a lot of boat traffic to look out for.

Just outside of town is the Scenic Observation Tower.

In 1963 the former Dorset Fire Tower was shown in the opening credits of the old CBC TV show The Forest Rangers.
The Tower is located just north of Dorset on highway #35. The 100' tower formerly a fire tower stands 365 feet above the Lake of Bays and the village. The tower is a seasonal tourist attraction with picnic grounds, hiking trails and a gift shop.

 The view of the town of Dorset.

The original tower was constructed in 1922 as part of a network to help protect valuable stands of timber from forest fires. Eventually the tower was no longer needed but by then it had already become a popular tourist attraction and it is estimated that well over 60,000 vehicles access the site annually.

The view of Lake of Bays


  1. Hey! I have been there. Some 15 years ago, a friend took me on a motorbike journey across Ontario. I know we went to the Muskokas area but I did not remember the name of those places. Now, I know from your post that it is Dorset.

    We linked up with a local friend and he took us and his 5 year old son to the fire tower. Now there were 3 guys and a kid. Make it 3 guys scared of heights and a kid who immediately broke away and climbed right to the top of the tower. Eventually, the dad had to overcome his fear and climb up to get his son down! Ah, its a great place.

  2. Delwyn Says:
  3. Hi Lorac

    this looks to have the charm of the older small town...Isn't that a great name - Lake of Bays....It begs you to go exploring...

    Happy Days

  4. Jelica Says:
  5. The lake looks gorgeous! Is the picture on your header from the same place?

  6. Sandra Says:
  7. I think it must be very gratifying to be part of the history of such a region. It really is quite beautiful.


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