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Haliburton Wildlife

Posted by Lorac Friday, 12 June 2009

I wanted to do a post on the wildlife in the Haliburton Region where our cottage is located. I have to admit as I started thinking of the various animals that I knew of it was a huge list. I decided to bring you a few pictures and some insight into these animals over a few posts. There are way too many to do in one post. As I went searching for pictures of various animals I ran across an amazing Canadian photographer, John E Marriot at If you love photography check him out! (Many of the pictures in here are from his site)
There are mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles and later some fish! I think I will start from large to small.

Elk were re-introduced into Ontario several years back as all the natural elk were long gone.

The Elk seem to be flourishing! Some pretty big herds have been seen.

Cow nursing a calf.

I love Moose! They are so majestic! The male is a bull.

Moose Mama, great parent! Twins! The female is a cow.

White tailed Deer are abundant across Ontario. Here is a male or a buck.

This doe looks so gentle and beautiful but you can see the power in the haunches!

Black Bear! Love or hate them! They can be a real nuisance and danger to campers and hikers if they are not careful.

The cubs are the cutest! Beware! Mama is around, you may not see her but she is always close by!

This amazing Bear mother was found in the bush. She had either given birth to 5 cubs or had taken on stray cubs. Can you imagine?

This beautiful Lynx like the snow. Look at the coat.

They really resemble house cats but I wouldn't want to try and pet one!
Unfortunately, their numbers are dwindling.

This is a distant cousin of the Lynx. It is a bobcat.
Some people call Lynx, Bobcats but they are not the same.
A Bobcat is smaller, it's tail is longer and it has 3 rings on it.
A Lynx, as seen in the pic above, has a solid black tip on it's tail.

This little guy will one day look like Papa above!
You can see his tail with the 3 rings easily.


Works for me!


  1. Haha! Well set up. Does the big footed one visit you often?

  2. Lorac Says:
  3. Not that I would admit too! There is a stump, out back, that at dusk looks exactly like a hunched over Sasquatch!

  4. Delwyn Says:
  5. Hi Lorac

    the lynx and the bobcat do have pussy-like faces and such short tails...

    The only elks and stags we have are up in the trees - epiphytes...

    Happy days


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